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35mm F1.4 and F0.95 SLR Magic Cine lenses
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  • The 35mm T1.4 comes in mFT, E-mount, X mount, and EF-M mount. If you email us at our sales team should be able to help with your order.

    Only the 50mm T0.95 come in M mount with coverage a bit larger than FF and the 35mm T0.95 come in M mount with APS-H coverage. The 50mm T0.95 is designed for use with Leica M cameras and the 35mm T0.95 is only designed to work with mFT, E-mount, X mount, and EF-M mount (cannot work on M camera or Ricoh M mount).

    Best rgds., John

  • So you're telling me, that your 35mm T0.95 will work on a super 35mm camera?

    YEAHHHH. If you could make your whole cine line cover up to that, just in case BMD makes a 35mm version, that would truly be amazing.

  • The 50 covers as well

  • @slrmagic Thanks for chiming in.

    Does 35mm 1.4 lens have a fixed length barrel?

    Its spec says minimum focus distance is 30cm. What's the maximum magnification ratio on M43?

  • what does the t stand for?

  • Google F stop vs T stop.

  • This lens is stabilized for M4/3?

  • @Kholi the 1100$ 50mm or the 3k$ cine 50mm?

  • Steve Huff has the 35/1.4 and 35/0.95

    u_u Man...the waiting for great gear, Blackmagic included, is killer.

  • I'm really interested in the 35mm 1.4. What a great price. I'm not as concerned with tack sharpness wide open for video and like that it is supposed to have minimal breathing unlike the Rokinon 35mm. I would love to find a comparison of the Rokinon Cine 35mm t1.5 vs the SLR Magic 35mm t1.4 but haven't seen anything comparing them online. For sub $300 can you really go wrong? It would replace my Sigma 30mmm 1.4 which is a great lens but doesn't have a nice motion with a FF and gear ring on it.

  • Personally, I´d really like to know how to get hold of the 35mm f0.95 and 25mm ditto.. I saw december as a release date somewhere but I can´t get any information, not even from Andrew/John or Slr magic themselves.. These would be very interesting for some upcoming productions but if they are not available then they are not.

  • The 35mm 1.4 is out now. The 0.95 is due to be out in January I think.

  • Ok, the 25mm f0.95 I read somewhere, was supposed to be out december.. I´ve not seen anything about that lately.

  • @RRRR I thought they canceled 25mm production plan.

  • Completely? As I understood it, they canceled their initial plan to make m-mount lenses in favor of cine-oriented-lenses.. out of which the 25mm would be one. (there were plans for a cheaper 23mm lens if memory serves which they put in the bin)

    I´d be sad if they indeed had cancelled the plans for the 25mm as fringing seemed very well contained (a reason I put off buying the voigt 25mm)..

  • The 25/0.95 is only cancelled for rangefinder. Like you, RRRR I want to use the SLR 25 and 35 instead of Voigt. Fringing and softness of voigt wide open... no thanks.

  • Our 23mm F1.7 will have a revised edition coming out. The new 23mm F1.7 has better IQ over the original 23mm F1.7 and would cost $399.

    The 35mm T0.95 will be out in Feb 2013 and sold for $1,249 after promotional rebate during launch.

    The 25mm T0.95 was planned for Dec 2012 but due to design change to suppress the CA while shooting at 0.95 there is a slight delay. The date will be pushed back to Feb 2013 and sold for $649 after promotional rebate during launch.

    Kind rgds., Andrew

  • Andrew, is the upcoming 25mm lens going to be CINE, too?

  • An f0.95 50mm equivalent CA-supressed lens for $649? I'd say you hit the pricing sweet spot.

  • It depends :) We need more details and hands-on reviews.

  • @slrmagic / Andrew : I´m curious about the promotional rebate for both 25 and 35mm lenses, is there any way to get that?

  • I am looking forward for the 35mm T0.95
    @slrmagic Andrew, will it be possible to order that lens directly from Hong Kong in M-mount version including SLR Magic brand adapters for both micro4/3 and E-mount? (NEX)

  • About 35mm 1.4, the front barrel length changes. All reviewers said it's soft at 1.4 and sharp at 2.8.

  • Good to know. I wonder if its softer than Rokinon cine 35mm? I really like the lack of breathing on the SLR 35mm 1.4

  • I own neither the SLR Magic nor the Rokinon. I haven't decided yet.