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Driftwood - Experimental Series 2: Low Rider, Cluster v8, V9, Intravenus II, GH3onaGH2, AN, Boom
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  • Low Rider is a new GH2 setting based on addressing a simple mid-range low pass frequency matrix whilst using intial Q and Chris Brandin's Auto Quantise routine to drive down quantisation to new low levels and tighter DC values. Its less of a tighter grain than other matrices like seen in Intravenus but provides quantisation values in Intra never seen before - retaining solid low average Q across the pictures and a very good PSNR. 1080p24 works particularly well.

    Low Rider is out on page 1.

  • Thanks for these new releases @driftwood

    Can you please explain what the "Low Rider" and the "Apocalypse Now 'Intravenus' v2 " offers in plain English? Thanks!

  • Apocalypse Now Boom Soft

    SLR Magic 12mm and a few Canon FD 50mm

    Footage was softer than I thought plus my cheap Fader ND didn't help with the softness at all.

  • @retrospective God damn! Best film"sound" I have ever seen out of GH2 and any DSLR! How did you do it? Your own grade-chain or some film-preset?

  • @retrospective Looks great. What kind of grain did you use for the video? It really helps out in my opinion.

  • Thanks for all your efforts Nick Your the gift that keeps on giving

  • @retrospective Very nice video. Love the grading. Witch AN DREWnet 12/15GOP or Nebula 6GOP ?

  • @blackspot @daisuke thanks! but the sounds are not recorded using the GH2 at all. All sounds are from the great users of

    Colour corrected first to get the desired exposure then applied FilmConvert with subtle settings.

    I also used an RGRAIN overlay for a more coarse grain.

    @jdude It's the Apocalypse Now 'Boom!' - Intra GOP1 24p Flat 4 matrix experiment.

    The final render to h.264 made the footage look a bit too saturated.

  • @retrospective By film"sound" I mean feel of the filmic look and grain ;) heh.

  • @shian what card did you use on the gh2?

  • 32GB Sandisk EXTREME PRO 95

  • @shian

    Thank you for the tests. My first impressions (part 1) were that Cam 3 looked the best. It just had more detail than the other three, with Cam 4 coming in a close second. Cams 1 and 2 were not in the running.

    My second impressions (part 2) were that Cam 1 actually looked better before the grade, so it went up in my estimation seeing the raw clips. (Not sure why you'd want to make the footage looks worse, though.) But Cam 3 still came out as my favorite, with Cam 2 looking just horrible.

    Somehow I am not surprised by which camera was which.

    On to part 3...

  • @jdude

    "witch of these latest Hacks could be the more stable for shooting a wedding?"

    I've been using Cluster v7 'Apocalypse Now - DREWnet' 12/15 GOP Soft for my weddings. I've yet to find a patch that does better.

    The key is to use only the SanDisk 64GB SDXC Memory Card Extreme Pro Class 10 UHS-I.

  • Hey all, new here to both the GH2 and the hack.

    I do a lot of VFX work, and while Flowmotion 2 has been a great all rounder, I need something more.

    Would Intravenus II be a good match for green screen shooting? My main concern is getting the best quality. File size isn't an issue, but I do need 24p. 720p 50/60 would also be great, but not necessary.


  • Low Rider is out on page 1.

  • LowRider is the nicest 'New year' prezzie i could have. Thx so much Driftwood for your tireless work!

  • @lunalobo75

    Cheers, I'll check it out :) Wasn't sure if it was now considered "obsolete" with the later patch settings that have been released.

  • @intheflesh

    it's all good. It's one the only ones he made particular for green screen. I've used it and it works really well while pulling a key. Of course, good lighting is key:)

    Many of the patches aren't obsolete, just used for situations with specific goals and different limitations.

  • @driftwood Wish you a very happy new year. Is it good to use Intravenus II with panny lenses??? what about the profile sir nost -2-2-2-2 or std -2-2-2-2 ??? if its experimental when can we expect final release??? please suggest me some tips sir, i am gonna test invn II from today.

  • I have done a quick test of Low Rider, Intravenus and Boom settings in various recording modes. The 24p mode is outstanding in all three settings and if that's what you are interested in then you can't go wrong with any one of them. However, the other modes (HBR, FSH/SH - NTSC), while the quality is very good with high bitrates, they either freeze or stop after a few seconds using 64GB SDXC 95MB Sandisk card. IF you are an amateur like me and are looking for a setting that is reliable in all modes, you may want to take a look at AN Nebula 6GOP 444 Sharp2, FM 2.02 or one of the Valkyrie variations.

  • @Zaven, et al, I have not updated my GH2 since PTool 3.64d and Quantum X v4d Orion 'Dark Matter' V3. I have been reading about the latest patches for a few days and looking at videos, etc. I am still perplexed as to which one(s) to install. I am narrowed it down to soon try Low Rider, Intravenus and Boom, Canis Majoris Night and Sedna. I use old glass, such as MIR-1, Jupiter and have a set of Lomo's, all these are on the softer side, which I like. Further, I have an anamorphic 1.75x attached to the front of a Helios 44-3, and this image also tends toward the softer side, as the added glass and complicated use tends to do.

    Criteria include, 1. low light day and some night shoot (seeking best DR), 2. sharper encode, especially for anamorphic, and 3. best quality intra with 32GB San Disk Extreme 30MB/s cards (spanning not required).

    I tend to be a 'one patch' for all user. I will not conduct any testing in a repeatable and controlled environment, so I will likely confuse myself, to some extent. Any particular one from the above suggested patches to narrow it down? Thank you.

  • Guys, try and post a screengrab or photo of subject matter that causes HBR/FSH/720p modes (was it PAL or NTSC) to freeze. Low Rider was Death Chart tested on a pany pancake. Describe situation if u have no inage to show.

    Low Rider should give you some of the best Quant results seen to date according to my tests (and hi PSNR).

  • Thank you @Jim_Simon I've using the same Cluster v7 'Apocalypse Now - DREWnet' 12/15 GOP but the sharp2 version because I use the Nokton 25mm/ F0.95 but I haven't shoot a wedding with it. Thanks Jim