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Driftwood Settings: Series 6 - COMP Apocalypse Now, Cluster v6, GalaXian GX1, Sedna, Canis, etc...
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  • Hi All!

    Shot this using the Sedna B patch. Edited with Avid Media Composer. Graded with After Effects.

  • @Pato: Very nice job and look Pato. Very pro.

  • Am I right in saying that Sedna AQ1 has 25p Intra like 24p?

  • Thanks @Stray. I'm happy with this, just got confused because many people call this patch a "177mbps". Dont know why. :)

  • @FernandoAndre Yes, 146mbps is right. Any higher than that doesn't give any noticeable visual improvement.

  • How do you get the patch to generate 177mbps videos as some people says? I'm using Sedna AQ1 and all the files are max 146mbps. Is it right?

  • @Sangye the problem is in the people walking, the legs got very blurred, like a problematic motion when you render with the wrong framerate. But I think in this footage I faded out too soon and became hard to notice.

  • @FernandoAndre Aside from the blowing leaf, I didn't notice anything problematic about the last take. Is that what you were referring to?

  • A Sedna quick test for the film I will shoot next month.

    Can someone help me to understand this: I used 1/40 shutter speed because I think it's more filmic and I get more light to the sensor. BUT, after render, as you can see in the last take, the motion is problematic. Only after render. The original footage is not this blurred. Thanks for any help.

  • With critical colors and fine diagonal lines it's pretty obvious.

  • So many great settings, I wish I had the time to test them all!

    I am about to shoot a short film, I've just invested in a Sandisk SDHC 95 mb/s 64gb card... I will shoot it in 25p, what setting will give me the maximum quality out of HBR and 720 50p mode?

    How much better is the 24p compared to 25p anyway, is it really drastic or do you really have to pixelpeep to notice that the 24p is better?

    Any help is really appreciated!

  • @brunoalmeida Wow great video, very cinematic. Many congratulations, What profile were you using, smooth? What CC program did you use? I'm still to try CM patches. Thus far Sedna as been on my GH2 from day of release but this CM skin soft setting looks absolutely amazing @Driftwood. Will be trying this at he weekend along with CM Day, CM Night :-)

  • OK, one more before I sleep. I picked up a little gem last week for 1000 yen ($12USD). A Takumar 200mm F5.6 lens in near pristine condition (especially the glass). The price and the fact that it felt like a nokton in my hand, even having optional clickless aperture made it a pretty easy call for me. With the adapter I spent a total of $35. This video was shot with SEDNA A Settings: Max Detail AQ1 version on Standard 0 0 0 0. I was using a Joba tripod curled onto a railing and a bit of wind kicked up at the end, but all and all I was pleased with this shot. I need to get out there with my Manfrotto and really have a go. For stills this lens is proving incredible.

  • Not my finest work, but loved the scenery and singers.

    This was shot with Mysteron (to the best of my memory). The second much shorter clip was my first attempt at using neat for noise reduction. Curious what everyone thinks about this attempt.

  • Just as an additional note. Same noise issues occurs in slightly darker areas (Walls, etc) of any image even if it's properly exposed. I've read here that Mysteron shouldn't have any noise up until 640 ISO, but my experience hasn't been the same. I reinstalled Mysteron several times, but keep getting same results.

    I guess if no one knows why this is happening, I will give SEDNA patch a try.


  • @rajamalik i quick question. I shot this with Mysteron, 640 Iso, Canon 35 mm, around F2.8 I believe. The footage exhibits some weird color noise issue as seen on the the actresses face. It's very weird. Does anybody know why this happens?

    Also, I might not be correct but as far as I observed noise issues get worse as you stop down the lens. Don't know why, maybe because when you stop down and the lens gets sharper noise becomes more visible as well? Does it make sense?

    Screen Shot 2012-09-17 at 10.40.26 PM.png
    1653 x 824 - 2M
  • GH2 DrewNet shot from the croud in HBR (its the only one that spans on a transcend 32GB card) Live Show - uploaded straight from camera.

  • thanks for the kind words, I'm very pleased with the gh2, especially for the price tag. the hacks are simply amazing and give the extra filmic quality. The sigur rós videos are, at this moment, in contest. Here's the link, if you liked it, you can vote.

  • Shot with Sedna A on smooth -2-2-2-2 (I think) and using panny 14-42 kit, I then did a quick grading attempt at creating a vintage look. Had I not injured my foot and followed doctors orders, I would have used my tripod and brought some heavier nicer lenses along (still wishing I had since I was waiting for this event all year).

  • Bruno, that's an amazing music video, truly filmic in my view. To be considered among the best work ever with the GH2. Nick, I have been using your settings on a feature documentary and people working with me are stunned by how cinematic Sedna and Canoris are. The great resolution plus great color space and lack of artifacts makes a huge difference. As I said before I think softness and grain for audiences (as opposed to filmmakers) take away from the sense of cinema. If I felt otherwise I would still be using my 5d Mark II instead of the GH2.

  • Great stuff. But truthfully, Bruno had me at "Siguros". One of my all time favourite musical groups.

  • superb work @ bruno @ vitto

  • Fantastic work Bruno and Vitto, Canis Majoris settings have always proved reliable and quite superb. Those three settings (Day, Night and Skin) took three months off my life! :-) Thanks for the films and congrats.

  • sigur rós music video shot with a hack gh2 with Canis Majoris SkinTone Soft, mostly with voigtlander 25mm 0.95.