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AN "Valkyrie", GOLGOP3-13, GOP3ZILLA, natural, Freeze-less Reliable All-round GOP3 Settings :-)
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  • (Somehow my browser tends to cause duplicate message submissions with this board software - sorry - deleted!)

  • @bkmcwd: I still enjoy using GOLGOP3, I have a hard time, though, to get the material cut in the compressed domain without seeing defect bogus frames before the good ones - most certainly a shortcoming of the software I use for that cutting, and not GOLGOPs fault :-)

    Since I suspect that the software has a hard time dealing with the B frames, I was wondering: How much effort would it be to derive a setting from GOLGOP3 that uses 2 P-frames instead of 2 B-frames between the I-frames? (I know that this would lose some coding efficiency, but would still like to try it... if only to make sure that this would make the relevant difference to the cutting software.)

    BTW: Right this morning, I was playing around with my newly bought polarizing filter during breakfast. Suddenly, a bird of prey (not seen that often in my back yard) appeared in our plum tree - and I can say the polarizing filter was my only chance to take a decent shot through the 3 layers of window glass between the bird and me... ;-) And GOLGOP certainly helped to retain some useful IQ, as this bird sat in the shadow of the leaves, while the sunlight illuminated some of the background very bright...

    1920 x 1080 - 806K
  • @feha

    "what of your settings are best for HB" 25 (PAL) ?"

    Although it is up to persons on the basis of what it is supposed that it is the best, in my personal opinion, I think that it is GOP3ZILLA. :-)

  • @karl

    Thanks for using GOLGOP3-13 and report! :-)

    "How much effort would it be to derive a setting from GOLGOP3 that uses 2 P-frames instead of 2 B-frames between the I-frames?"

    Since I have not tried, it is not detailed, but I think so much that it does not take time. I do before long.

  • I always thank for your help and endeavor. Could you do me a favor one more? Would you recommend the program for compressing HD? Thank you in advance :)

  • @bkmcwd and anyone else testing, I'm finding the first second of footage with GOLGOP3-13_SednaAQ1C_standard is jumping around a bit with its QP before it settles down (static shot tests) is this just something happening to me ? Its no showstopper, but could be a gotcha.

  • @bkmcwd "offtopic" Have you been in contact lately with @towi? I really trust him concerning the best patch of yours for hbr/25p...

  • @kkmo

    You are welcome, however excuse me, I am not detailed about editing software.


    Hi mate! :-)

    " is this just something happening to me ?"

    I think that is normal in my latest settings. Although the first 1 second is unstable, it is satisfactory after that.


    "Have you been in contact lately with @towi?"

    Lately no. However. since I also think that he is more detailed than me in the PAL situatioos. I may do need help from him. :-)

  • @karl May 12...congratulation Karl ! it's a bussard nestling, on one of its first testflights... a seldom chance...

  • GOLGOP3-13standard&natural

  • Thanks for amazing quality setting file and hard work bkmcwd!

    Shot with Hacked GH2 by bkmcwd's natural_standerd setting. Olympus M.ZUIKO DIGITAL ED 12-50mm F3.5-6.3 EZ ZUIKO DIGITAL ED 12-60mm F2.8-4.0 SWD Ai-s Nikkor 50mm 1:1.4 Neuron stabilizer

  • @misunhd 6:51AM ..interesting, and impressing done. Would you please explain what is a "Neuron stabilizer" concerning video/film/photo ?

  • @Benibube, I believe it refers to this:

  • @tomoz

    Thnaks always for beautiful footages mate! :-)


    Wow!!! Nice work! :-)

    Thanks for using my settings and I am looking forward to completion of Neuron.

  • @Benibube

    Neuron is the stabilizer new type which he devised uniquely. :-)

    Shot with GH2@bkmcwd "GOP3ZILLA v1.02" and my DIY steadicam displayed in my profile.

  • @Benibube Thanks for your comment here and vimeo!

    @Oedipax Thanks for your help!

    @bkmcwd You are very much welcome! I could get beautiful shot in flesh green leaves. It was so amazing! Thanks again.

  • @bkmcwd , will he sell this stabilizer as a product ?

  • @feha

    Although I am not sure what kind of form it becomes, I know that he has the plan. And I hope sale of Neuron to be realized. :-)

    I have operated Neuron. Operation is very easy.

  • GOP3ZILLA_standard Samples

    The level line of the high qp macroblocks has not appeared even in the bright scene. :-)

    *According to StreamEye, there is no level line of high qp macroblocks. :-)

    1294 x 632 - 185K
    1296 x 634 - 195K
    1298 x 634 - 198K
  • @bkmcwd, I am loving your patches!! The stabilizer you use to film the above video (GH2@GOLGOP3-13_SednaAq1C_standard 24p Night Sample) is it the Neuron stabilizer?

  • @HillTop1

    Thanks! :-)

    "The stabilizer you use to film the above video (GH2@GOLGOP3-13_SednaAq1C_standard 24p Night Sample) is it the Neuron stabilizer?"

    No, I have not owned Neuron yet. I am always using DIY SteadiCam which I made by myself.

  • @subco

    "what lens & m4/3 adapter are you using?"

    That is with LEICA DG SUMMILUX 25mm/F1.4. :-)

  • @ silent users of my settings

    I release "GOP3ZILLA-MAX_standard" setting.

    They are the completely same contents as a normal version except 24p. In 24p, it is the same as an old MAX version to have raised the maximum frame limit. Although the performance under lowlight is not different from a normal version, the image quality in the scene which requires high stress improves in this MAX version. However, with MAX version, playback in camera may not often be available in 24p. This is because the maximum frame size which can be played back by GH2 may be exceeded. Of course, the file which cannot be played back in camera can also be satisfactorily played in PC.

    EDIT:Supposing you consider that the playback in a camera is important, I will not recommend you this setting. Please use normal version.

    Please try it!

    *Of course, already combined with excellent audio tune @thepalalias's "Pasadena_Pulse_Audio_V2_Beta2"


    *Although bit rate setups are quite high, the bit rate which actually appears are lower than these. Since the actual bit rate changes by the object to shoot, please confirm by yourself.

    *24H and 24L are high quality 3GOP setting with super mega size I-frames.

    *24p80%(30p) is available in 24H and 24L both.

    *In camera playback is sometimes not available in 24p. In other mode, Sometimes available after reboot the camera.(Not tested yet, but probably)

    *EX Tele works.(Not tested yet, but probably)

    *Spanning in 24H, 24L and SH with SanDisk 95MB/s 64GB SDXC Card. In other mode, need test.

    *Spanning in other cards needs to be tested.

    *According to StreamEye, there is no level line of high qp macroblocks. :-)

    746 x 401 - 168K
    1297 x 632 - 199K
  • @bkmcwd

    I used "GOP3ZILLA_standard" and shot at 24H mode.

    Crow of the second shot was taken at Ex-tele.

    Thanks for amazing quality settings and your hard work!

    *Bitrate around about 60-95Mbps

    *FILM MODE is NOS.(-2,0,0,-2) and the lens is LUMIX X PZ45-175mm

    *SANDISK Extreme SDXC UHS-I (45MB/s) 64GB

    1365 x 637 - 259K
  • @har_k

    Thanks always mate! :-)

    It seems that low qps and narrow ranges are very good.

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