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2K BlackMagic Pocket Cinema Camera, active m43, $995
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  • Incidentally, I received my BMPCC, and will be shooting with it this weekend for a teaser/trailer for a theater piece. I'll post some of the results here by Sunday, if all goes well.

  • I guess many are shipping now. The one I cancelled 3 times just shipped. Good going B&H.

  • That's the third time I've read Bh not cancelling orders on the cameras.

    They need to hurry up and get bad up to speed after that massive break.

    Glad people are getting their cameras. Looking forward to reading more opinions etc.

  • @ahbleza big marketing lies. Also images shown on the BMPCC are shot with other cameras. The announce RAW on the website and on the box too - but they supply only ProRes.

  • Not defending anyone, just curious: would you have rather waited until RAW was ready in the camera before it shipped? Or would you rather it have ProRes, ship asap, and RAW on the way?

    I'm pretty positive that's why it doesn't have RAW right now, because they were trying to get it out.

    Not sure if it's a marketing lie: the pictures are not labeled "shot with Pocket camera dynamic range", it clearly says "raw wide dynamic range." But, I guess it depends on the interpreter.

  • @kholi c'mon. it's quite simple. RAW recording with the camera? yes or no? If it's an option for later, why not name it correctly. I am not checking BM forums regularly so I was not aware that the camera is not recording RAW until I unboxed the camera.

    don't you think if BMD publishes this image it's shot with the camera?


    no it's not, it's from a BMCC 2,5k

    marketing lies.

  • I dunno, I've been in advertising for most of my adult life and this is quite normal. I know my food doesn't look like it does in photos most of the time. If it doesn't say "actual shot from camera" then it's not false advertising.

    It's kind of the norm.

    I'm more curious as to why it's actually bothering anyone? Do you feel that you aren't getting the same kind of quality as that still? Just trying to understand.

    On the RAW thing, I guess they could have announced that it would be coming later in more places, but I expect it would've just made the target market for this camera that much more upset to have the camera ship even later.

  • If you look on the info line at the bottom of the camera's screen on the picture above it is clearly written ProRes

  • So, when a company finally gives people what they claim to want -- a high resolution film-like, 10-bit image largely free of video artifacts, a dynamic range nearing film and at a price much lower than anyone expected -- what do we hear?

    The footage is "soft" compared to DSLRs. The camera lacks the conveniences of a camcorder. You can't tell the difference comparing unrelated footage on youtube. The advertising is misleading.

    Never satisfied?

  • it's a double lie. It's from a BMCC EF and it was recorded in RAW, scene at 1:08

  • Who the fuck cares? I shot both bmcc and pocket cam side by side last night, and difference in the end product is too slight to even mention IMO. Normally adverts have images from a completely different product - this is as close as it gets without being the same.

    By the way, judging from the clip I shot above there´s no more noise in the bmpcc than from an alexa (prores) at similar ISO / light levels.

  • Yes I think BMD should only show images the camera shot. And I also think the box should not say RAW on it. Their advertising is bad, and if you really want to return it because it doesn't have RAW you should be able to, and I beleave BMD should pay the return shipping because of the false advertising. This should also be the case if you want to return it for the current lack of "professional audio" like their website says. All that said, I do beleave everything will work out in the end. I bet BMPCC RAW will show up by the end of October. As for the audio being fixed, I have fingers crossed for it to be implimented by the end of the year. For me the image is so good it is worth the wait.

  • I just wish they'd hurry up and ship mine...I'm going nuts!

  • If you all think camera manufactures only use images shot by the camera that they are advertising, then you really have no idea about advertising out here. Kholi is 100% right about this and it happens all the time. Get over it people. If you don't like the camera, stop bitching and keep filming with whatever you have. This is absurd.

  • @RRRR

    Yes, on every single point, including the last in comparison to Alexa ProRes.

    I'm coloring an Alexa shot project RIGHT this second and it's ridiculous how similar the images are outside of resolution, rolling shutter, and top end DR.


    You finally decided to get one? haha

  • why you guys need to bully someone who thinks he's been fooled from the advertising, the images are misleading and if someone feels offended that's valid?! You might not care, l don't either, but I don't tell them to 'live with it' and 'get over it' and 'stop bitching' and all :(

  • thanks @stip. strange behaviour indeed.

  • @stip

    Actually you're absolutely right. I didn't tell anyone to get over anything etc., but it's far better to just ignore or not acknowledge at all which is what should be done.

    Carry on.

  • @kholi Well I actually ordered it in B&H(facepalm) was gonna switch to passive M43 full size but my bad financial situation and a feeling that an active mount for that is inevitable made me realize I should just be patient and keep the pre-order.

  • @kholi didn't mean you :)

  • @ahbleza I shot the original comparison shots that you're claiming are "lying".

    The DSLR was shot at the same exposure with a regular 5dMK2 using my own low con picture profile recipe.

    The lighting did change between our setups. The sun was streaming in through the background. You can see it's moved from one shot to another, but you'll note the DR difference and I believe that's what's important. This footage was part of a longer narrative sequence that was originally planned to use to launch the original 2.5K bmcc, which BMD decided not to use. Because they were part of a longer sequence where Leah comes up closer to camera and fiddles with her phone, there was a bit of mucking about to complete the shot.

    The sun wasn't flagged. It simply was 15 mins later when we shot. The only lighting in this shot was some HMI close to camera which doesn't really play in this early part of the shot.

    It's not hard to replicate what happened in this shot. One River very early on did some similar A/B comparisons, and in the way you should do them, shooting at exactly the same time.

    I'd invite you to test and compare yourself. I don't think the "idea" of what they're saying is lying at all. The cameras have a much greater DR than a typical dSLR. Many have commented that when they "see" footage that their camera will be able to do similar, but once you shoot side by side then you'll discover how much of a difference there is. Is that lying ?


  • @johnbrawley

    I think you are mostly right.

    But it is also right thing to shoot side by side samples and replace current images on site.

  • anyone not satisfied with their pocket camera let me know, i'll buy it!

  • What's the most inconspicuous microphone you can think of that would work with the BMPCC? Alternately, has anyone used the A-Box by Wooden Camera which gives XLR inputs?