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Zoom F6 Recorder
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  • @IronFilm

    It is simple as hell, for now I think it uses one fixed gain preamp, one pad and two 24bit ADCs (real performance is around 16-20bits for each) . All else is software. Same approach is used at all cheap Tascam recorders for ages, they just write two 24bit tracks :-) So, effectively PV never actually adjust any gain for interviews :-)

    Ideally you need 4 top ADCs, 4 preamps (each not being copy of another!) and smart averaging algorithm for top performance. As ADCs are still not so good as DACs.

  • A relevant blog post for those interested in the new Zoom F6, that gives a bit of an overview of the current Sonosax preamp design which incorporates post (dual) ADC gain and has an option to record 32bit files:

  • @IronFilm

    It is not hardware stuff, it is just software stuff that join results from two ADCs :-) Second ADC is present in many recorders, but used for safety track or for limiters.

  • I think we will see firmware updates for all F recorders that add 32bit floating format.

    Only if the hardware supports it. However I won't mind at all if my Zoom F8n never gets this update.

  • It's got that timeless Zoom design!

  • Our interview

  • @IronFilm

    I think we will see firmware updates for all F recorders that add 32bit floating format.

    No way it is official info, but it is my good guess.

    One of the reasons can be that Zoom want to first try water (I mean Zaxcom lawyers) :-)

  • My guess is it will be priced higher than the F4 but lower than the F8 (and I don't see the F6 as a replacement for either)

    So US$700ish?

    But once it has been on the market 18 months it will drop below US$500 ish

  • Our NAB photo


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  • Design is quite unusual, like from some 70-80s Sci-Fi films.

  • When I'd heard this was 32bit I was hoping this was going to be a recorder "above" the F8n, but I guess not.