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EOSHD Forum Closing Shop
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  • Andrew is such a fabricator!

    On February 1st, 2018, the day he said he no longer required my services as moderator, Andrew PM'd me, and I quote:

    "By the way, I'm going back to just one moderator for now. (me). All the other mods will go back to normal members will go back to normal as well, so it's not just you. Because you did such a good job, I didn't feel the need to change anything for years... Your contribution to the forum is in my top-5 - constantly insightful, intelligent and good fun. That's why I made you a mod and that has not changed - you still post great stuff...

    And he ends by saying, "I will probably reconsider it in future [having me moderate] and you would be first to be nominated again."

    Nothing this man says can be trusted. He got rid of all the moderators on the very same day! Thinking back on it, in a sick way, I think Andrew rather enjoyed having me as his foil, so he didn't appear as loathsome as he really is. haha

    I'm not about to dispute my unpopularity as a mod, but as a contributor, I was among the top-ranked forum members.

    To set the record straight, Reid did not ban me because of any unpopularity, but because I called him out for trashing a bunch of YouTubers. Many others who felt the same way as I did were either banned or stopped contributing, either that very day, or shortly thereafter. In effect, I was banned for standing up for other members of the film community. I wasn't replying to Reid's despicable post because I cared one way or another about the EOS R's rolling shutter, that's for sure! hehe

    Why on earth would John Brawley contact Reid to say he was no longer contributing to his precious forum? So Andrew could continue to publicly smear him and share the contents of his letter with the world? Andrew actually felt that John Brawley should have been more deferential to him. Do people normally contact the founder of a website to say they're no longer contributing? Is that even a thing? And how can this person who does hit jobs on a daily basis write about "the behaviour in general of people behind keyboards" with a straight face?

    Before AR joined this thread, I put up three brief quotes from him (with next to no commentary - Reid's prose hardly needs any!), and he goes bonkers, calling it a "libelous rampage". He can dish it out, but he can't take it.

    Grow up, Reid.

  • Yeah I tried to let you down lightly as I knew this would happen if I didn't.

    Try to be less of a bitter raging nutcase.

  • @AndrewReid_EOSHD

    Can you duscuss such things in private, as it makes me sad to see all this?

  • Btw it is your new forum hymn

  • Didn't realise the regulars had made their own music video.

  • @AndrewReid_EOSHD

    Before writing it had been good idea to figure that this song is about and contents of it :-)

  • that emir kusturica at 30sec ?

  • Andrew Reid banned me on my first post. This guy is really full of himself. lol

  • @kodeicap

    Now try to archive banning without even single post and you will set absolute record :-)

  • lol.. how have you been Vitaliy. Long time no speak. I'm still with MGM in las vegas.

  • I’ll grab pop corn and take a sit and watch.

    Reid is crazy,

    I’m crazy too, but I do filmmaking, and do not buy cameras at all.

    Let’s wait and see Reid’s work.

    Chomp chomp this corn is goooooodd

  • I testify....endotoxic creates much more with less. But the truth is....none of these guys who are into camera testing and even call themselves cinematographers...make art. Real Art. Well, even few real cinematographers do anything but capture the image. They usually have zero to do with what that image consists, so it's not exaggeration. From d w griffith on, shooting film was delegated to the techguy. Few geniuses have bucked the curve. So we shouldn't hold our expectations so high for mere mortals.

  • none of these guys who are into camera testing and even call themselves cinematographers...make art. Real Art.

    No such thing as "real art" exist. True art is ability to show real life as it is and as it must be.

  • @Vitaliy....really amigo....that' right out of some critic trying to justify soviet realism ...which btw is embarrassing in it's bland aesthetic form, against the overpowering nature of real aesthetic creativity. Here's a copy of Janson's ...start there....

  • @kurth

    Well, as present ruling class will fall it will be materialistic realism, yes. It won't be like early soviet attempts, as people learned a lot since this time, it'll be much more complex and smart.

    This just means that art will tell you about real actual problems and real solutions.

  • @Vitaliy.....oh...soulless bureaucrats without any creative imagination telling us what's proper....that's something to look forward to.

  • @kurth

    Actually "soulless bureaucrats" almost solely make all modern art by giving funds and promoting that they want.

    And as you can see it is not art about real actual problems and real solutions, it is various shite about quite opposite things.

  • Real art can’t be bought vitaliy.

    Those artist will always exist.

    Real Art can be founded, used, and exploited, but never bought, cos the interest behind the artist is to express, even though using Fond from any patriarchy. Are those artist benefited by the color of those who put the money!? Yes!!!! then it’s all good, that doesn’t destroy other artists who won’t go that route.

    It’s ok and it has always been that way. Imagine Those grate artist without money. Michael Angelo, all the paintings in Italy, all the grate novels without a print. It’s the way has always been.

  • art is a way of truth. For good and evil good art always make you see through it, you feel the real interest behind it.

    So all truth brother.

  • Now EOSHD has sunk into having become a completely toxic cesspool:

    EOSHD Screenshot from 2020-08-23_14-09.png
    764 x 704 - 393K
  • @cantsin

    Well, as soon as you public video blogger and have your life all inside out - this is the consequences.

    Plus their video had been really clickbait one.

    P.S. We have even better topic - that is not toxic :-) New entries welcome.

  • I read Reid's Hands On Review of the new Panasonic S5 yesterday and noticed a small error. He said that both SD slots were UHSII (only one is). I simply pointed that out in a comment, not in a rude way, and today I went back to the article to see if anyone else had a comment about the camera, since I'm considering buying it. I couldn't access the comments, so I sent him an email. Here's what I wrote: "Hi, I read your recent hands on review of the S5, and I specifically signed up to your forum so I could comment that you printed an inaccurate statement about the SD cards, so you would correct it. I see that you did correct it, but I also tried to go back into the comments to see if anyone else had a more recent comment about the camera, and there is no place to go into that article's comments anymore. The only option on the page is "Comment on the EOSHD Forum", and when I click on that it brings me to an August 14th article "Panasonic S5 Entry Level Full Frame seems to be real..." What's going on?"

    His response? "On Sep 3, 2020, at 5:09 PM, Andrew Reid / EOSHD wrote: Sod off?"

    When I responded that "Apparently it is true what most people say, you’re a fucking prick. Thanks for confirming it." along with a few other comments, his response was, "On Sep 3, 2020, at 5:22 PM, Andrew Reid / EOSHD wrote: OH Yeah sure!! Who are these most-people who say that?!?! Seems you just made it up Talk about ‘inaccurate statements’!"

    Wow, no more EOSHD for me! What a.... well, I already said what.... :-)

  • @eddo


    Andrew has issues with tech details since birth. And he is very emotional.