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EOSHD Forum Closing Shop
  • Sadly, Andrew Reid had decided to shut down the forums. LOL

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  • This Reddit posting (not written by me) pretty much sums up EOSHD:

    I've been following Andrew Reid's EOSHD blog for quite some time. I started going to his site after I had made a decision to purchase a GH3, and since then, I've been getting really skeptical, if not downright annoyed, by Andrew and his site.

    First of all, it's fucking weird. Andrew obviously has a lot of money, but he never posts his work aside from asinine camera tests (often labeled as "short films" and "music videos") that revolve around either people walking around in Berlin or shots of a countryside in the UK. Wouldn't someone who supposedly has so much knowledge actually be making some really great work that they'd want to share with everyone on their blog (one that just so happens to reach a very wide audience of fellow creatives)?

    It gets worse, beyond weird. It’s toxic. Andrew calls himself a “filmmaker”. He states on his “about” page on his blog:

    “EOSHD is the filmmaking blog of Andrew Reid. […] As well as a resource for DSLR video cameras, EOSHD is a platform that allows me to showcase my work and explore filmmaking technology. On this blog I share my creative and technical knowledge as I shoot. “ There’s a few things wrong with this description. EOSHD is not a blog about filmmaking. I’ve only ever seen him cover gear. Occasionally he’ll have an opinion piece, mostly about gear (how Canon is the devil, etc), although I have seen him post two pieces on the firing of Top Gear’s host as well as a downright strange piece about Taylor Swift and how she should convince Canon to make better video cameras. That’s the level of variety found on this site.

    EOSHD is also not a place for him to showcase his work, unless, that is, these camera test videos are actually his body of work. If so, Andrew isn’t a filmmaker. He’s a camera tester who thinks he’s an artist. He often disguises these test videos as music videos and shorts, all the while setting them to electronic music (without any editing that actually suggests he knows what he’s doing.).

    Finally, Reid never shares his “creative” knowledge, only his technical knowledge. I’ll admit Andrew probably knows a lot more than I about cameras, codecs, and the like, but there is absolutely nothing on his site regarding theory, technique, or really anything about storytelling or concept. It’s a gear site disguised as a filmmaking blog.

    Reid constantly talks about the “film look” or the “cinematic look”. He’ll say to shoot on this or that lens for a film look, or this or that camera looks more cinematic than the other. But nowhere does he discuss the theoretical or conceptual knowledge that goes into creating cinematic images. He boils it all down to gear, which is downright toxic for the young or budding filmmaker.

    Maybe I’m just ranting. Andrew certainly knows a thing or two, but I really do feel that he and his site are toxic. I’m curious to know if anyone shares this view or disagrees with it. I’ve spent a lot of time following EOSHD and I’ve gotten to a point where I actually think it’s detrimental to the online filmmaking community (at least, the content of the blog is. I’m sure the discussion forums fare much better).

    tl;dr: I think EOSHD is fucking toxic.

    Anyone who's been there knows that Andrew is an unstable person who acts out his periodic tantrums and fits of anger on his own user community.

  • Are you sure his forum is closed? There seem to be links to it in his posts.

  • AhhHh never mind. Andrew posted he changed his mind.

  • Bad morning and too much alcohol? :-)

    I can only speak from technical part - Andrew clearly had huge issues in this regard. All else - he is pretty funny and nice sometimes, if he don't blame someone.

  • haha....I was banned on his site for disagreeing with him about a short he posted of a korean filmmaker as being a masterpiece. When I pointed out the bad continuity, he said I was stupid and banned me. He can't personally handle criticism of his artistic opinions, and apparently he's a camera collector. I'd love to have half of his camera collection. He wanted to be phil bloom but....maybe I shouldn't be so harsh...but like, how can someone spend so much time, money, and energy ...constantly changing cameras...unless, that becomes the whole point ?

  • From Andrew Reid's post: "6. Trolls. There are always a small minority of users in every community, just as there are in real life, who should be in jail." wtf?

  • @jonpais

    Night dreams about Gulag? :-)

  • A huge part of internet forums branded as being about filmmaking is mostly about camera gear consumptions. Being a camera gear collector is a good hobby - and taking an interest in gear can be useful for filmmakers, but it's bad to confuse these two things together. It's sad to see posts from people wanting to make films putting seemingly all the energy into amassing stuff, rather than building connection, making creative experiments and doing art and craft research.

  • @arnarfjodur

    Well, we live under capitalism. So, collecting stuff is important as it is means of production (at leats this is how people think).

    Also, forums are just depiction of that people do and want to talk about. Stuff "about filmmaking process" just don't work outside some tiny community.

  • I forgot EOSHD exists until this thread

  • It's pretty hilarious to follow the thread linked above by @markr041 . EOSHD forum users try to help Andrew with constructive suggestions and criticism - but that only enrages him so much that he throws new tantrums at them:

    Money quotes: "Not very fucking clear? I have spent 10 years putting my images on this blog and you have the temerity to question whether I even shoot. [...] I am not in a turning point in my life just because of a few twats on a forum who can't be polite. But anyway thanks for the crap advice. I'll ignore it all!"

  • @Cantsin

    Here’s another priceless quote from Andrew:

    “I've decided on a way forward...

    1. Rules. There will be 4 or 5 very simple rules. Basic things like respect the pub landlord and regulars. Don't imply that I am not a filmmaker or doesn't shoot stuff. Nothing pisses me off more.”
  • Most valuable is this

    Or do you prefer 43rumors with 80% ad banners for underpants and viagra, and 10% made up shit, and 10% rumours?

    Andrew did not realise that ads are now individually targeted, so now we know main interests and searches :-)

  •'s cruel !

  • that's hilarious haha

  • "Jon Pais". That name seems familiar. Maybe because he's the ex-moderator of the EOSHD Forum, who I had to sack because of his dysfunctional behaviour and constant bitch fights with John Brawley.

    Never met Jon in real life and glad I dodged that bullet because it's like having a stalker just to know him briefly via keyboard. After being let go on the forum, he then took to writing shit about me on the internet, it's all over his blog and much of it libel. Total psychotic behaviour.

    Jon is not the only example here. The the people who have a negative opinion of my site all by coincidence have a personal vendetta for their own reasons.

    Objectivity never seems to come into it. It's always some panties in a twist over something I said that starts it.

    I can't say I give a shit any more to be honest.

    PS - Check what goes up on the front page of the blog next week.

  • I found and find a lot of valuable discussion on EOSHD. But there were was rude and disgusting behavior. And "jonpais" was one of those who engaged in personal attacks that were both cruel and uninformed. I am glad he was thrown off and I am not surprised he is continuing that behavior here and evidently elsewhere.

    I do not think it is a good idea to make personal attacks anywhere, including here. But if we are going to do that, it is fair game to reveal who is doing the attacking.

    But I would prefer it if all of this stuff were just removed - specifically this thread, started by, who else? jonpais.. I am all for clever character assassination, but in the locker room or maybe the playground.

  • Jon strikes me as a man who has very little to lose. He would put his job in jeopardy with stalker vendettas and libel if he had one, he'd put his filmmaking career in the mud if he had one, and as John Brawley can tell you, he'd turn a lot of people away from a forum if he had one. But because he doesn't have any of that, he's nothing to lose and feels he can behave how he likes.

    I have to put up with quite a lot of rude people on my forum and over 10 years you wonder if the effort isn't better spent on the blog rather than the forum, which is why I considered to close it. But with nearly 300,000 posts that is a lot of knowledge thrown in the bin if it closes down.

  • @AndrewReid_EOSHD

    Just calm down and realise that it is actually forum that brings most value to EOSHD as well as lot of nice people.

    People are very different, but all of them are interesting, in their own way. Much more interesting than any camera or tech.

  • I prefer the tech!

  • It is old saying:

    • Look, I don't like cats too much.
    • Well, you just don't know how to cook them :-)
  • This old saying in Spanish is done with children!

  • Andrew doesn’t seem to understand that libel means making false and malicious statements. Copying and pasting Mr. Reid’s very own words, as I did here, or a single time in a blog post a couple years back (when he went ballistic on the entire community of YouTubers) constitutes neither stalking nor libel.

    As far as John Brawley goes, it would appear that Mr. Reid’s the one responsible for him no longer contributing to the site, not me! Reid would blame anyone but himself for the mass exodus of valuable contributors to his site!

    Additionally, I’ve earned my retirement. What’s Mr. Reid’s excuse? hehe

    How could Mr. Reid ever dream of having a successful career in filmmaking when he’s squandered the last ten years of his life alienating everyone in the business?

    Reid did not ‘sack’ me because of John Brawley; for years, I was among the top-ranking contributors to Mr. Reid’s forum and only decided to part ways when it became painfully clear that his site was becoming a cesspool of vicious attacks on the filmmaking community.

    More recently, he has started threads just to trash the ever genial Caleb Pike

    as well as thrown shade at Chris and Jordan of DPReview and Kai W

    which indicate an unbalanced mind.

    Reid would like this to be all about me; but glance at practically any thread in his toxic forum and - long after my departure - you'll continue to see nothing but blistering assaults on camera manufacturers, YouTubers, photography websites and his very own forum members. He even launches into a tirade against a reviewer who ‘tricked’ him into purchasing twenty different sets [sic] of headphones rather than blaming his own lack of self-discipline, something which he is sorely lacking.

    It’s hilarious that he says I’d lose lots of members if I had my own forum: projection much?

  • Jon sent me a PM about a month before I banned him from the forum, saying how much he enjoyed being part of it for 6 years with 6355 posts, but that he'd started drinking again.

    After I had to let him go from the forum due to his... behaviour (and being so unpopular as moderator) - only at that point does he completely turn.

    Now we see the true vitriol of the man... A vicious, libellous internet rampage which he is still doing 2 years later. I don't see why anybody should put up with this.

    Besides, I think if crazy Jon has a personal issue with me - he should have it out with ME - rather than polluting Vitaliy's forum with this nonsense.

    This is me with John Brawley and SLR Magic at the last IBC in September. If I am the one preventing him from posting on Internet forums he didn't mention it in person.

    The reason he doesn't post any more on any forums including many more besides mine is due to the behaviour in general of people behind keyboards.