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W96 LED Light
  • Main difference if you compare with Z96 is remaining charge indicator, and lower price :-)

    Price: $55.50 with shipping

    4PC pack

    Price: $250 with shipping

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  • Hopefully, cheaper shipping can be found.
  • >Hopefully, cheaper shipping can be found.

    What do you mean here?
    Shipping seems pretty reasonable.
  • The $15 shipping cost for one light is reasonable, but the cost for a set of 4 lights is $84. I'd expect combined shipping to cost less rather than more...
  • @LPowell

    Talk to him :-)
    As I understand price is based on Z96 4Pcs kits that have higher prices.
  • Was looking at the w96 earlier...

    Am completely new to LED lights for video (or anything :)). But as a casual 'videographer' at the start of the learning curve i would like something to have for my GH17 to aid in indoor shooting. My question is, would 1 W96 be enough to supplement average indoor lighting to produce good video? I'd be able to set something up statically from time to time, but honestly most of the time i'd just like something on the hotshoe, something very portable.

    how would this compare to the 14W LED in the other recent post?

  • Don't know these lights but I have a square 64-led hotshoe light and it's really useful and bright. I'd say just get one you like the look of. They're cheap enough. The only minus point of my led light (and probably most of them) is they lack a bit of red, so even though they produce a white light (to the eye /camera), fair skin can look a bit blotchy. Fantastic though for quick photography of objects, or for trying out lighting positions before rigging "real" lighting.

    I'd also be interested if anyone's used the W96 (or any other portable led) and has found it good on "white" skin tones.
  • I have two of them, my unboxing (not as above but similar Z96)

    have not used them for any footage yet ...
  • Jules you might want to look into getting a couple of china balls.
  • This is a very good light. I have the earlier version Z96 which cost more than this and didn't have the charge indicator, so the W96 is a super deal for its price.

  • @htinla How is it on fair skin? Out of interest - because my photos / videos taken using my LEDs as a sole light source are a bit unkind to complexions.
  • @jules You'd need at least two or three light sources.
  • @Mark_the_Harp - I always use the included white diffuser and taped on a piece of 1/8 minus green to reduce the color cast (the green tint on the Z96 isn't too bad compared to other LED lights in its class), the results have been fine to my eyes. It's a pretty bright light at full power when you're within 6ft of your subject, so dial down the brightness to keep things from blowing out.

    I mount my Z96 on a stroboframe flash bracket positioned a few inches above the lens, so this probably helps too.
  • @Bueller @stonebat Thanks! That helps a lot. I'll get a W96 for on camera and a couple of china balls to start out with. Great tip, had not seen china balls used before! Certainly a cheap way to start.
  • My wallet can't take much more abuse! And the million options is giving me a headache.

    Any input or recommendations about the many, many LED lights:
    - these w96 look good (and the price looks great)
    - 312 LED Dimmable single-color Light (cheaper than 3 W96s)
    - the ProMaster LED Portable Studio Light (see Vitaly's post from May: Cheap and quite powerful LED)
  • @sfbay_jon

    You are comparing different lights.
    W96 is for one applications.
    If you have money and need more light 312 LED ligh is better choice, most probably even adjustable color option as light quality will be better on it.
    Promaster light is different beast, they mostly for studio work or work where you have AC.
  • Something strange happened with this light, as prices jumped from $45 to $120 (without shipping).
    It look like same will happen with this seller, he is just away now.
  • I almost bought these last weekend. then seller "tony19825" with $40 price left town til July 29th.
    Checked today and NOW he's gone til August 9th.

    :-( not my day.

    UPDATE: tony19825 wrote me to say he is VERY busy with ebay and wholesale orders. He WILL be back soon...
  • so, just to clarify, this is slightly BETTER than z96, but CHEAPER? :) Price is ridiculously low, if you compare to prices for similar equipment a few years ago... :)
  • @fatpig

    It is not cheaper. As all actual listings have it at high prices only.
  • ...but one could order this now at this price, right? hell just ship it in mid-august no`?
  • @fatpig
    Or get his refund :-)
  • I was on "this deal". First email received said :
    Paid on Jul-20-11
    Shipped on Jul-21-11
    Estimated delivery: July 26 - July 27, 2011
    Just checked to day, clicking a tracking number link show item
    Processed Through Sort Facility, Aug-01-11, 14:32 PM, SHENZHEN
    Origin Post is Preparing Shipment
    Acceptance, Aug-01-11, 10:03 AM.

    Asked ebay and received short message tony19825 is out of the office until 08/09/2011 and may not be able to respond to your message.

    Message from tony19825:
    I wil take vacation from 7/24 to 7/30. thanks!

    I click to reply but email bring me to address

    Sound like scam or not?
  • @tinbeo
    Processed Through Sort Facility, Aug-01-11, 14:32 PM, SHENZHEN
    indicates that something had been sent.
    Wait for seller go out of the vacation and ask him.
  • I never worry about scam in ebay. ebay is very friendly to buyers who use paypal. Wait until 8/9. Then contact the seller. If no response in a week, you can claim the incident.
  • I ordered and paid one ($40.50 plus $16.00 shipping) from tony19825 on the 21st. Still says "Tracking information is not available yet for this shipment. Please check back later to view updated information." Should be a great hairlight.