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Official TZ10 Hack Project Discussion
  • This is dedicated topic about TZ10 hack project.

    Short info:

    1. TZ10 is very good, compact camera, with manual controls in photo mode. Has 12x zoom, GPS.

    2. It was first target in our new dumping approach.

    Short FAQ:

    Q. Can you tell us TZ10 dumping status, was it success or not?
    A. We completely dumped TZ10 firmware.

    Q. Does this mean that you'll distribute dumped firmware?
    A. Certainy no. And we do not need this.

    Q. How it'll be possible to hack TZ10 in this case?
    A. We reversed TZ10 encryption and will use public TZ10 firmware.

    Q. Can this info be applied to GH2?
    A. Unfortunately, no. GH2 uses different encryption (most probably) or different encryption key, so we need to dump it separately.

    More info will follow shortly.
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  • This will be a very handy little hacked camera to put into a waterproof housing. Quality housings are cheap for this model.

    The TZ10 is also known as the LUMIX DMC-ZS7 in USA.
  • Yes, and ZS7 can be obtained quite cheap sometimes.
    Most probably we'll be obtaining another ZS7 body for big code chunks testing, as due some model specifics it is much better suited for this than all large G models.
  • Hey Vitaliy! This news made my day! I was waiting and hoping for it sooo much! The TZ10 IS THE ULTIMATE hacking platform! It so good hardware-wise and the optics are awesome. I think we need to make the hacking of this baby a bit more collaborative and open. I mean this cam is really very popular and many people bought it. So I guess there will be some contributors. I think it would be nice to start to collect wishes/requests what could be implemented in the hacked firmware.

    My wish is to add time-lapse function - to take shots in some time interval and put them into a video file. When you view the created video file - all actions goes really fast, e.g. clouds on the sky are moving fast or head of the sun flower ("podsolnuh" in Russian ;) is following the sun's motion etc.

    Count on me,
  • great news. Sounds like a breach in panasonics barrier.
    I really appreciate your work!

  • what's up? any news since the announcement?
  • >what's up? any news since the announcement?

    You are too fast...
    I'll add some info about overall firmware and possibility to transfer some hacks.
    But this is not my work, and I'll do it as soon as I'll have time.
  • Sure it's not your day job. Are you alone on this project? Don't you think we need kinda forum for this?
  • What do you mean under "kinda forum"?
  • Some extra details about TZ10 firmware.

    As we know it is using so called UPD format.
    It is much more complex compared to GH1, and encrypted.

    Below you can see part of the format header with contents of UPD file:

    TZ10 firmware header

    Of course, this is data after decryption :-)

    More TZ related information will be added later.

  • I mean some kind of forum, but I leave it for you to decide, of course.
  • I am very excited to hear about the progress on this project! Well done Vitaliy
  • Vitaliy, you a hero !
  • I recently bought a TZ-10 and would like to be able to use some extended features by a hack, thanks for doing this!
    Is it possible for the TZ-10 to get something similar to IXUS/Powershot's CHDK or was that a one-"shot"? :-)
    Can I get my hands on the description to decode the TZ-10 firmware myself? I'm a software engineer with interest and knowledge in C/C++, C#, assembler, FPGA's, microprocessors, could I do something to help out?
  • >Is it possible for the TZ-10 to get something similar to IXUS/Powershot's CHDK

    No, I do not think so.

    >Can I get my hands on the description to decode the TZ-10 firmware myself?

    You can not.
    With time IDA database for TZ10 will be available to interested owners, but not today.
    As for helping out, I am not against it. Send me primers of your actual projects via PM.
  • This is indeed excellent news. Spent quite a few days on the cipher back in the other thread. Let me know if I can help, I know my way around IDA.
  • Small update.
    TZ10 firmware is still in the reversing stage (as it differs much more compared to GH line it require bunch of time).
    Most probably first patches will appear in Ptool in this month.
  • Good News ! Thx !
  • Looking forward to some pathes :) What can we expect from the hack? Manual video?
  • This camera has CCD sensor, so no jello vision. Will make a good sports action cam with the housing i posted above. Waiting patently for the hack.

  • >Manual video?

    Yeah, this is a must.
  • I really hope for an upcomming patch, including the ability to shoot in raw. Thank you Vitaliy for all your efforts to bring something new on the field!
  • Should I get the Sony HX9V instead of waiting for a hack? I'm getting a good price on my Panny :)
  • >Should I get the Sony HX9V instead of waiting for a hack? I'm getting a good price on my Panny :)

    It is up to you to decide :-)
  • image

    All Languages hack working on TZ10. :-)
    650 x 422 - 69K
  • Well done ! Looks promising ...