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What do you film?
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  • ""stint in Vietnam"" ... Haha, nothing drastic like that goanna, although i did do Nasho the year they canned it. As you can see in the few shots someone got of me last Saturday, i still had 2 arms and 2 legs but i'm not sure about the brain. If you look closely you can see the Zoom, Lav and GH1/2 DIY housing and not drop of water on it in the last picture 15mins later.

    I do watch Australian Story though, some fantastic stories on there.


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  • I guess everyone knows what I've been working on.

    It was sort of by accident; the path of least resistence.

    I've been away from creativity for seven years--a demanding and stressful day job--and I ache to create.

    HIstorically, I've made images of people--I'm pretty certain I'm mainly a portrait guy, now and forever--boats, and cars.

    I'm not ashamed to admit I spent four early mornings on the water in May, with the UC Santa Barbara Women's Crew Team.

    I love crew.

    The best of the footage was from the GoPro I mounted behind the cox.

    Virtually none of the film I shot from the coach's 14' Whaler was usable.

    It was heart-breaking for me.

    So my hat is off to Rambo.

    Despite the two videos I've posted, film is about action and movement.

    And Beauty.

    I'm not at all inclined towards anything theatrical.

    I'm grateful to @Vitaliy for this forum--does everyone know it has the best forum software extant?--and more than willing to suffer the slings and arrows of those who don't appreciate my work in return for the privilege of being amongst the truly creative and accomplished souls who hang here.


    Oh, and Yes....

    I hope to continue with my series of beautiful women, clothed or not.

    They're women, and they're never boring.

  • Did someone mention animosity between amateur filmmakers?

    I am trying to get started, so I thought the best way would be to approach other people making films and offer to help them on their projects for free and in exchange have access to equipment and get some hands-on experience. One filmmaker I met with was basically just trying to see if I had good ideas that she could 'borrow'. She wasn't in the least bit concerned about collaborating. That's been my experience so far. So then I decided just to get my own cheap equipment and try to learn by myself. This forum has a lot of useful info. Nice job, Vitaliy.