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LAING steadicams, arms and vests
  • I am moving all to separate topic to have focused discussion.

    LAING options

    Quite good opinions about them. Good quality.

    First, more light set, for cameras up to 7.5kg.





    One for 7-15kg range comes in case:




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  • Laing M-30 Stabilizer (P-04 paired with vest and arm)? I have found it on eBay (US) but shipping to EU direct from manufacturer is quite high.

    Current one comes with modified P-04 :-) and it is amazing set. You can find one on our deals

  • Have no idea. You need to measure inside diameter using good tool first.

  • So I'm missing one of the two carbon fibre tubes for the P-03

    It is the one which slides inside the other one.

    In the description for the P-03 it says "center connection pole diameter (inside)", does that mean this would be the appropriate replacement part to buy:

  • Has anyone used this combo: Laing M-30 Stabilizer (P-04 paired with vest and arm)? I have found it on eBay (US) but shipping to EU direct from manufacturer is quite high.

    I was wondering if anyone has used this and any opinions would be appreciated.

  • I had few minutes today to take a few photos and some quick footage after initial attempt to balance it. Overall Laing P-4 with GH3 and SLRMagic 12mm on top is quite heavy i need to work on my fitness :D

    Product feels really solid, thank you Vitaliy for a great deal!

    image image image image image image


    Another quick video, this time i took more effort to achieve 2s drop that many tutorials refer to and i have less tilting to the sides. In both I'm holding Laing with one hand I need to learn how to properly operate it with both hands.

    I'm not sure if I'm doing something incorrectly (i put my GH3 + Voigtlander 25mm in the middle of the plate) but turning any of the knobs even little bit sends camera completely off balance anyway i will keep experimenting until i find decent setup. Getting some nice quick release place wouldn't hurt as well! :)

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  • Just ordered my P-04 and it should be here within a week. Would love to see some test footage and other photos.

  • My Laing P-04 arrived today i will try to post some pictures, footage later this week. No manual inside but unit itself looks really solid!

  • What is the difference between the Laing P-03 and the Laing P-04?

    Most things are updated. Gymbal, top stage, etc.

  • What is the difference between the Laing P-03 and the Laing P-04?

  • Laing P-04 steadicam





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  • P-03 is very good steadicam, tried it some time ago. As @ozoufonoun said it is well-build.

  • @Reshaydee

    Did yours come with a manual in English off of Ebay?


  • Just received my Laing P-03xc. Excited to set it up, but disappointed that there are no instructions in English included. I guess that's part of the deal.

    I'm assuming that there is a decent video tutorial somewhere and will search, but not having a basic manual in a language that I can understand is not a great start.

    Having said that, this thing is very obviously well-built. Quality seems fantastic. Very robust. More to come soon as I figure out what I am doing.

    Thanks to Vitaliy for the deal and helping answer some of my questions before and during the ordering process.


  • @IronFilm

    With native m42 lenses smaller one, of you intent to get larger cam later or big manual lenses - larger one.

  • Just wondering which of the MC or XC versions of the Laing P-03 Stabilizer makes the most sense for being used with the Panasonic GH1?

  • Just got the Laing P-03 Stabilizer from eBay. Was able to play around with it for the past few days. Balancing and quick adjustments on the fly are a breeze! And this is my first stabilizer too. I have much to learn, but I think I'm picking it up rather quickly. The thing is just wonderful to work with. :D

    I do have some questions though concerning getting a vest for the P-03. My setup is quite light, GH2 + Tokina 11-16 2.8 using only 2 of the weights on the P-03, so I'm not sure if getting a vest would be "overkill" for a setup so light. But I can't hold it up for longer than 3 minutes straight until I get tired, and I thought getting a vest with an arm would solve that problem for me especially since I plan to use this for day long events.

    Do I have to get the vest/arm setup Laing provides, or can I look elsewhere for my needs/purposes?


  • Can anyone tell me if the socket block of the Laing vest can actually adjust the arm while wearing it? I got the Wondlan Leopard systm and I unfortunately have to dissassemble the socket block to be able to screw them in and out. If the laing socket block really works I might be able to attach it to my Wondlan vest. Thx in advance!

  • @kavadni

    Great Tip, I guess the Tripod Leg has a threaded hole. In Germany it is called: Soligor M-1ör&hash=item35b801a304

  • @kavadni

    Interesting approach for tilting base :-)

  • Here is the above Bescor Table Top Tripod as a Wedge Plate

    To keep the weight down, I removed the two legs and the accessory arm from the Bescor.

  • My Handhel Stabiliser, P-03 (MC, the longer model) arrived safely today - Through the PV Deals.
    It was sent via DHL and took 4 days to get here.
    It was fully assembled, inside it's Nylon carry case, inside a box.
    It appears to be well made and robust.

    Edit: a couple of hours later ... an observation ... not a complaint.
    The worm screws do not appear to be corrosion resistant, so bare that in mind if it gets wet/salty.

    As this cheaper model does not have an adjustable tilt plate, I am going to try use this device


    I already have it and it should do the job:

    Update about 12 hours later, just achieved static balance after about 20 minutes, with my Small HD DP6, GH2 and 14mm ... no way can I carry that for longer than about a minute and a half (4.1Kg total) ... I am a little guy ... time to do some weights. Nup ... loose the DP6 and two weights, and fashion a sunshade from black wrap!

    Static balance is easy to achieve with the assistance of the two bubble levels.
    When you tighten the left-right and fore-aft locks it tends to throw it - the remedy is to keep a little tension on the locks when adjusting.

    Total weight: GH2 and 14mm .. 1.9Kg ... static balance took me less than 5mins this time. I have the minimum weights on the base, and had to lower the gimbal on the pole to get about 2.25 seconds drop time.

    Added the Bescor wedge plate, after removing the legs and accessory arm, total weight 2.1Kg.
    The wedge works well, requires fore-aft adjustment after changing angle ... Images tomorrow

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  • Thanks @optoro and @peternap

    I got them here trough weekend deals for a damn good price! I love the rig and I look forward to summer running around with this thing, thanks again VK for making these deals available!

  • @hempo22 It looked darn good to me. I got so frustrated with mine today I started doing 70's spins.