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GH2 Flow Motion v2 - 100Mbps Fast Action Performance & Reliability for Class 10 SD cards
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  • @wallasdaviola thanks for sharing your work; I enjoyed it a lot... Al

  • I think Vitaliy Kiselev will close this thread soon, as it's more than 1.0K now and it's to large.

  • I just want to post this music video that I shot during summer using Flow Motion v2.

  • Who else using FM 2.02 and Adobe products is getting the problem described in this thread?

  • @skydragon I had the same problem

  • By far my favorite patch! Just shot this a few weeks ago for a directing class I'm taking and am very satisfied. The assignment was to remake a scene from a movie and I chose Night of the Living Dead. Excuse the bad audio, I didn't have anybody helping me on this. Just me and the actors! A friend came halfway through to shoot while I played the zombie lol

    Some of the images are cropped and they held up very well! The uncompressed file looks amazing.

  • deleted

  • @LPowell, Thank you for the links and the extensive (very helpful) information. I am new in this field. Just got my GH2 and trying to figure out which patches I should use (not easy mind you). But I have a question: which one of the Motion Flow versions above (2.0, 2.01 or 2.02) I should use? Do I need to instal the first one first and then move up to 2.02? Or can I just install 2.02? Many thanks for the answer. Babak

  • @babak. Since I did not see a reply from @LPowell, You want to go with FM 2.02 and you can just install 2.02 by itself.

  • check this video out

  • Im using V2.02 and under strip lighting/indoor lighting it seems to crash and give me error messages down to card speed. Im using my GH3 mostly now anyway but got the GH2 as back-up. Under normal daylight the hack works great....

  • Hi, will this patch span with all 95MB/s sandisk sd's or just the 64gb? Thanks

  • In my experience it spans well with most fast cards.

  • Workerb,

    Very good! May you say wich lenses and settings are you using? Thanks! Paulo Leão, from Brazil.

  • Hello, Paul the Lion,

    I use vintage lenses from Minolta and Zeiss Contax and a Voigtländer 17.5mm. Standard settings all turned down to -2 except from saturation at 0.

    Feliz Natal!

  • Just for fun, I decided to capture a few minutes of a Boston evening using FM 2.02. Lens is the Voigtlander f0.95 25mm, ISO1600, 24p 1/50s shutter. No grading, barely any editing at all. I was interested in seeing how it copes with low light. There's one clip at the 2 minute mark that seemed to lose sound, which is odd. Anyone else seen FM 2.02 drop the sound?

  • @ahbleza Please post this video also into Nokton 25mm 0,95 topic. IQ is just superb, both lens and patch look impressive. Strange,that audio drop.... did you change audio compression to higher value than 192kb/s in your patch?

    @paulo Here is very useful advice by a very wice man on your question, read first post by Chris Brandin as well as his later answers:

  • @tetakpatak I remember the issue with the audio now. I was testing a VBR setting, and forgot that audio isn't recorded when shooting at non-standard speeds. My bad.

  • @ahbleza
    Btw, if you're not using external audio recording device, sound quality is much better if you set audio compression in Ptool to 448kb/s, however in-camera playback won't be possible above default audio compression (192kb/s).

  • Thanks for the hint on the audio, @tetakpatak. Normally, I pull sound with my Zoom H4N, or straight into my AF100, with the GH2 just used as reference audio.

    Oh, and here's another music video I shot earlier this year, using GH2 and AF100. See if you can spot which shots are which!

  • @tetakpatak

    if you're not using external audio recording device, sound quality is much better if you set audio compression in Ptool to 448kb/s

    Having worked professionally on the AC3 audio codec, I don't advise boosting the bitrate at all. The 448kb/sec bitrate is designed for recording 5.1-channel surround sound, not for the 2-channel recordings of the GH2. Decades of Mushra tests have shown that it's perceptually useless to push the AC3 audio encoder's 2-channel bitrate beyond its stock setting. In the case of the GH2, boosting AC3 bitrate will undermine its AVCHD video stability, as you've seen in playback as well as recording.

    Flow Motion v2.02 incorporates Per Lichtman's Pasedena Pulse audio patch V2 B2. I tested this patch before using it in FM2, and I couldn't find a way to improve on it. Here's a link to more info:

  • Good you've posted this @LPowell, it is great additional info for all FM users. No, I didn't boost it on the GH2 (fortunately, as I see)- I would even prefer to reduce audio compression and let video stream even more "space" as I always use external recorder. Thanks for the link!

  • A wedding film with Flowmotion 2.02.

  • @FernandoAndre Is this the correct aspect ratio? It looks a bit stretched for me.

  • @spreeni You're right, I did a crop with and without distortion in different scenes, for a experiment that I call "psycho-anamorphic" hehe.

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