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Cluster X: Series 1 - moon - ЅріzZ - nebula - drewnet - Slipstream
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  • Very clean image in low light f3.5 s50 iso 3200.Still do not understand how mts file are so small and are so clean. Noise is uniformly distributed . Testing will continue tomorrow during the day. I'm curious how it behaves 720/50p in slow motion. Seems very little under 40m.

    1359 x 767 - 1M
    SH 50p.PNG
    1359 x 767 - 966K
    24p low light.PNG
    1359 x 767 - 1M
    FH 50i.PNG
    1359 x 767 - 938K
    FSH 50i.PNG
    1359 x 767 - 802K
    HBR 25i.PNG
    1359 x 767 - 508K
  • @puttydivision GH2 has 720 50p for PAL land and 720 60p for ntsc land.You can choose between them in menu /setup/page 3/video out/pal or ntsc.Restart and format.

  • I think I just upgraded my GH2 with Cluster X Drewnet the same way you put better and faster graphic card to your computer, so awesome!!!

  • @driftwood: cheers for all your efforts. I really love that new cluster X line. And its great to see that someone is still pushing the GH2.

    So as @gravitatemediagroup asked, i would like to know if you consider the new drewnet superior to moon? You spoiled us with so many good settings recently, i feel like getting from the supermarket in a socialist country to an american supermarket which has 2000 types of candies for the big kids, spoiled and clueless (death to neo-liberal-imperialistic-capitalism btw!)

  • @Mirrorkisser Both good. You guys decide!

    'moon' is intra 24p and 1080i50/HBR25p. 1080i60/HBR30 is 3GOP, 720p 3 (PAL) and 6 GOP (NTSC), motion behaves wonderfully and quality is excellent in all scenarios. Most pictures resolve Q14-16 avg. Its very easy to edit being all i frame.

    Long GOP 'DREWnet' can resolve higher i frames and very low Quant values (around 8-10 like the GH3's IPB Long GOP settings) using prediction to justify the fewer bits needed to resolve the same/better picture quality. It can be harder to edit/make cuts at the right place (nearest i frame has to be used).

    Each have their benefits - each have their fans.

  • Dude, moon its absolutely insane! Thanks!

  • Friends, Try Moon it's good. It's average patch but the quality is similar to top notch patches. @driftwood can moon be used in wide shots?? Nost -2-2-2-2 is the best for moon I beleive. K let us know if u have more tips to share.

  • @rajamalik Its not average! Its like a fine bolly of wine (maturing with age as we go along...) Moon is great for wides.

  • Average? It grades like cheese!!!!!

  • Yeah, moon is probably one of the best patches to hit the scene since the first Intrav IMO

  • Average ???? ..LOL

    "moon" is the best setting that was ever produced for the GH2!!!!! It performes distinctly better than a GH3!!!!!

    ...average ^^ ...that's the joke of the year ;)

  • And stay away from nostalgic unless you have to have the extra details in the shadows. Come on man :)

  • I would have to agree that calling moon average is like calling sedna "ok" moon is in my top 3 patches yet.

  • I believe he ment bitrate is average but quality is top notch. ;-) Really gotta check out moon, reading the comments it sound like its very mature allround patch for anything that does not require spanning.

  • Bitrate is not average. It's up to 150mbs. That's not average!!! Unless I'm wrong on all my measurements and 5" is average too!!

  • Do any of the Custer X patches have reliable spanning? I have a shoot with interviews and beauty B-roll coming up and I would love to use Moon. But if my take times are short I should use an alternate patch. Which leads me too...what's your favorite patch for spanning/long takes?


  • I tried Moon trial 3 but unfortunately there was some pretty muddy looking shadows in a plant pot. In general noise was a lot higher than I had been led to believe

  • @rsquires What settings were you using?

  • @driftwood thanks for the kind remarks earlier and the patches!

    Here's something a little more complete than the earlier test, shot on 'Moon' and the 20mm with an LA7200 on it. Processed with 5D2RGB, cut in FCPX. Quite a bit of DiscoveryCam Jib work in the second half for those interested. Vimeo makes a hash of the bit of gorillagrain and touch of 'Classylook' added to the footage, download the 'original' if you want higher quality.

  • @puttydivision. I just tested spanning for Moon Trial3 using Panny 14-140 with Sandisk 64GB 95MB card zooming to cover the TV screen for recording. 24H mode spanned twice before I stopped it. However, the HBR stopped after recording 9:30 minutes and 4GB file. FSH and SH did not span but FH/H did span with no problems. However, earlier I had tested Cluster X 6GOP Nebula Trial4 and it spanned in all modes except SH.

  • whats the difference between trial 4 and 5 on drewnet? i used trial 4 extensively today and it was absolutely superb.

  • @driftwood I tried out Moon Trial 3. No problems with sound playing back in camera. (You were also right that AN Boom audio plays back fine in NLE). Is there any way I can get AN Boom v1 to playback in camera for when I want to review clips. This is helpful for us, because we run separate we watch/listen to a take of a scene in camera playback, to see if we basically like it. If the AN Boom stays choppy with the audio playback, I won't be able to review the clips with in camera playback. Wondering if you may have a solution?

    Regarding Moon Trial 3 - I had no problems. Streamparser showed my 24P footage coming in at 67Mbps. Saw it was supposed to vary between 88-150 in notes, but I guess 67 is pretty close to that.

    Bottom line: this Moon is pretty incredible. I'm sticking to Boom for the film I'm on now, because I like the particular look of it. But I have a future film project in mind that I think Moon will be great for. There's something special about this Moon setting. Well done. Thanks for all your work Nick. I've attached a frame grab from Moon. One is ungraded, and the other is the same shot graded with a luma curve adjustment.

    I think the bar has been raised. The potential for composition, detail, and character with this setting is almost scary. You almost really need to bring your A game, just to match the quality of the setting. It's like shooting with a RED camera or just think..."This is high level stuff, I better bring the goods and deliver high level qaulity shots"

    Will do more thorough test tomorrow and report results, and post a few clips.

    1920 x 1080 - 689K
    1920 x 1080 - 622K
  • @Doctor 24p Smooth I think. Because the shot had hi-light and shadow, the shadows needed under exposure, so I brought the whole picture down. Not ideal I know but it's a stress test I always do.

  • Anyone try Boom vs Intravenus II vs Moon?

    I wasn't impressed with Intravenus II vs Canis Majors (CM looks better on a large screen imo).

    Moon looks intriguing. I need high-motion shots (sports), so would Moon be the most superior hack available?

    Driftwood posted this, so did I understand correctly regarding motion? "However, the Intra 'Moon' setting offers better average frame sizes, motion and Quantisation than any 3 GOP like 'Spizz'."

  • @defier I've sorta tried that. I shot a recent trailer with all shots in Boom (v1) and the opening shot of actor in Intravenus 1. I've posted that below. I did a test with Moon and pulled some frame grabs (with and without grading). Those are just 2 posts above this in this thread. When you compare you'll easily see the difference in the look and style of the 3 settings.

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