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Official StreamParser topic
  • This is an update to StreamParser to more accurately handle GH2 files. The camera autoselect will detect GH2 files as either GHx files or GH2 files. Some of the file formats for the GH1 and GH2 are the same, so GH2 is only detected when a file format that is uniquely a GH2 format is detected. If you are testing hacked files you might not want to rely on the camera autodetect and select your camera type manually as hacked files often do not conform to what the camera autodetect expects to see.

    Remember to uninstall any old versions of StreamParser first.

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  • Thanks Chris and Vitaliy.
  • Per Vitaliy's request I'm posting the StreamParser update here. I'll post updates here from now on.

    This version fixed a bug where video bitrates were displayed incorrectly because of a overflow error.

  • would a linux version of streamparser be any easier to write than a mac version?
    i'd like to be able to run something without windows
  • Sorry, I have no plans to produce other versions of StreamParser at this time. Any additional version would be quite a lot of work.

  • thx, StreamParser works also for canon hf100 mts files....
  • Per Vitaliy's request I am posting a new version of StreamParser here.

    Several minor improvements and bug fixes.

    The main new feature is the integration of a couple of new tools:

    Under Tools you can now produce a H.264 elementary video stream file from a MTS file. The new file has a suffix of ".264" and is saved in the same folder as the original MTS file. These files are compatible with several editors and analysis programs.

    There is also an option to analyze elementary stream files with h264_parse (integrated) once you have created such a file. h264_parse provides a lot of analysis information such as Quantization Scaling Matrix information, among other things.

    Be sure to uninstall previous versions of StreamParser first (the program name is "GH13 Stream Parser" in the Control Panel.

  • This is wonderful news.
  • Great job and thank you for all of your effort.

    Does this version display the new 1080p @ 30 FPS video as 1080 30p or does it still say 1080i?
  • I don't know - it depends on how the codec reports it. Try it out and let me know. Is the 30p in a wrapper?
  • No problem. It is in a 1080i wrapper so that is expected. I just thought people will get confused when they still see 1080i for the 25p and 30p modes if they ever install 1.1 Not a big deal though.
  • This is very good news. :-)
    Thanks Chris and VK!
  • Thanks Chris!
  • Comments about the new features in StreamParser: The h264_parse analyzer was not written by me - it's a publicly available, fairly old, H.264 analyzer. It has some limitations - that is, it can't completely parse some of the high bitrate streams all the way through. Someday I will try to fix it - but it will be a while. The elementary stream extraction feature was written by me, and as far as I can tell it does correctly extract the entire stream.

    Most analyzers can process the elementary stream files much faster than MTS files. Also, if you are using a demo version of the Elecard stuff (StreamEye, etc...), which is typically limited to 500 packets, a lot more data will be processed because elementary stream "packets" encompass a lot more data than MTS ones.

  • Announcing version 2.3 of StreamParser. This is a fairly significant update. There are numerous refinements and improvements. The major new feature is a new analysis tool based on the JM decoder. It can provide lots of information about a stream; like frame quality metrics, quantization tables in use, deblocking filtering, and many other things. It replaces h264_parse in the previous version (which had too many limitations).

    Many thanks to Lee Powell and Nick Driftwood - they were super helpful in testing all of the new features.

    As always, remember to uninstall previous versions first.

  • Version 2.4 of StreamParser is now available. @duartix had requested that additional information about video frames be added. This update adds separate statistics about I, P, and B frames to the Information Panel. This should be useful for determining how bandwidth is allocated between different frame types. Thanks for the suggestion @duartix!
  • Brilliant idea.

  • You are too kind.

    Thanks! This shall be put to very good use!

  • Very nice idea! Thanks.

  • What am i missing , ive been sittin here for 20 min and it wont install or open up or what ever.. can someone help.

  • We'll need more information - saying nothing works isn't much to go on.

  • @jclmedia it worked for me.

  • You have to unzip the file into a folder and run setup. Also, it's a Windows program - I don't think it will work on Apple computers. Also, if you don't have .NET installed it will need to download it from Microsoft - so you will need an Internet connection.

  • Announcing StreamParser 2.5.

    This version has many new features to help analyze the quality of video streams.

    Also attached is documentation. Yep... you read right - there's actually some documentation now!

  • @cbrandin Wow!!! It's very useful! Thanks for your hard work. :-)