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Lenovo: Story of idiots
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  • Lets compare old Lenovo model to some modern approach to see the trend


    Get cheapest amateur Thinkpad around $599 (in 2009-2010)

    1.6GHz Celeron T1600 (666MHz FSB, 1MB Cache) CPU

    Socketed CPU, upgradable to T9550 Core 2 Duo, 1066 FSB, 2.6GHz. Around 2x performance.

    Compare it to totally soldered Celeron or Atom now.

    Screen: 14.1" WXGA, Anti-glare (1280×800, 200nit)

    Now around 99% of all cheap laptop panels are glossy. Lot have horrible TN screens still.

    Memory: 2GB DDR2, two SO-DIMM slots (up to 8GB)

    Compare to soldered 4-8GB now :-) Non upgradable in cheap notes and Macs.

    Storage: 250GB SATA HDD (5400rpm), + can install second one into CD/DVD using special case.

    Just install pair of cheap SSDs now.

    Lot of soldered SSD now in cheap Lenovo notes now, some of notes have NVMe places and even fewer have 2.5" HDD/SSD place.

    Battery - removable 6-cell Li-Ion, uses standard 18650 cells

    Compare to small custom LiPol battery making it cheaper to dump your note and get new one.

    Spill resistance keyboard with good keys, non flexing and with proper Trackpoint

    Well, I better keep silent instead of writing bad words about almost all current Lenovo keyboards.

    Idea to copy all bad Apple traits is visible.

    Notebooks progress slowed down significantly now (but can pick up with AMD new chips soon).

    Yet you mostly get non upgradable mess for now and it is very visible thing.

    And no, it is not related to thinkness only, mostly it is related to green and that it is no organized users group who prevent top management and designers to fuck things off.

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  • New motto:

    Let's sale you more crap that will barely make it till warranty end, while talking about being nature friendly


  • Best engineers are working in Lenovo (and it is bad for ya!)

  • They still want to make foldable thing with touchscreen keyboard



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