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Special deals: Matteboxes, ND filters, ND holders, follow focuses
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  • Will Any of these handle 4x5.65 filters? I really like the look of the Trusmt matte boxes but I can't tell if it will handle 4x5's
  • My Trusmt was sent yesterday via: Shipper HKD
    I live in Arizona US.

    Has anyone ever heard of HKD? Does it change carrier when it arrives to US?

    I will post review and pictures when the Trusmt mattebox arrives.
    I plan on using it with the Shrigg Jig Production Cage which arrived late last week. Looks good by the way.
  • @proaudio4

    I'm in AZ as well but I bought the cinematics mattebox. The package will most likely transfer to USPS when it reaches the states.
  • Thanks Xenocide38.
    If it changes to USPS, this will be a problem.
    I live in Arizona City which does not deliver mail to homes, only the post office. Which I have a PO BOX.
    The problem is they only have my street address which I assumed they needed for delivery for this package.
    I thought it would go DHL, UPS, or Fedex. hmmm.....
  • @proaudio4 Not sure about HKD, but mine was sent via RPX and I could track it via
  • USPS might hand off the package to one of the regular shippers, or it might not even go through USPS. Hopefully it works out. It doesn't sound like a super rare situation so I would guess they have a system in place to handle that sort of thing.
  • Thanks Xenocide38 and Ptchaw. I hope it works out!
  • Ordered the cinematics today. Lot of confusion yet about what I need to connect it to my GH2. Some help please?
  • @ Vitaliy
    Yes, rail support. I'have not clear what could be better. I would like to have some kind of shoulder support for event shooting, without MB, and for narrative work with MB on tripod. In both cases I need to attach also the 5" Ikan VL5 monitor when it arrives. I would like to buy separate parts in order to spend less, but I don't understand enough clearly which parts do I need to put all together. The "rail system" in the link seems interesting, but some how It seems to me a little ugly in the upper zone, too much mechanical. Also, doesn't the MB touch that part?
  • @Nino_Ilacqua
    >I would like to have some kind of shoulder support

    So would I - for a DSLR but centred like you are when using an ENG camera or any one of the heavier movie cameras. With the GH.x cameras there's the need for an eyepiece solution, too - but something like this $20 Dollar Shoulder Rig seems at least to sit at about the right position to me:

  • Recieved my order today, but they sent me the Trusmt mattebox instead of the Cinematics I asked for. Has this happened to anyone else? Debating whether or not I can be bothered to return it, the plastic on the box is a bit annoying and the lack of another arm on the rails mount, bottom flag and velvet lining is why I chose the Cinematics.
  • I received my Cinematics mattebox yesterday. Very pleased with it. There are some limitations as have already been pointed out such as the filter holders not being the greatest but overall I am very impressed for the price. It looks and feels very similar to higher end matteboxes.
  • @Ptchaw AFAIK, the vendor is different for the different matteboxes, so it's unlikely they sent you a competitor's product on accident. You may have ordered from the wrong vendor though.
  • I think having just one arm is an advantage. With small lenses, the space to mount other accessories like a FF is usually very tight. Having only one arm versus two can make the difference between mounting a FF or having to shoot without it. All the high end (arri, chrosziel etc.) matte boxes have only one arm...
  • @Cordvision Thats true. The Trustmt actually seems very stable with just the one arm, so really is an advantage.
  • @Ptchaw

    I looked at the PM.
    You asked specifically about follow focus+MB deal.
    I even asked if you want TrusMT.
    You said yes.
  • @Hazna: Exactly so that's why these matteboxes are $350...
  • @Vitaliy_Kiselev Bit of a misunderstanding; I didn't realize they were different sellers and assumed that TrusMt were retailers of both. Oh well; I couldn't of brought the Cinematics mattebox with the FF anyway, and I'm pretty happy with it now - it does have some nice features the Cinematics doesn't (height adjustment, better filters, more mounting options..).
  • Great infos here, tnx! I'm interested in the D100MB2 CF hood to mount it onto my Zacuto gear: 15mm rods (diameter) and 58mm between rods themselves (center to center). Is this mattebox suitable? Thanks in advance for your kindness and time. Best!
  • >I'm interested in the D100MB2 CF

    Where do you see D100MB2 CF here? I do not advise carbon flags as they are very easy to damage.
    As for rods, any 15mm rig must have standard rods and standard rod distance.

  • When you get your Matte Box assemble/check parts asap...mine just arrived with the "swing-away block" missing...
  • >mine just arrived with the "swing-away block" missing...

    What do you mean? :-)
  • The part that attaches the Matte Box shade to the L shaped rod holder was missing.

    No big deal they said they will send it out today.
  • Hi Vitaly, thanks for your prompt answer. I found the D100MB2 CF here ( Contacted the manufacturer about my inquiry and the mattebox has the following specs: 15mm diameter standard rods and 60mm from rods themselves (center to center). I asked for some infos because cinema industry uses also 19mm rod systems. I'll follow your advice regarding CF hood and buy the AL flags version. Best and keep up the good work.