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Trimming clips, making selections in .MTS files and exporting them
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  • @markmark1 No idea. Google it.

    @spk Good. ClipWrap/QT rule.

  • Just used SimpleMovieX, to trim and export and I works! The somewhat limited trial version will work for basic trimming and saving.

  • Best workflow I've found so far on OS X 10.6.8 is, as you can see from my spreadsheet linked above, along these lines:

    00001.mts -> (via Clipwrap, set to rewrap & to preserve timestamps) -> (trimmed using QuickTime Player)

    The snag with this approach is that QuickTime Player completely overwrites the existing, which means that the ctime (the timestamp indicating when the file was created) of the file gets set to the time the trimmed file was saved, instead of being kept at the time the original video was shot.

    Therefore, I've created a little Ruby script called touchstamp that can be used to extract the original ctime from the .mov file's metadata and write it to the file so that the ctime is once again correct. The idea is that having rewrapped a directory full of .mts files and having also trimmed any of the resulting files that needed trimming, the script can be executed once in that directory and it will ensure all the .mov files' ctimes are correct.

    No guarantees it will work for you, but it works for me :) You can find it here:

  • Morning, I have looked at some of the editing suggestions here at this site. I use CS 5 Premiere Pro where I have to give up the .mts file and end up with mpg or some other compressed format. I am trying to learn to live with quality loss, Sharp edges, beautiful focus, machines or people, not adding softness, etc but a clear uncompressed file. straight .mts to mts. Any clues? This small unit has opened so many doors that is is screwed when you have to settle for less when cutting.

  • There is no good editing software that will operate on MTS files without recompressing. If you want to do anything more complicated than trimming some footage from the beginning and end of a clip, you'll just have to live with the lossy recompression and conversion that NLE software does. (or uses a lossless format, which creates huge files that probably can't even be played without specialized hardware) If your output is the same resolution as the input and you compress to a high enough bit rate, the loss will not be noticeable. Almost every great video you've seen from the GH2 was made this way.

  • Hello all. I use PrPro CS6 on an iMac running 10.7.5, which is the only equipment/software I have access to for the time being. I am working on a project that is almost exclusively from .mts files. Thanks to the .mts file format, I cannot take advantage of the trim features in Project Manager in PrPro. I'd really like to trim as much as I can from the beginning and end of these files with zero loss, since I'm assuming that's the best I can hope for. I'm not necessarily looking for a free solution, but something reasonable/practical. Has anyone had success with the various solutions mentioned in this thread for the Mac/PrPro crowd?