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What do you film?
  • I couldn't find a general filmmaking category , so I suppose I am right here in the Category art. While stumpling through the forum, with the aim to require knowledge for DSLR-Filmung/GH2-usage and Costum Firmware Patches, I have seen some good, detailed, lovely and professionel footage, while there was also lots of crap. People filming flowers in the garden with shaky hands, empty roads/bridges ships. I was feeling scared, like when I see amazon reviews of people shooting insects in their garden with expensive cameras. I don't want to imply anything or make it bad. But it's in my opinion sad. I have shooten one musicvideo(unedited^^), a short film(unedited^^), another film (finished but needs recut, now that I know more) a few concerts and I made one trailer. A lot more movies I would have shooten, if I had the right team. I almost had it once, but then it broke up because of two important members moved to another city (job). The other ones left weren't all motivated enough or reliable so I stopped the project. It would have been a waste of energy going on. Ideas and equipment is there. What's lacking is not money. It's finding the right people. To rely completely on my self I shot videos on my own, Concerts etc., things one person can handle. I wish I could make movies with other dedicated people. Meanwhile my Cam is rotting in the cupboard. How do/did you find your team or how do you handle this huge problem? Have a nice day, Cheers Justin

    And back to my main question:

    What do you film?

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  • I filmed short scripted movies as a freelance (5-15 minutes) from comedy to horror to documentaries, and I've always worked with a friend of mine (let's call him Mr.A) who is into filming too, Originally had my own project to film and I needed someone with expertise in Audio and viola ! However the hardest thing is finding decent actors while on a budget (most were college students), and regarding video or audio me and Mr.A are more than sufficient to handle things.

    In my country there is still the presumption that small cameras = low quality, I exploded when a customer refused our recording services when he saw our camera (GH2) and he hired a guy who used an ancient standard definition camcorder on auto settings. Especially since the editor is my friend Mr.A and the footage was hideous and now he might get the blame for the SD footage!

    I've moved to Australia a few months ago, and business just stopped back home, hopefully when I get back I'll set up my own production firm.

    Hope never dies !

  • Stuff like this:

    The biggest problem is time. I want to keep this as a hobby, and learning the secrets of e.g. After Effects can take forever. Not to mention other steps of the production flow.

  • I mainly shoot girls... shooting garden and flowers!

  • I'm a stills guy by trade. Picked up a GH2 this past June to video my daughter's dance recital. I'd owned a DV camcorder, which I never used. Heck I even own a 5DIII and had never shot video with it (still really haven't). The GH2 actually got me excited.

    I see the world as a series of still images. Having to think about how to move through space and time is a challenge. We have to grow as people and learn new things.

    So what do I Haven't really progressed beyond the static camera there, but 10 times out of 10 the camera is unattended (I'd be shooting stills which is what I get paid for). This past weekend I took the plunge and actually tried to film my daughter making a glass bead, and make it coherent.

  • I've been shooting a new comedy webseries that launched two weeks ago. Here's episode 1 of the show.


  • @prof_hussam

    there is still the presumption that small cameras = low quality

    Yup, and the GH2 may go down in history as a "best kept secret," known only to a few and unknown to studios because it was so modest-looking.

    What we need is a crowd-funded project to get together the extra financial incentive to ensure a hacked GH2 gets A-Cam status in a sure-fire box-office feature with a known producer, good story, DP and Director - and which would have gone ahead using a different camera. Just like a budding actor, a camera can stay undiscovered until it gets its break.

  • I think we'll keep this topic text only. To not turn it into same showcase thing.





    Please, replace videos with link to them and add description and reasons why you are doing this.

  • I shoot local TV Talk shows, Live Events, Music Videos, Weddings and i'm gonna start doing documentaries soon. I'm still very new to all of this and have come over from the Pro Audio side of things. I'm very excited about the future work i'll be doing in video.

    My biggest issue now is learning more about Editing, Grading and Color Correction. More about better workflow so that my final product is higher quality.

    Since I have a reputation from being a Recording Studio Owner here and many clients who needed video and photography, I haven't had to worry too much about what cameras I have, tho it does come up. Still i've been considering buying a Panasonic AG-AC90 to at least have for the look of a Proper Pro Camera that people are used to seeing. At least the AC90 has a decent image for a low price. I have a couple of big old JVC Pro DV Cams that I sometimes bring just for show :). People don't even realize i'm not using the footage from them. Just turn them on and let the pretty lights shine.

  • I am A Medical Camera Operator For a Medical University and NHS Trust in South London And I like to use my Gh2 For Recording Operations because of its size and weight.

    I can record anything from Open Heart Surgery to An Amputation or as Simple as an interview with one of the Doctors or Specialists or a Roll Play for the Med Students like how to break bad news to patents. To Be honest it can be anything.

    We Do Have Sony Ex1 and Sony NX5E Cameras that I am meant to use but I prefer my GH2 for its shallow DOF and Fantastic Image Quality but will use the other cameras for Live Links and Live Streams or situations that require Run And Gun. The Camera is Just a Tool And I will Use The Right Tool For The Job At Hand.

    I have had Many Many Comments About using the GH2 I just Tell Them You know your Job and I know Mine After they See The Result They are More than Happy. In fact I have Had To Reedit footage shot by the BBC and Other Freelancers in the Hospital and I get Asked Why My Footage Looks Better than Theirs.

  • @Craig_R

    Where do you use shallow DOF in operation videos? :)

    I spontaneously imagine close ups of surgeons while operating on an open heart. Drop of sweat running down the forehead. Clock ticking. Flat line on EKG. Close ups of family members waiting for the news.

    Or an amputated limb as it fades to unsharp when after being separated.

    I am not trying to be just ironic, I am kind of puzzled with how film aesthetics meets with something highly pragmatic as medical instructional videos. Shallow DOF, and separation of plans and motifs is usually a tool to produce some kind of emotional bond with protagonists, to emphasize suspense, intensity, create metonymy.

    So I'd really like to see how all those elements communicate in your work, any examples?

  • I never said I wanted Shallow DOF in Operations but in Interviews its a must.

    Interviews Nikkor 85mm f1.8 or Nikkor 50mm 1.4mm lens

    Operations Panasonic standard len 14mm-42mm

    I don't use the GH2 for all Procedures and not every job is educational it can be promotional As I did Say Right Tool For the Job.

    The GH2 is Nice and Light I sometimes use both a EX1 and a GH2 just depends on the case and depends on what the surgeon wants.

    I can't Load any Work Online as its Patients and not worth me losing my job over.

  • I use the Sony example or two on my channel...happy to answer any questions you might have. I agree that finding material to film can be hard, especially if it's a hobby. But, shooting in as many environments and under as many different conditions as possible will quickly show you where your strengths are and what you like dong.

  • @prorevolution

    I think we'll keep this topic text only. To not turn it into same showcase thing.

  • Commercials, Corporate videos, music videos, ONE charity event client. I'd like to keep it that way. ;)

  • I used to do music videos and shorts on camcorders before DSLRs became the new thing. Now that work has died down as people can buy their own cameras and software for cheaper than they can hire a part-time cinematographer. Now I just do free vids for friends or help out others with their personal shoots or simply just fool around with my own personal stuff and practice lighting and editing in case I do get a paying gig again.

    There does seem to be more animosity between amateur filmmakers these days since they all seem to be trying to make it big. They are afraid that if they ask others for help, it somehow diminishes their own contribution. I offer my help to a lot of folks just for the fun of it and most of the time I get turned down, usually with the reason being that the director "knows what he wants" and doesn't want other input.

  • @svart

    It is really interesting that any good film, even very short, is very social thing as require bunch of people working together. Yet many gurus propose you to become all in one antisocial guy. DIY in worse meaning.

  • @Vitaliy_Kiselev - agreed. However, a few types of films can lend themselves to one man band operations. I, for one, enjoy the camaraderie that happens when others are involved. One of my gaffers and I speak an on set short hand and when it is working, it's great. Technology is lending itself too much to us becoming a loner society.

  • I do TV and am currently shooting a feature film with the GH2. Sometimes high-end industrials or commercials or the like.

    It's comedy, and we're often pushing the bounds of what our budget allows us to do, and the GH2 gives us really great IQ, in a small (carryon only) package, that we can easily take out with just a producer and talent, or producer, director and talent, when need be.

    That's the best part of the GH2, to me, we can shoot with a very small team. Personally, I think having someone concerned with camera operating (to pay attention to the frame) and someone directing (to pay attention to the performance) is all you need with this camera.

  • If I ever do a job DIY then it's in name only - meaning I still have to perform each task of each team member- only one at a time and with lots of consultation in between.

    I submit my concept get the go ahead. Or modify, then on to script and storyboard, shoot, view rushes, consult with post production mates, and so on.

    I still don't rely on my own eyes alone to judge my own stuff at any point.

    This kind of DIY is slow and laborious. Anybody thinking they can go it fully alone is either a genius or someone who is just enjoying the freedom.

    That said, a lot of Indy folks who choose a miracle cheap camera are really only cheap all the way. They won't even buy a decent tripod.

    Pity is, we judge the camera itself by the company it keeps. A lot of people will groan when they see another GH2 YouTube!

  • Goa You oftend tend to describe yourself, your way of working by jerking on others, their noobiness yada yada... I hope it serve your confidence - at least something good would come out of that insecure childish behaviour.

    Sorry VK for the vid only post above, it was just a joke responding to the op who can t stand backyard vids. A way to show that when adding girls in a boring subject it can become... Well, a boring subject with girls! I m mainly shooting for fun. i just enjoy learning to use the tools. Some friends here and then ask me to join a project (either corporate stuff or fictionnal). It s a good way to practice, have fun in team and sometimes refund my investments (primarly done as a pure enthusiast videographer). It's not my main job and won't become in a near future (unless i m fired : mmh it could be!)

  • @Vitaliy_Kiselev Yes, proper productions take 3 things: Time, money and people. You can get away with two of those but you'll end up using a lot more of the other two.

  • @astraban

    This isn't about me. Never has been. I feel compelled to give the right advice to people who've got a good chance if they do things right.

    I am new to the GH2. After 12 months I am just starting to get predictable results. Please don't insult me by trying to read my mind.

  • When users have submitted works in progress to this forum for comment, I've found the responses to be constructive. This might be an ideal place to collaborate over long distance - especially if a sequenced structure could be followed: eg pilot footage of the subject matter along with plot synopsis, maybe even screen tests of talent matched to character.

  • I don't fit into the "filmmaker" mold as most here do, I shoot Ocean Sports Events using a jetski as my video platform. There are many reasons I use the GH1/2 with 14-140kit lens rather than a camcorder other than the ability to take stills as well if I need to. There is something about the image from the GHx cameras that clients notice over similar footage shot on camcorders, it stands out and they prefer it.

    I travel light, no tripods etc, most of the kit fits a carry-on bag as most of the gigs require overseas travel and I work alone. Audio is usually Zoom H1 with lav and sync later to video. I'm big on DIY, my water resistant housings and various stabilising devices are home made. I don't shoot or have time for obtaining max image quality, my job is to get great CONTENT and produce a entertaining visual coverage of a Event that is usually shot in difficult, sometimes uncontrolled circumstances, ie, 30kt winds, big seas, poor or harsh lighting (moire, noisy blacks and a few macro-blocks are the least of my ).

    The challenges are many but the rewards are worthy, it's fun, pays well and I still get to hang with the friends I've competed with in the past, except on the other side of the lens.

    Don't know if that's going to help you much in your ambitions, but that's what I do.

  • @Rambo

    The more I hear of how you go about your day, the better it shapes up as a doco. Did you by any chance have anything you can think of like a childhood disease to overcome, a stint in Vietnam perhaps? Depression? A disability? ;-) If so, I'd see you as a shoe-in for an Australian Story episode!

    @all: send your Rambo story idea to

    BTW, as I said before regarding DIY, I guess I'll have to add another category for a relentless worker like you.