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Samyang/Rokinon cine lenses
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  • @rockroadpix - Good to know about the Sigma. I was looking at one before. Figured I had it covered with the Tokina 11-16 though. Does the barrel move in and out when zoomed? I do prefer all internal movement like the old Tokina 28-70 I have.

  • 85mm T1.5 - available late November/early December, according to Rokinon's most recent Facebook post :)

    EDIT: price around 349 USD.

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  • @vicharris - the barrel moves VERY minimally. About a 1/4 inch. Any more than a 1/2 and I would have returned it due to no bueno with MB. Took it out yesterday and had a blast with it.

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  • a few questions why is the rokinon listed as t1.4 and samyang t1.5 and did I hear him say de clicked aperture, also what's the difference in T and F1.4 (I only ask because I see there is a f1.4 made for m4/3)

  • T and F-stops are generally pretty close, with T-stop being a more accurate measure of how much light actually reaches the sensor (whereas F-stop is a ratio of focal length to aperture diameter of opening). F-stops are usually slightly less bright than equivalent T-stops. For example, the SLR Magic 35mm T0.95 is actually a F0.9.

    Yes, de-clicked aperture, meaning stopless aperture ring. Makes the aperture a smooth gradient where you could potentially be at f/2.4789, for example. Importantly, it lets you make smooth transitions between f-stops, rather than "clicking" through them.

  • 1.4 is for the the non cine lens and 1.5 is for the cine. F and T respectively. Doesn't matter what name is on the lens. They are all the same inside. Just for the record, I LOVE my 24mm T1.5 Cine! Really classes up the whole rig and works so well.

  • just ordered the t1.5 and 85mm rokinon's today, I'll post some results as soon as I can. I had them over nighted because I have a wedding to due saturday and I plan on testing then.

  • The 85 cine is out now? Where did you order it? @GravitateMediaGroup

  • I got the 1.4 to see if I have enough reason to own a 85mm lens. I figured the wedding would be a good test. If not, back to BH it goes. The 35 t1.5 should help me to imagine what the cine 85mm would look like. I've never used an 85mm so it's more of a curiosity thing you could say.

  • What's the 1.4? They have three lenses that are a F1.4 and a couple at T1.5 with more on the way. I thought you said you ordered the 85mm T1.5? Did you mean you ordered a 85mm F1.4 and a 35mm T1.5?

  • Got it. You'll like the 85mm. I'm going to change mine for the Cine version when it comes out.

  • Yeah, I'll prob use it for the wedding to get a feel, send it back, the get the cine in December

  • these lenses are really tempting, they seem really sharp and not expensive. I just care how they compare with my Nikkor 17-55mm 2.8... And i was close to buy a used Tokina 11-16mm. A Rokinon 14mm will be better?

  • Out of all the Rokinons, the 14 has the poorest reviews. I'm not saying its a bad lens, just not as sharp as the rest though I've never tested one. I'll prob get the cine version and test it out. On the other hand, I have the tokina and its really nice all the way through. No secret there but not havingthe aprature ring is not ideal. And of course the 35 breaths like there's no tomorrow but it's sharp as a tack.

  • Samyang Europe proudly informs about releasing at the turn of November and December brand new video lens Samyang T 1.5 85mm AS IF UMC.

    The lens will join Samyang’s VDSLR family and will be available with following mounts: Nikon, Canon, or Sony. Optical construction, similarly as in case of classical version, comprises of 9 lenses divided into 7 optical groups and provides internal focusing function. It should be also noted that one of the lenses is aspherical. Iris diaphragm allows one to produce aesthetic bokeh. All lenses were covered with multilayered, anti-reflective coatings, which add to the very high level of light transmission. As in the case of the rest VDSLR lenses, the aperture and focus rings are featured with gears, allowing to control work of the lens with follow focus system. Samyang T 1.5 85mm AS IF UMC will be available on sales at the turn of November and December, but for those, who would like to have it earlier, Samyang Europe prepared a special contest. The prize is the brand new 85mm VDSLR itself. To win the lens a short video needs to be made. All necessary information is at distributor’s offical site:

    They also made all lenses available in E-mount.

  • Finally, the 85mm T1.5 is about to be released. Prices in Germany will be around 360 Euro and sold under the name Walimex.

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  • @Tobsen These are an addiction! Just picked up the 14 to go with my 24 Cine. I own the 85 and 35 normal ones but might have to grab this 85 cine. Don't think I want to spend the extra money on the 35 Cine since it breathing is so damn bad. Don't want to rack focus with that one too much so prob no need for the cine version.

  • @vicharris I am really excited about this lens. I just hope breathing is not too bad. Since you own the normal 85, how's the breathing?

  • This guy tested them on a Red and posted native material:

  • I might have an addiction.

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  • @Tobsen Is there a breathing test anywhere on youtube for the 85? If not I'll do one like the one I did for the 24mm Cine version.

  • Does anyone have the 14mm Cine 3.1 yet? I just picked it up and not sure if it's worth keeping. I need to go run some tests against the Tokina 11-16. So far the Tokina looks like it is a bit brighter, I know it's a 2.8 but I believe Rokinon is compensating to 3.1 for T instead of F. Also not a fan of this damn lens hood. Can't use any filters on it and not sure how it will fare in a MB. I'll have to test that too.

  • I'd pick Lumix 14mm 2.5 over any other 14mm lens unless focus pulling is needed. Rectilinear images at the focal length looks good to me. Tokina is a good choice, too. Little T # difference at such focal length is negligible IMHO.