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What do you film?
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  • I mainly shoot girls... shooting garden and flowers!

  • Stuff like this:

    The biggest problem is time. I want to keep this as a hobby, and learning the secrets of e.g. After Effects can take forever. Not to mention other steps of the production flow.

  • I filmed short scripted movies as a freelance (5-15 minutes) from comedy to horror to documentaries, and I've always worked with a friend of mine (let's call him Mr.A) who is into filming too, Originally had my own project to film and I needed someone with expertise in Audio and viola ! However the hardest thing is finding decent actors while on a budget (most were college students), and regarding video or audio me and Mr.A are more than sufficient to handle things.

    In my country there is still the presumption that small cameras = low quality, I exploded when a customer refused our recording services when he saw our camera (GH2) and he hired a guy who used an ancient standard definition camcorder on auto settings. Especially since the editor is my friend Mr.A and the footage was hideous and now he might get the blame for the SD footage!

    I've moved to Australia a few months ago, and business just stopped back home, hopefully when I get back I'll set up my own production firm.

    Hope never dies !