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GH3 user reviews and opinions
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  • @Tron How'd you pull off the zoom in time lapse? Was that done digitally from stills in post? Thx!

  • @Alex what lenses and what shutter speeds were you shooting in 24p and 60p respectively for your video? Thx!

  • @jfilmmaker Raw stills converted to DNGs in Lightroom. Imported sequence into After Effects for manipulation such as highlight recovery and digital zoom. Exported in DNxHD 175 10 bit for use on NLE timeline.

  • @jfilmmaker 14-140mm was used. Shutter 1/50 and 1/100 for the sharper closeup ... ISO 640

  • My little moire GH3 test ...

    Hope they can fix this with firmware ...

  • @feha I think it that moire/aliasing is a pure hardware thing at least in the case of dslr with much higher resolution sensor that output lower than 2k. So it is a bit wishful thinking to think that a firmware update could cure it. Another thing that bothers me is that no one who have the gh2 and gh3 are willing to do just a simple test that everybody has been clamoring for. Use a manual non panasonic lens with both camera if posible side by side or one after the other on a tripod and do some panning/motion on different subject matter that typically exibit moire like your above example. Are people afraid of the result?

  • @feha Thanks for posting, sad news, thanks anyway, I wish they (Panasonic) fix this somehow

  • Gh3 have moire in certain shoots. Thats a fact. No need to do a test for that.

  • @danyyyell > .... Are people afraid of the result? < - Yes!!!

  • @robbin for me, the test clips are very educational. Just saying that there are moire effects does not convey the severity of the situation, and if my future scenes are composed from moire-prone backgrounds, after seeing clips like the one presented by feha I would be very hesitant to buy the GH3 until I investigate and compare the issue with other hardware.

  • People obsessed with moire are missing out on one hell of a good camera. There have already been resolution charts shot on both cameras that show the increase in moire is very slight over the GH2. If that is not good enough, perhaps you should just go shoot something on your hacked GH2 rather than live a life of anxiety about a camera you have never even touched.

  • I don't regret that i bought GH3, it is great camera, i just pointed out that it has moire, so if possible you can choose other objects and avoid this kind of shots :-) Moire is present even on much more hi end DSLR cameras ... Below are some other shots that make me love GH3

  • i shoot an documentary on tokina 11-16 and didn't have one single moire problem so i dont find it so troublesome. Moire show up on some shoots but you spot it on the lcd right away.

  • @feha I was not speaking to you directly, rather those on here who have requested GH3 owners post more aliasing footage because they assume we must be hiding something if we don't actively promote moire in our videos. That thinking is beyond strange to me. I thought we were here to share info and try to get the most out of these cameras.

    What's even more ironic is that I haven't identified a single shot yet that's produced any moire on my GH3 and my Leica 25mm is a goddamned sharp lens. According to the "experts" the cam should self destruct or melt if I point it at anything other than a bare wall. I hate to disappoint, but I can't even get the damn battery level on this bitch to drop a single notch after shooting 2 hrs of brick buildings and timelapse... it's like the Panasonic engineers figured out cold fusion then stuffed a small reactor into every battery pack.

  • The camera captures detail.

  • Hi All,

    First post, just got the GH3 a week or so ago, moving on from using handy cam so lots to learn, been playing about all week, this is my first proper attempt at a composition after lots of reading, nowhere near perfect but pleased for first effort. Was trying it at 50p 1/100 didn't realize youtube couldn't show 50p so it's at 25p. No laughing at my panning either, first go :) Great forum learnt a lot already, lots more learning to go!

  • Details are on the vimeo page. Let the vitriol begin. And definitely download the file. Vimeo really skews the results.

    Not the most polished, professional test ever, but we had 1/1000th the budget of Zacuto, and very little time. We do our best to stress the BMCC, 5DMKIII, GH3, and Hacked GH2 in a High Dynamic Range shootout.

    We went to some lengths to mess with the framing so as not to have the sensor crop give away which cam is which; primarily so that you'll focus more on which one(s) you like instead of trying to identify each cam. These comparisons have been graded down to the lowest common denominator to be as "equal" as possible. But in Part 2 we'll show you the raw footage.

  • @shian

    Nice work! You guys should host a weekly...

  • @shian, great job you guys and thanks for doing this test. It came a little late for me though lol as I have already place an order for the GH3 after playing with it at my local camera store.

    I am watching it at work on my computer which is not any good but I will reevaluate my result and choices when I get home and check on my monitor, but so far what I like based on what I have seen;

    Test 1 - I am between camera 3 & 4

    Test 2 - camera 4

    Test 3 - I am between camera 1 & 4

    Test 4 - I am between camera 1 & 4

  • now we are talking

  • Interesting. Thanks for putting this together. Tough time telling which was which but if I had to guess:

    Cam1 GH2 Cam2 Blackmagic Cam 3 GH3 Cam4 5D

  • The outliers, 5D (FF) and BMC seem pretty obvious just due to the framing. Kind of makes the test less interesting, as it's hard to separate your feelings about cameras once you know which is which. But I can't wait to see the next parts, specifically the GH2/GH3 direct shootout.

    btw, what's with the BMC fog, colored lights grade? It looks wacky :)

  • @shian This for the test. Did you do an error with the shutter on Camera 1(gh3?) in the fog test? The motion looked a bit videoish.. Maybe you shoot it 50p?