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BlackMagic Pocket Cinema Camera 4K
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  • It makes sense if you compare the numbers of UM46P sold against the Pocket 4K. I'm sure we'll know after NAB, everybody will struggle to get results for that point in time.

  • @caveport

    Atomos agreement is fact, I heard about Apple agreement from multiple guys and everyone can see results.

    BM raw design is also obviously made much worse than it could be in attempt to go around the patents.

  • So, only speculation with no real information? "If" is a very big word in this context.

  • @caveport

    I know. But settlement payment will be dramatically different if issues happen before widening to BMPCC4K.

  • BRaw has been released on the Ursa Mini, just not added to the Pocket Cinema Camera 4K yet.

  • @nomad

    Some people I talked with tell that BM is afraid to release Braw for now due to legal issues with RED.
    I think that recent agreement with Atomos does not add optimism, same as secret agreement with Apple before it.
    RED is quickly becoming Rambus of camera world.

  • While BRaw is still missing, I appreciate that they take on the flaws first.

    Some are reporting problems with ProRes, though.

  • New update v6.1

    • Added support for pixel remapping in camera
    • Added 2:1 monitoring frame guide
    • Improved media formatting user interface
    • Improved audio monitoring latency performance
    • Improved auto focus performance
    • Improved signal to noise ratio performance of camera internal microphone
    • Improved power efficiency for improved battery life
    • Improved 3.5mm audio input selection interface
    • Improved AV sync performance
    • Fixed an issue where time and date is not updated on camera when connected to the Blackmagic Camera Setup utility
    • Fixed an issue where the 3.5mm audio input level is 6dB lower than expected
    • Fixed an auto focusing issue with Lumix 20mm f/1.7 lens
    • Fixed an issue where some USB-C external SSDs were not detected when connected before camera is powered up
    • Fixed an issue where some batteries might shut off earlier than expected
    • Fixed an issue where low battery indicator is not displayed appropriately
    • Fixed an issue with camera not being detected by host computer when connected to certain USB ports
    • Updated dynamic range and ISO chart in user manual

  • Audio features

  • Smart people


    Get Chinese M.2 to USB case + cheap SSD, even not change cable to proper one, add simple hot shoe holder and resell.

    512Gb SSD in Japan will be $263.
    Retail cheap Chinese M.2 512GB SSD is $78, case+cable around $15, custom holder - ala $3, plus assembly. Let's make it $100 (if you get wholesale it'll be around $85-90).
    So, $163 is the small margin Japanese guys live on. Even if we get really top brand SSD and 3.1 Gen 2 NVME case it'll be more than $100 margin compared to simple separate buy.

  • It would be cool if Blackmagic had made more than 7 of these cameras...

  • another review:

  • @Mckinise

    OK, I'll need to look for options.

  • Thank you. Yes, I started early that morning and uploaded that Evening. I think it was finished at finished at 6 and online by 8. We have another one that we're doing for the winter holidays. So that's why I'm looking for some type of Wireless set up or at the very least an external monitor.

  • Not bad for having only a few hours to shoot and edit!

  • @Vitaliy_Kiselev

    Most likely a cheap consumer HDMI transmitter/receiver. I was recently a part of a Halloween themed one person cast/crew competition. We had to write, produce, act, and edit a short film. I had just gotten the BMPCC4k so I decided to give it a go.

    That was what prompted me to make the Image App video. I didn't have an external monitor and I had only a few hours to shoot and edit my entry. I had the camera and a tripod. I used a tape measure and a dust pan to get my shots in reasonable focus.

    Debated whether I should put this up.

  • Pity that BlackMagic don't yet support NVMe... :-(

    Will checkout the links if BM roll out support... (Apart from PC use, need to get an M.2 compatible MB first)

  • @Vitaliy_Kiselev

    MX500 1TB Review:,1.html

    It is really interesting why USB 3.10 NVME enclosures work not so good with BMCC 4K.

    I think that Atomos had the same issue, (I don't know if its fixed now?)