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Beginners: Basic hacks questions, series 2
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  • I guess it is a semantic argument whether constants are merely "hidden settings". You can say they are settings, in the sense that some Panasonic engineer set them to those values. But they aren't settings in the sense that they would ever be changed by anyone, hidden or not.

    You misused the word "patch" again. Better just forget this word. PTool settings. That's what you care about.

    None of the PTool settings will help noise reduction.

    Flashing your GH2 with a new firmware image will not cause the camera to lose its settings.

  • Believe it or not I will get it eventually LOL

    Thanks, I really appreciate your help!!!!

    I'm about to apply the hack for the first time using the No adverse affects 725B Pxxxxx Settings :-)

    Thanks Again!!

  • Hi, my name is Rock Hunter. I'm a noob when it comes to hacking the GH2, I admit it. But I'm trying to learn.

    When used Ptools, I selected the GH2__V11.bin file. Then I saw Patches for end users and patches for testers. If I open up Patches for end users (since I am an end user and not a tester), I see various items with selection boxes. My question is: do I need to check the boxes of the items I want? If I don't check any of the boxes will I change anything in the Panasonic 1.1 firmware or not? Do I need to select anything at all from the section for testers?

    Sorry if this seems basic to you but it is a little confusing to me and none of the videos that I've looked at on YouTube about hacking the GH2 mentioned these check boxes; they just said to click on the green letter at the bottom and save the file.

  • Those check boxes and the associated numerical fields tell PTool how to modify the firmware image. Checking a box enables the modification. Ptool settings can be saved in an .ini file, which you load by clicking a green circle at the bottom. Read the FAQs:

  • Hi,

    I m new here, when i open up the PTools, the GUI fills up the whole screen vertically, i can only see the 2 big rectangle buttons below, as for the small circle buttons, i can't see or access them, they are practivally out of my screen, i m on window 7. I have double checked on my screen settings, works fine with all other programs so far. What can i do next ?

    Thanks in advance if anyone can spot my mistakes.

  • @silver If I set my monitor to 800x600, I can reproduce your problem. But it's 2012, so you aren't using 800x600, right? What are your screen settings?

  • Sorry my bad, i found the problem, i had my display preset to zoom in at 125%, that why i can't see the full GUI. Thanks.

  • I'm sure this is covered somewhere, and I'm just not finding it, but in Ptools, where you have the green buttons labeled A-J where you can store settings, is there a way to delete the settings that are saved under whichever letter, or overwrite them, if you have them all filled up? I'm sure this is simple, but any help is appreciated. Thanks

  • Never mind. Yes, the answer is I'm a dummy.

  • Just got a gh2 and i'm not so impressed with low light stock on the 14-140 lens kit (banding and noise fest). Thinking of hacking it but as i have 4 years extended warranty wanted to know if a) Is the hack reversible i.e untraceable and b) does hacking the GH2 void the warranty


  • @jman246 You want to get lowlight performance from the stock 14-140mm kit lens? It only has a F/4.0-5.8 range. You'll need a faster lens for lowlight, or more lights. All those great videos you are seeing with the GH2 are with good glass and fast lenses, and/or proper lighting.

    I don't know if it's traceable, but you can revert back to the old firmware.

  • @lunalobo75 I know that i can expect more noise with my lens as it is f4-5.6 but even in a room with sufficient daylight banding and noise occurs.

    Also how can you revert to old firmware? I thought hacked firmware appears as 1.x where x>1

  • When it goes back for repair its highly unlikely they'll look to see if its been hacked. One of my gh2s failed 6 months ago and they just swapped the mobo over and sent it back as new. Most warranties are serviced by third parties, they work for lots of manufacturers and just order replacement parts in. I dont think they'd know diddly squat about the workings of any one particular camera and codec.

  • Thank you, you're a lifesaver!

  • Just as a help to total beginners, here is my GH2 cheat sheet, so you can figure out which mode shoots at which quality/speed (without hack.)

  • hi there, first, thank you all, its great to be a part of a growing community. i got my NTSC GH2 and i need to use it in PAL mode. it came with firmware 1.1, i use SanDisk extreme UHS-1 45MB/s x300 cards (32 & 16 GB). i tried to hack it using EOSHD patch 44 Vanilla, and it seemed to work well, i was recording almost 40 minutes but then i went outside (while continuing the shot) and after few seconds i got this message "MOTION RECORDING TERMINATED DUE TO CARD WRITE SPEED LIMITATION" (somthing like that) and the camera freezed. only removing the battery restarted it. i wonder is there a known issue with this card type, or that the patch i used isn't reliable to use on originaly NTSC body in PAL mode? i have to run more tests, i loaded the body now with the original 1.1 firmware and changed only the 30 minutes limitation, the ISO expending option and the PAL/NTSC switching option. any suggestions for a reliable patch that'll work for me with these cards & body?


    p.s. - hope its not a too stupid question - what does SPANING means? why is it important?

    thanks again :)

  • @tzver There's many patches that work great but the ones I seem to never have any trouble with at all with is Flowmotion, Sanity 5, and Driftwoods Cluster patches.

  • Hi guys,

    I tried hacking my GH2 but it doesn't seem to be working. It recognizes a patch, updates to "1.1" again, but after it's done, after i've shut it down and re-formatted the card, when I use it/take video, it looks exactly the same, is the same bitrate, and the filesizes are the same. What's going on?

  • @raichu Watch this tutorial it should solve your problems

  • when i apply a new hack (after having already hacked it) do I have to change anything with the increment number to like "02" or "03" every new time? or do i always leave/put it as "01"?


  • @raichu No im pretty sure you don't I never have too

  • Hi, if I buy NTSC 1.1 body, and hack it, and then switch it to PAL - there is no difference to the original Pal body hacked? Just to make sure.

  • Is it possible to see which hack is running from inside the camera?

  • @inqb8tr nope im pretty sure its all fine