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Samyang/Rokinon cine lenses
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  • Is it me or does the breathing in the second video not look that bad at all?

  • Has that got filter threads?

  • @peternap Yep, the standard 77mm the use for all their lenses. I can't believe the price. Though the seller is the worst I've ever dealt with in terms of communication. Very annoying but I want to grab 10 more from this guy and sell em on Craigslist!!

  • Quick and dirty breathing test from the 24mm Cine. I used the AN Boom 444 hack, Smooth -2-2-2-2. The Skylanders and outdoor shots were at T4 and the stuffed animals were shot wide open at T1.5. Sorry about the racking, I sold my old FF and waiting on the TrusMT FF. Oh by the way, thanks @Vitaliy_Kiselev for getting in touch with them!

  • A nice effect, at least - perhaps for ENG type shots. It looks so deliberate!

  • @vicharris thanks for the breathing test. Was really interested in this.

  • @Aksel @Vitaliy

    any news about the 85mm?

    Samyang T1.5 85mm AS IF UMC Max Aperture: T1.5 Min Aperture: T22 Filter diameter: 72mm

    There is no other info yet, such as the lens mount, the release date, and the price.

    800 x 885 - 202K
  • According to some Q&A on their Facebook site, the 85mm cine lens will be released at the end of November....waiting....

  • Looks like that Ebay seller caught their price error. It's back up to $749. Hope someone else here bought one before it jumped. I was getting ready to buy 10!

  • @vicharris CRAP! I was watching that guys eBay listing, and even asked him some questions about the lens. I was going to jump on it today.

    BTW, did you get Nikon mount for yours? It looks like it focuses the direction of a Nikon lens. I wonder if the Canon ones focus Canon (my preferred) direction.

  • @super_spyder I do have the nikon mount. All my glass is the same. I should know the answer to your question because I had the canon version before but can't remember. If you search through the rokinon 35mm thread, you should find the answer in there. I know it's been asked before.

  • @vicharris Thanks for the video! How would you say this lens is on a GH2? It would be nice to own a cine lens, especially for the build quality. Would you say it's worth the cash?

  • @Hakosuka Well, as long as you get a good copy, I love Rokinon lenses. I have the 35, 85 and now the 24 and love em all. I talked shit about the cine versions before but now that I own one, they look down right badass on the camera. As soon as I finish a bathroom remodel, I'll take it out for a spin and post some straight from camera stuff. I think $750 is alot for this lens, considering the 35 is $200 less but I do like the view angle on it better than the 35. At $539 I think it's a steal though! :) A director I worked with in front of the camera that owns a RED is going to by the whole cine line for his camera and he works in LA all the time! So that tells ya something about this glass.

  • @vicharris Oh wow if he's getting the whole line up for a RED then it must be worth it. For me the price isn't too bad considering the cine lenses I looked at before were over 1K. I'm really interested in getting the 24mm cine lens. Thanks for your help though, hopefully I'll get a good copy

  • If someone like Matthew Duclos is seriously comparing a Samyang with a Zeiss lens that should tell you something about their quality. Getting a Scarlet and a lineup of Samyang lenses can make a lot of sense, given the fact that there are huge differences between a Compact Prime and Master Prime.

    I would even expect some Samyangs to be better than CPs.

  • @nomad - How did a "good, cheap alternative" (paraphrasing Duclos) become better than?

  • Price/performance ratio? ;-)

    Plus, the GH2 is only using the center part of these lenses…

  • Yeah, but let's stick to glass quality (better), as we are talking lenses here. Most Zeiss are well matched to other Zeiss in that same product line. They spend a shitload of time on that. Rokinon/Samyang or whatever? not so much. I know the 85 is a great lens and I will probably get it when the cine version is out, but we're talking Hyundai vs BMW here. I'm not even a huge fan of the CP lenses as their issues have been documented. I'd rather send two ZF or ZF 2s off to Duclos for his cine mod for the price of one CP2.

  • @rockroadpix So what's your deal with the Rokinon lenses? It seems you have a grudge or something against them. Have you shot with them at all? For most of our needs I'm sure these lenses will be more than ever needed shooting on a GH whatever. One can get a whole set of cine lenses for alot less than the price of those others. Like I said before, If a director I've worked with that owns his own RED, shoots amazing stuff, works all the time, travels around the world and gets paid very well for it wants a set of Rokinon Cine Primes for his own, that about sums it up for me.

  • Thanks @vicharris for your reports. While I haven't purchased a Rokinon lens as yet, I have committed (at least in my mind) to purchasing a set in Canon mount.

    For the time being I am on m4/3 sensor, now with 2 GH2, 3 GF2 and a BMD on the way. I think in two years, I'll be on super35/APS-C. I doubt that shooting full frame video will ever become a permanent part of my daily routine.

    Most of the Rokinons are full frame. After all the head spinning pixel pooping chroma inducing abberations, I figure .. I'm only using the really good bit in the middle of the lens.

  • @vicharris .. how do the DOF markings on the lens relate to m4/3 sensor?

  • @vicharris - Where did I profess a grudge? I actually said that I was planning on getting the 85. There are breathing issues (from what I have seen in this thread) on the 24. I have the 8mm cine Nikon mount. It's ok, I don't think it's as good as the 7.5 MFT mount version. For the money, they are a great deal, I was specifically speaking to someone saying they were better than Zeiss (he did winky later). Better for the budget conscious? You bet.

  • @rockroadpix Ah, gotcha now. As for the breathing on the 24mm, are you talking about the test video I posted with the Skylanders? If so, yeah, I was told the breathing was not there but it is better than the 35mm. I have all three now and just have to be careful of huge pulls to prevent it. BTW, how's that 8mm? Worth getting or just a fun time lens?

  • @kavadni Actually the markings on this lens are dead on. I did the skylanders rack test with them sitting at each marking on the lens. I didn't really look at the LCD, I was looking at the markings and racking to them. I do believe it's the most accurate out of all my lenses I use with the Nikon adapter. And like I said, I have the 24, 35 and 85 of these, as well as the Tokina 11-16 and an old Japanese version of the Tokina 28-70 2.6-2.8 that I shoot with. I haven't really checked the AIS lenses I have though. And no problem on the reports. I haven't seen much on this lens yet and know people were interested in it.

  • @vicharris - pretty much a fun time lens. I DO recommend the Sigma 10-20 f3.5 for more coverage/use. I'm really liking it. Shot with it 4 days last week.