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Cluster X: Series 1 - moon - ЅріzZ - nebula - drewnet - Slipstream
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  • @driftwood Likewise for me – can't wait to see the movie!

    And do you still go with boom for narratives of this sort, or do you go with moon now?

  • @driftwood Nice Teaser! We are lookin forward to watch the entire film. all the very best!

  • @driftwood, good looking tеazer, not sure of dramatic premise of the swim, in a story, hope to see a trailer, film!

  • @Tifose Go with 'moon' Trial 5. :-)

    @antoine27 Tryout DREWnet Trial 8 - it wont allow the bottom end (low detail scenes) to drop on the bitrate and may provide better shadow depth than Trial 7. Also keep an eye on lighting.

    @vicharris Recording suns or very bright lights be careful of burnouts in the exposure. Expose correctly and shield the lens with Flags if you can. 720p60 moon is stabilised purely for iA modes. This has made it necessary to lower GOP Related settings to achieve stability. 720p60 should be tried out on Nebula as that is the latest version of 6 GOP 720p60, The next moon trial will probably integrate that setting into it but you can copy over the settings yourself.

    @EYESOUL Looking good there mate :-)

  • Early ungraded teaser 'Swim to Land'. Created with 'Boom' :-)

  • antoine27-> that's the way GH2 behaves:) it's no secret the camera is not a low-light monster. It needs decent illumination and when underexposed, without anything bright in frame, it outputs lots of noise, regardless of the patch you use. Well, it's my experience with it anyways :)

  • @Eyesoul: I agree, regarding noise from out of the camera footage, i also preferred settings like intravenus 1, cluster v6 nebula (cant believe this setting did not make it into any top10 settings, its so awesome and seems to be forgotten) or Valkyrie. But Moon denoises fine. I also really enjoy, that it only takes the bitrate it needs and is not at a constant level, like other intra settings. Makes it way more reliable for spanning and you get longer recording times.

  • @EurekaENT Wow. When your facial features are in focus, it is so sharp! Do you think it result in a better 1080p (on youtube) than an actual 1080p version?

    Thank you to @Bressonftw for talking to me about the iso bug that I didn't know about. After reading the corresponding topics in the forum, I learned to go down from the above third incremented iso setting (ex go first to 400 and then 320) to not have the bug (more grain and macro blocs).

    I'm bringing this to this topic to see if it is my installation of DREWnet trial 7 that went wrong, if it is me not understanding the overcome of the bug, or if it is simply that the gh2's dynamic range doesn't allow to have blacks that dark.

    So here is a video (boring as hell (less than 2 minutes) of 4 tests I have done. First, I went straight ahead for the problem. I started the camera at 160 and went up at 320. (it actually seemed better than the next tests) Secondly, I went to 400 and came back to 320. Thirdly, I actually selected the above iso (400) before coming back to iso 320 by pressing the iso button again. Fourthly, I cooled down the white balance in case the issue was the red channel. And finaly, I went to iso 160. And there was still black grain macro crap.

    What do you guys think?

    Thanks again for your feedback.

  • So I've heard of upscaling but I've never tried it until now... wowzers.

    So here is a my first ever test of recording in 24H 1080p using Moon (trial 4) and then upscaling to 4096 x 2304 at 16:9. View in "Original" quality setting on Youtube.

    Camera: GH2 Lens: Canon FD 50mm f/1.4 (set at f/4) ISO 160 Setting = 24H Workflow = Adobe Premiere

  • @driftwood Question sir, I just shot with Moon 5 using 720p60 and I'm getting bit rates down to 29mbps. I was under the impression that this setting was stabilized at 50mbps and higher. Should this be happening? I'm concerned for any grading I have to do in post at this point. I'm shooting tight shots, in bright sun with movement.

  • Some grabs of trial 4 I with ETC and hippie mode on.-

    Sin título_000344.png
    1920 x 1080 - 2M
    Sin título_000008.png
    1920 x 1080 - 2M
  • Real nice frame grabs @EYESOUL.

  • Also I think this is the best 24p setting I have ever used on my GH2 far as image quality..I don't know if it's the best far as noise handling though,but I'm a realist I can make it work with Neatvideo..So with those who have tested trial 3 would you say it's softer than trial 5?

  • Some screen grabs from random weekend footage with Moon Trial 5..Shot with Sigma 30mm 1.4 at one 1.4,can't remember which iso..I really like Moon,didn't have one hangup..Any noise issues clean up well with Neatvideo..Spanning not important for my type of shooting..A softening filter may come in handy because when I stopped the lens down to f2 & beyond the results where crazy sharp!!I mean at least on closeups of people with the Sigma..@driftwood great work once again.

    Edit: on last grab I think that one had Neatvideo applied by mistake when I took the grab.

    C -1.png
    1920 x 1080 - 1M
    C -2.png
    1920 x 1080 - 2M
    C -3.png
    1920 x 1080 - 2M
  • Anyone else having problems with no being able to ingest footage into Final Cut Pro X ? Every so often one of the clips fails to import and FCPX says "footage still on camera." That happens with either importing card data directly of the hdd or from the camera over USB2. Any ideas how to solve it or avoid it ?

  • Edit, my bad

  • About to shoot a TV ad for Toyota @driftwood would you recommend a suitable Patch for close up shoots or something for vehicles?

  • @johnnymossville Very cool. Like the colors. Would love to see the footage once edited.

  • @johnnymossville, those stills look awesome!

  • Did someone got the drewnet x to span on the 64gb 95mb/s sandisk card?

  • I shot an event the other night using drewnet Beta 7. Most of this is shot at ISO1600. All natural light. I couldn't be happier with the results. Here are some stills.

    GH2 Drewnet Beta 7

  • Just got over to Maui and got a chance to view some dailies from the river ride the other day shot in MoonT5, pretty awesome projected at about 20' size...can't believe how sharp and rich the image is.

  • @JDN, yep, I cover all the usual suspects and only shoot on the big daddy cards. I learned that lesson a year ago!! Thanks, Maybe I'll just go with Moon at 720p60 and I'm sure it will be fine.

  • Using "Moon Trial 3" on a commercial...first non-anamorphic I've shot since getting my first adapter, lol. Nikkor 35mm and ISO160.

    1920 x 1080 - 3M
  • @rajamalik: sorry i only know and use neatvideo...

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