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AN "Valkyrie", GOLGOP3-13, GOP3ZILLA, natural, Freeze-less Reliable All-round GOP3 Settings :-)
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  • @bkmcwd Thanks. In two weeks I should have some free time and will hopefully be able to test and report back.

    @karl Thanks. from the little testing I have done, at 24H, GOLGOP3-13 with Sedna C matrix looked better at handling low light details than Flow Motion 2, but again, that was a very quick and limited test, so it doesn't really mean much.

  • @bkmcwd: "This sample is not the MAX version?" - no, I used GOP3ZILLA_standard (file date inside .zip 8th of May). That one and also GOLGOP3-13_standard I currently trust most to not ever show any odd misbehaviour.

    @rapsoe: "you seem to have used both GOP3ZILLA and GOLGOP3-13 quite a bit. how would you compare your experience with the two?" - I must admit that while I did indeed use both, I never set up a real direct comparison between them. bkmcwd stated that GOLGOP3-13 was targeted more towards low-light shooting, while GOP3ZILLA was more of an all-round setting.

    "Have you also had the chance to try the new GOLGOP3-13 with Sedna C matrix?" - No. Regarding 24H mode, FlowMotion 2.02 offers slightly better IQ and is so stable, that I would probably rather use that. But as of today, I still prefer GOP3ZILLA for 720p60 recording, due to its stability.

  • @bkmcwd, Thanks for your new settings.

    I used GOLGOP3-13-MAX_EX_standard 24H, NOS(-2.-2.0.-2) and the lens was canon 6mm c-mount lens(ex-telecon using) and lumix 14mm f2.5.

    Thanks for your work.

    1366 x 769 - 382K
    1366 x 769 - 398K
  • @rapsoe

    You are welcome and thanks for using my settings! :-)

    I think that GOP3ZILLA series is a summit level as an all-round setting. On the other hand, although GOLGOP3-13 series corresponds also to shooting in a bush enough, of course, it realizes high image quality especially under the lowlight. It is the feature of GOP3ZILLAs that the stock matrix is also suitable. And, I think that a custom-made matrix has the good affinity of GOLGOP3-13s. Since this is my impression to the last, please actually try it.

  • @karl you seem to have used both GOP3ZILLA and GOLGOP3-13 quite a bit. how would you compare your experience with the two? Have you also had the chance to try the new GOLGOP3-13 with Sedna C matrix? I've just had the time to load it and it seems to deliver really good IQ, probably the best I've seen on a GOP>1 setting, but it will be a long time before I can make real IQ and reliability tests...

    @bkmcwd I'm just a silent admirer of your settings for now: plan to be a hopefully-not-to-silent user soon. Thanks so much for sharing your great settings with the rest of the world! :-)

  • Hi @karl a really funny result, just because of a windblow...with one of the silent prefered @bkmcwd GOPZILLA patches..

  • @karl

    Lovely squirrel!

    Many thanks for your eager feedbacks! :-)

    This sample is not the MAX version? Since the users of my settings are quiet, I appreciate any feedbacks. As having written also above, I consider that the stability at which recording does not stop by any means in any situations, and the high image quality based on suitable qp are primary importance. I would like to hear anything good or bad you noticed.

  • I did a lot of test-shooting today, and while I used GOP3ZILLA to shoot some reference footage (to compare the other settings with) a cute squirrel happened to sit down right there in the tree. As it was very windy today (~ 6bf), its tail was blown over its back and head - what a strange sight!

    Find attached two I-frames extracted from a 24H ETC shot (only a weak substitute for mounting my tele, I know :-). Squirrel1

    1920 x 1080 - 642K
    1920 x 1080 - 586K
  • @Benibube

    Thank you for evaluating my setting highly! :-) Since I am poor at English, I cannot explain my settings well. However, I consider that the stability at which recording does not stop by any means in any situations, and the high image quality based on suitable qp are primary importance.

  • hi @bkmcwd...thank you very much for your patches, for your extrem good quality as gift. Its so easy to produce winning results with your work. Nobody should be silent who is working with your products. I tested, and test, most of the patches all over here. More or less satisfied, depending on my needs. Today I decided that I cant find more satisfying patches then bkmcwd's. Iam happy, thank you. Actuall Iam working with your "GOPZILLA Sedna AQ1C standard" patch, stabil and reliable.

  • @Daegor

    Honestly, I cannot reply to your question correctly. That is because a result will also change if an object, conditions, etc. to shoot change.

    Please try by yourself. Thanks for testing my settings! :-)

  • hou much time you have on 4gb on 24h and HBR 30p?? for 3 version of gop3zilla and natual?

  • @ Silent users of my settings :-)

    I release new experimental "GOLGOP3-13-MAX_EX_Standard_BETA2" setting.

    The custom matrix modified somewhat mildly from Sedna is adopted in this.

    Although only a few has adjusted the GOP table according to this matrix, all others are the same as "GOLGOP3-13-MAX_SednaAQ1C_Standard_BETA1".

    *Deblocking tables are substituted by your liking.

    Please try it!

    *Of course, already combined with excellent audio tune @thepalalias's "Pasadena_Pulse_Audio_V2_Beta2"


    *Although bit rate setups are quite high, the bit rate which actually appears are lower than these. Since the actual bit rate changes by the object to shoot, please confirm by yourself.

    *24H and 24L are high quality 3GOP setting with super mega size I-frames.

    *24p80%(30p) is available in 24L only.

    *In PAL Mode, I especially recommend you use with SanDisk 95MB/s 64GB SDXC card strongly.

    *In camera playback is sometimes not available in 24p. In other mode, Sometimes available after reboot the camera.(Not tested full yet, but probably)

    *EX Tele works.(Not tested yet, but probably)

    *Spanning in 24H, 24L with SanDisk 95MB/s 64GB SDXC Card. In other mode, need test.

    *Spanning in other cards needs to be tested.

    Please download original raw data from vimeo and check actual IQ.

    1297 x 635 - 198K
  • @liquidify

    Please come back again!

    "How do I post a raw mts file on here?"

    I do not have the necessity of being raw data. I am interested in what you shot in Japan. Up to you. Thanks! :-)

    @karl Can you upload the raw data to somewhere?

  • @Karl ~ A StreamParser analysis of a section of the file (and posted to this thread) would help shed some light as to where the errors are occurring...

  • @bkmcwd Japan was amazing. I truly enjoyed the experience and hope to go back again. How do I post a raw mts file on here?

  • @karl

    OK, how about returning the Deblocking tables to the stocks at a trial? However, I cannot think solving, since such a phenomenon has not been experienced until now. :-(

    Or is it over the frame size which can be played in your player? Although a problem is not in the data itself, the frame size of MAX versions becomes as large as it cannot often play back in GH2. The same situation may be also in your player.

    I appreciate the continuing feedback.

  • @bkmcwd: I am very sure the issue was not caused by the player. I used different h.264 decoders (software & hardware), and the only difference between them is how they cope with the damaged area, ffmpeg shows the "smoothed out" blocks you saw in the screen shot while e.g. the nvidia hardware decoder just keeps the area from the previous non-damaged frame.

    Also, I immediately re-tried after reverting to GOP3ZILLA_standard (not the v2), and that did not reproduce the error, the 24H video is fine again.

    (However, it is now getting too dark here to do more comparable shots.)

  • @karl

    Thanks for testing my setting always! :-)

    I think that your problem is a problem of the player or something in PC. Even if you encode data at a trial to the format which is different with editing software, does a problem occur?

  • I just did another shot with GOP3ZILLA-MAX_standard_V2_BETA7 in 24H, and the problem was immediately reproduced. I guess I need to revert to an older setting and retry.

  • After a test I did with "cluster v3" today, I installed GOP3ZILLA-MAX_standard_V2_BETA7. I experienced a serious problem when recording 24H (at ~100MBit/s) using it: Within the same ~ 15 minute recording, there are many sequences of several seconds each (not just single GOPs) that have damaged image data in the lower part of the screen - see attached screen shot file.

    I have not seen this particular phenomenon before, only isolated glitches within one single GOP.

    (720p60 recording worked fine at ~50MBit/s.)

    1920 x 1080 - 1M
  • *UPDATE:BETA2 is released. Please try the BETA2!

    1295 x 633 - 184K
  • @sohus

    I recommend you GOP3ZILLA_standard and natural_standard in my settings. :-)

  • Which setting gives in camera playback? I am looking for a 'safe' setting for a long trip that offers good quality/bitrate efficiency.

  • @safari

    Thanks for using GOP3ZILLA! :-)

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