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BlackMagic Pocket Cinema Camera 4K
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  • Looks good to me.

  • @IronFilm

    Design has certain rules to make product look harmonic.

    This one looks like monster conceived in kitchen full of blood.

  • Don't know why people think that this camera is ugly. This camera is beautiful looks like a DSLR..

    Same, I don't get where the hell these avalanche of "ugly" comments come from! Looks great to me.

  • I think that the picture someone posted a page or two ago saying it looks like a V-Tech "my first camera" is pretty much right.

    iPhonedo did a brief hands-on from the NAB floor -

  • I like the look, actually. To me, the only slight concern is weight distribution/balance and which gimbal with which to pair. If BM is reading these posts, I'd love to see built-in NDs incorporated before ship date! (Yeah... I know!)

  • Don't know why people think that this camera is ugly. This camera is beautiful looks like a DSLR..

  • Ugly and beautiful at the same time.

  • NAB Photo, Interview will follow soon


    800 x 608 - 64K
  • My point is USB-C won't be for everyone, many people would prefer internal media.

    Thus I could imagine people shooting with the BMPCC4K in a similar shooting style as RED ONE owners have used (with a mix of RED-DRIVE vs CF/SSD), which I've observed a lot of.

  • At least until CFast prices fall further.

    You don't need to wait.

    As I said, cheap USB-C to M2 SSD drives cases exist, check aliexpress.

  • I imagine for people trying to shoot with 4K on the BMPCC4K with an ultra frugal budget, that their shooting style will have a lot of similarities to the way RED ONE folks shoot (for those who don't have the SSD module, or only have a limited number of gigs on it). At least until CFast prices fall further.

    What they'll do is for the tripod shots they'll use their USB-C (just like RED ONEs using their RED-DRIVE for tripod shots) but then switch over to using their CFast card when handheld (again, just like how RED ONE owners would then switch over to CF or SSD when then going handheld).

  • @Ironfilm seriously, the hard disk price.
    My 512gb SD cards are expensive, and they aren't even CFAST or whatever. There's probably even a housing somewhere that you can put a regular drive into. If it really works, the port is a game changer, price wise. I even found this online, don't know if it works with the camera.

  • @Vitaliy_Kiselev exactly. From their description I understand they are gonna have a “dual ISO” similar to professional Panasonic cameras. I used it in Panasonic Varicam and it’s amazing.

    You reference GH5s, do you think this cameras have identical sensor?

  • @Lohmatij

    You mean so called "native ISO"?

    Check GH5s.

  • If anyone gonna be on NAB, please ask what base ISO this camera actually support. I suppose it’s gonna be 800 and 6400

  • @endotoxic

    Modern sensor output already digital data. So, in raw it must be exactly same at same temperature (proper design also helps to lower noise).

  • Same sensor bro. It's who implemented better.

  • it would be interesting to see a dynamic range comparison between GH5S vlog and BMPCC4K raw.

  • This Camera will be the Killer.

  • Agreed with him, internal NDs is the big feature missing from the BMPCC4K.

  • Can also use small SLC USB sticks, I think.

    Or USB-C to M.2 cases.

  • How solid is USB - C connection? IOW, how likely will it fall out?

    I'd only be using it if on a tripod shot, or if with a dedicated cage which has lock screws.

    Smart move from BM, wait for gh5 to grab market, wait for Gh5s to stop the low light limit notion people had about those "small" sensors. Launch product after market accepted gh5 case scenario m4/3 limits are off now.

    I don't think it happened quite like that.

    BMD was just waiting for a suitable 4K sensor to use, and this is the first one which ticks the boxes for them (and BMD isn't alone in jumping onto this sensor! Kinefinity and Z Cam have done the same as well. As BMD couldn't go forward with BMPCC v2.0 until an appropriate sensor was available on the open market).

    if this machine if really well implemented, I wonder what does BM has been thinking about ursa mini replacement or 2.5k BM camera replacement.

    Those cameras are still working infield, say what anyone says, they are still in filed working.

    This is undoubtedly the "replacement" for the BMCC. (heck I'd argue the BMMCC was the "replacement" for the BMCC!)

    Crop factor? 2x?

    Slightly less.

    There are reasons why real cameras cost more, and you hardly see professionals using Blackmagic cameras.

    Tonnes of professionals use BMD. For example, a large chunk of this TV show is shot with URSA Mini Pro cameras:

  • @Sangye

    Most probably at the time it will be Crane 3 or even Crane 5.

  • Amazing specs for the price. IBIS is the main lacking feature for me, but at this price you could pick up a Zhiyun Crane 2 instead.