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LPowell Max Latitude hack for GH1, but 30p?
  • I love my GH1, I love LPowell's Max Latitude hack. I need to shoot something for a client, and it needs to cut together with other 30p footage - is there a problem with changing the frame rate in AVCHD to 30 frames? Will the chip handle that? Or should I switch to his maximum reliability hack? Either way, it has to be 30p (I'll switch back to my beloved 24p max latitude hack afterwards).

    Also, do I have to switch back to the factory settings before installing a new hack, or can I just bump up the new hack to a higher version number? Thanks in advance for all your help!

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  • For AVCHD 720p30 on the GH1 I recommend using the Fast Action 3-Frame GOP patch::

  • Thanks, but is 30p 1080 possible? The A camera is shooting in that format.

  • ..with the above discribed LPowell patch..

  • He says that's 720, not 1080.

  • Sorry, the GH1 can only do 1080p at 24fps in NTSC mode or 25fps in PAL mode.

  • Ok thanks!