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SSD disks and NAND memory price watch
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  • SanDisk May Be Clearing Extreme Pro SSD Inventory Ahead Of New Release

    The 480 GB model appears to be the best value, with prices dipping down to $165 at more than one etailer. The 240 GB drive has been as low as $65, but we were not able to find that price when we wrote this article.,30657.html

  • The average contract price for 128GB Client-SSDs made by original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) has dropped to US$50 in the second quarter, while 256GB Client-SSDs have seen their average contract price lowered to nearly $90.

    "The OEM market for Client-SSDs has experienced a rapid price decline due to the increasing adoption of SSDs based on triple level cell (TLC) technology"

    SSDs carrying multi-level cell (MLC) NAND flash will be introduced in the third quarter. These factors will contribute to a sharp price drop in the OEM market for Client-SSDs during the latter half of this year.

  • HOMENEWS - SSD prices increase 9% compared to December last year

    It’s possible that December prices were down because SSD brands lowered their prices for the holiday season. Especially the Seagate 600 480GB, Samsung 840 Pro 128GB and Toshiba Q Series Pro 256GB drives stand out, their prices have increased heavily. The Samsung 840 EVO is still amongst the lower priced drives, but the 1TB model gained 25% in price.

    The drive with the lowest Price per GB is the Kingston SSDNow 480GB with $0.37. In December 2014 the lowest priced SSD was the Samsung 840 EVO 1TB at $0.35 per GB.


  • Crucial aims to make the BX100 as their lowest cost/GB SSD ever - even cheaper than the MX100. Since Micron makes the flash, the best way to drive costs down is to use a lower cost controller.

  • SSD prices for hybrids, ultrathin laptops to flatten next year

    Most thin-and-light laptops typically use SSDs that are closely bolted to the motherboards, much like in the MacBook Air. That differs from the SSDs in mainstream laptops, which can be plugged into bays and are easily upgradeable.

    The price of SSDs for ultrathins will average US$111 for 197GB this year and 264GB in 2015, and then drop to $109 for 340GB in 2016, Zhang said. The price will then plummet to $93 for 405GB in 2017 and $79 for 465GB of storage in 2018.

    A shortage of solid-state drives for ultrathin laptops and hybrids will cause prices to flatten next year after dropping for the last several years, with lower prices coming again in 2016, according to a market analysis.

    ARN Business Technology

  • SSD on PCI-E is even faster than SATA and cheap.

    from PC World, Mar 19, 2014


    Plextor's M6e delivers a 20-percent jump in read performance


  • I just put a 240GB mSATA boot drive in my Lenovo notebook. The Crucial M4 gives 200-250MBps data rates (only SATA2 on the mSATA socket) -- much faster than the hard drive -- for negligible increase in weight or power. PCIe will be faster than mSATA2, but most of us still have to take the mSATA leap. Technology passes us by so quickly these days....

  • With PCIe now we are talking, direct interconect!! now its good data rate.

  • With the surge to PCIe drives as now seen in the new Mac Pro the major players are already announcing such drives for consumers this year. RAID variations are available now but expensive.

  • @gameb Yes, momentus are fast on reading (I have seen 500MBps), same speed as normal on writing (100MBps or so). Great for running VM images with, really fast. Not particularly fast for editing video, I keep hitting the 8GB SSD limit when editing. Would be great for smaller clips, though. Certainly an interesting option to the true SSD. I use an 240GB SSD as the main drive, the momentus as the scratch storage (video editing) and external RAIDs for longer-term storage...

  • Interesting discussion about page files on SSDs for Windows 7/8 users (and the static page-file method)

    PS I love my twin 256Gb Samsung SSD840 Pros - blazing speeds under hackintosh & Win7 - and soooo cheap!

    @thepalalias nice find Per. Its amazing the fall in price per Gb nowadays.

  • The 960GB Crucial M500 that @goanna mentioned has made it into reviewers hands and is now shipping.

    $599.99 street for 960GB, as previously stated, making it the most inexpensive SSD drive currently available at this capacity.

  • Seagate stops manufacturing 7200 rpm drives.

    Seagate Technology, one of the world’s largest manufacturers of hard disk drives, plans to cease production of mobile hard drives with 7200rpm spindle speed late this year as the mainstream market demand will shift to different products, such as solid-state hybrid drives (SSHDs). The company will continue to offer 5400rpm HDDs for value notebooks.

  • image

    $1/GB (but a big drive at least.)

    Mushkin's 480G Atlas mSATA is initially available in the United States at, with worldwide availability scheduled for the end of January. It has a suggested price of $499, which reflects an overall trend toward lower prices for SSDs.

  • @ Vitaliy_Kiselev

    An interesting departure from the current "NO USER PARTS INSIDE" norm. Maybe the EU would be the body most likely to impose such a standard. (like they did with the compulsory micro USB phone charger). The opponents might be Apple and, say Interpol - how do you sieze part of a "hard drive" ?

  • If you ask me, goverment must inmose modeular requirement for all SSDs.

    So in 2.5" case controller will be on removable plate and flash can be added same as RAM using DIMMs.

  • Crucial 1TB $600


    If there's been one thing holding people back from upgrading to an SSD it's the cost of high-capacity drives. After CES 2013 that could change with the Crucial M500 SSD.

    Available for less than $600 (around £370) for the 960GB version, the M500 should be around 40 per cent cheaper than existing 1TB SSDs.

  • The scuttlebutt is that the big players in the SSD market want to squeeze out the little guys, so they've triggered a price war that the smaller solid-state operators simply cannot sustain. From TechRadar


    Tech Radar's new shoot-out favours the OCZ Vertex 4 256GB - despite its slower read-speeds. Down to $210 at Amazon.


  • @gameb Yes, depending on disk access. Virtual memory also can be indistinguishable from RAM, limited by the SATA bus.


  • Thanks @goanna that means if I work with FCPX rendering, importing, exporting, copying or whatever will improve in speed?

  • If your system is on SSD, all programs and processes which access that drive will load and work faster, not just booting.

  • I am running a MBP 13" 2011, 16GB RAM and a 1TB Samsung HDD in the optical bay. Will the general performance be better/faster or only the boot speed if I substitute the Mac boot disk with a SSD?

  • @stonebat

    I do not see here bad customer support.

    It was just bad products. Do not worry, they already fired about 30% of the staff, most probably part of them was responsible for such products (designing them in the time set by some kid with MBA degree :-) )

  • Last year they released bad products. So many people returned the products. I got caught up too. It was bad. No more OCZ in my book.

  • @stonebat

    And that you understand under "customer service" for SSD?