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Export to DVD settings?
  • Hello people.. Would like to know what you would consider the best GH2 video settings for fast production flow if the final output would be to to DVD. thanks!

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  • Oh i'm in pal land btw!

  • Do you need DVD format or files will just reside on DVD?
    As most DVD players are now able to play individual files in MPEG4 even.

  • I am asking about the actual DVD format yes .. would it be better if i recorded in 1080i you reckon? thx

  • Shoot HD, encode H264, burn to DVD. That's all I could say. Hope some one would chill in .

  • No, he wants MPEG2 with actual DVD features. So he need to shoot at any rate he like, but 24p, I think.

  • Best way to export any project with best quality is: 1) Export in mpeg2 all-i 100 Mb/s preset attached (attached) 2) Use AviSynth and plugin fo him to do HD to SD script (attached) 3) Use VirtualDub to create lossles *.avi (Lagarith lossless codec) (attached) 4) Use adobe media encoder to convert avi to mpg with parameters on picture (attached) Original sorce is
    1200 x 1024 - 290K
  • thx alot.. this helps

  • Hi guys, I am in the same boat too. But I'm using an iMac and wanna transfer a finish production to DVD/Blu Ray. Highest quaility of course, any suggestions?