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GH5 Panasonic camera, from anticipation to love or hate
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  • Eh! The gh5 really needs to just be released. We are using cameras differently now, dynamic range really is becoming something that is needed. 15 stops is just too useful! (Even for corporate may I add! Corporate drone footage.)

  • Haha Its funy that you say that... Few years ago, when there was all this frenzy about 4K, one of the Arri big wigs gave an interview in a magazin (FILM AND VIDEO I believe it was), where he was basicly defending a stand of his company from attacts of media etc... He basicly said: for now Arri is not gonna focus on 4K because we believe that we should work on and improove other stuff, DR, codecs, reliability etc.because our ingeneers think thats more important part of the picture then just mere resolution." Others started accusing him and ridicule his words, and look where are we today?! 4 years after the interview we are asking for things he said we shoulf work took consumers 4 years to figure out what manufacturer knew before. Thats a looooooot of time in digital era. Enough to destroy company or bankrupt a user. And now they are starting a same old crap with 6K, 8K... They still didn't figured a skin tone and proper white balance but they wanna show the imperfections ih Higher resolution!?!?!

  • @Brig: You are talking about - that was only 2 years ago.

    At the time he was giving that interview Arri most certainly already worked on the Alexa 65, a "6.5k" camera, so he was dishonest to some extent. Of course it's good for Arri that they didn't totally miss the "more than 2k"-bandwagon, they just entered a little late.

    He certainly had a point that resolution is not quite everything, but even now that "HDR", "bt.2020" and such are supported in some TVs and have entered the marketing stage the vast majority of TV buyers do understand that "4k means more resolution" but at the same time do not understand what these HDR and bt.2020 things are about.

  • so let's wait for The Ultra HD 4k HDR Premium Bluray and TV compatible camera:

    3840x2160, 24p, 25p, 30p, 60p,

    Rec. 2020 color gamut

    HEVC 120Mbps datarate in 4k + H246 200Mbps datarate in 4k

    internal recording 10 bits 4:2:0 color, HDR and Dolby Vision Compatible

    5.1 audio recording,5.1 mic input.

    Hopes for a sensor not so small, maybe the m43 multiaspect sensor like GH1 and GH2 with 21,6mm diagonal.

  • Check it out... this Panasonic-Fujitsu developed HEVC LSI encoder could be the basis for capturing the GH5's speculated 4K 60P and it supports 10 bit 4:2:2!

  • @Tron

    MB86M31 has support for UHD no 4KDCI.

    i think its for future products of less range could work very well.

  • @endotoxic Based on that press release it sounds like the Main10 profile (10 bit 4:2:2) can now be achieved with high efficiency and at relatively low power levels. I was worried we'd see yet another iteration of the AVC codec, now I'm a bit less concerned. If we get an HEVC 10 bit codec at 100-150 Mbps, I'll be ecstatic. My fingers are crossed that they won't cripple this camera for the sake of keeping the Varicam line on a pedestal.

  • @Tron

    It is encoding chip for special purposes, they are not usually used in cameras.

    Much more complex integrated chips are used.

  • I think the GH5 may have HDR image profile and processing. I mean TV HDR standard not HDR photo system with multiple exposures.

  • @Vesku

    It can, it will look weird.

    Whole idea of TV/BR HDR is to keep video normal DR as much as possible to reduce size, and have only specific frame blocks intended to show you "HDR".

  • Sounds too good to be true.

    Another 4K at 30fps and 8bit is also possible.

  • I would realy like for future users and prospective buyers of GH5 to stop been so looser mentality driven! And sooooo defetistic, and depressed and inaccurate in their judgments and with such low expectations on what they should get from GH5.

    Just to remind you:

    Right now we have cameras (and freaking phones ?!?!?!!!) in a range od 800-3000$ that offer:

    • Global shutter (BM)
    • 4K (sony/panasonic/samsung and iphones)
    • 3/5 axis stabilisation (olympus)
    • RAW file (canon/BM)
    • Log shooting (panasonic/sony)
    • 12+ Dynamic range (sony)

    So given that all of these already exist, I see no reason why the future panasonic flagship camera shouldn't include what's already existing on the market?! Why should they avoid it?!

    And along with mentioned, in my wish list I would like to add that I exprct GH5 to have:

    • noise free image
    • acurate colors and skin tone
    • no extra crop BoollSheet but straight 2x native sensor crop in 4K video
    • functional and practical iso range 50-25k
    • 10-bit and 12 bit and any other bit and 422 and 120fps and prores and everything else with appropriate data rates...
    • intuitive menu
    • peaking that shows only points in focus
    • articulated screen
    • water/weather sealed body

    So from a new panasonic GH5 camera I expect to have all of it plus it all has to be internal and have amazing autofocus and ALL of it MUST WORK AMAZINGLY WELL with no quazy pseudo fuss and krapp mistakes!!!

    And it shouldn't cost more than 1500.00 US$!!!

    Thats it!

    Thats the only thing that will not make me switch to sony or canon or somebody else. If no-go, well tough shit...go FUCK YOURSELF panasonic and all the lazy, sleezy, spineless, evil, stupid and fools who work for them!

    If you think that I am asking too much, let me remind you of few things that people seem to slip out od their sight:

    1. broadcast world is shrinking; TV and cable is about to go out of biz very soon; its a public secret that very few talk about; protecting high end market cameras within same company is simply stupid.
    2. freaking smartphones have picture that is comparable if not compeatable with dedicated show biz industry cameras
    3. audience and consumers do not ask for what corporations are tryng to sell them and they especialy do not want to pay premiums for content that can be found elsewhere for free; and that brings the price of tools and wages of people who use them-waaaaay downslope (if you don't believe me, ask Tom Hirsch:)
    4. when tools are sold on the market, there are two ways to pay for them: -BBC, NBC, ABC, HBO, big camera rental houses and other big guys, when they buy equipment, they send to manufacturers many digits on the screen and "line of credit" proof file in exchange for real goods and things. -When Joe Doe buys equipment, he very offten pays with hard cash! Like-REAL MONEYYY!!! Like bills and coins! I know its hard to believe, but you and me, when we buy 3 GH4 bodies for 1400$ a piece, we acctualy bring more REAL value and money to Panasonic then when BBC buys 20 bodies of varicams. We give them cash. BBC gives them digital file.

    And last but not least: Panasonic tricked and betraid us already. For years they've been pushing for m43 format as their choise of future and then when they finaly put out a pro camera they put it in native -EF mount?!?! Whaaaaaat The FFFFFFFFFF?!!?!! Thats how much panasonic trusts themselves and that's how much we should trust panasonic. As much as all these users of FCP 7 who had to migrate to Avid and Premiere or elesewhere after fcpx showed up...

    If I need to elaborate on my statements, I will gladly do so in next reply. Thanks for reading. I hope it helps you position yourself on the market and brings you back your buyer strenth and dignity...

  • Any raw formats in GH5? Someone saw rumors on this?

  • @Brig quote: "Thats the only thing that will not make me switch to sony or canon or somebody else. If no-go, well tough shit...go FUCK YOURSELF panasonic and all the lazy, sleezy, spineless, evil, stupid and fools who work for them!"

    I think you should sell all your Panasonic gear right now. It will make you feel better. ;-)

  • @Brig After that rant I sort of fear a full-blown hostage crisis at Panny HQ will emerge if the GH5 falls short of your feature list.

    CNN Newsflash

    "This just in... A man has barricaded himself inside Panasonic HQ and is demanding 10 bit 4:2:2 internal recording be included with the recently announced GH5. He has also stated if it is not a full 2x crop 'someone will be held accountable'... more updates after the break!!"

    I would humbly suggest obtaining an external recorder for the GH4, it may help cushion the blow if Panasonic in some way falls short of your expectations.

  • Possible information on Sony sensor in GH5... same as GX85.

    "Now trusted sources has posted new Panasonic GH5 sensor information and it looks like the upcoming model will come packed with the same 16MP resolution found in the newly announced GX85. The sensor looks like the same as the previous model and it will be made by Sony."

  • anyone known if panasonic GX85 sensor can get 4K 50 fps?

  • @ahbleza

    Use original source next time.

    I also think it is wrong info.

  • Panasonic brings a lot to the game. The G series of cameras G7, G8, and GH4 all come in at a super low price point considering what those cameras bring to the table. That being said they may lose out in the $1000-$2500 price point because Sony is really bringing the heat on in that segment. In the $1000-$2500 segment it seems as though Sony is giving everybody mostly what they want at a reasonable price point.

    Full frame? No no no no!!

    If Panasonic wants to damn downright OWN the $2500ish+ price segment (they already have the sub $1500ish and sub $1k segments mastered with the GH4/G7/GX80 lines), all they need to bring out is a camera which is a hybrid of the good bits of AF100/LS300/C100/FS5/DVX200/GH4.

    A camera with ND filters, XLR inputs, SDI outputs, full size HDMI, and waveforms but also has internal 10bit 4K 60fps from a m4/3 sensor (and m4/3 mount), all in the size of something no bigger than what a C100/FS5/etc is! (if they lacked one or two features from this list, I really hope they don't, it wouldn't be a complete deal breaker so long as it has most of those features)

    If Panasonic could do this and still keep the price under $3K (or at least close to it, maybe even $3.5K ish), then they'd ruthlessly own the market ahead of any Sony A7 series camera which is priced the same.

    And it would be priced high enough above the GH4/GH5 to not be directly competing against them, and would be priced waaaaaaaaay below Varicam LT, so wouldn't be competing with the Panasonic cameras above it either. (the Panasonic camera it might do the most harm to is sales of the DVX200, but that would only be priced about the same or even a little cheaper when you factor in the cost of buying the lens or lenses you'd need to match what the DVX200 comes with, plus the DVX200 is aimed at a slightly different market)

    IF Panasonic ever comes out with a prosumer hybrid camera with a mount other than m4/3, I hope they skip right ahead to medium format digital and produce an 8K monster camera!! And forgot about so called "full frame" in between. That way they attack "full frame" from both above and below!

    Perhaps in 5 years time? Not totally unrealistic to imagine. We just saw a medium format mirrorless camera come out. And Pentax's 645D and 645Z have been out for quite some years now, and they're very affordable by digital medium format standards. And prices for medium format sensors will only get cheaper and cheaper as the years go by. If Panasonic aims to bring out a Medium Format Mirrorless camera in 5yrs time, then they should start doing R&D on that within the next couple of years.

    Panasonic could do say a 50megapixel Mirrorless Medium Format Digital for $4K. The Pentax 645D already sells new for less than that, and I bet within 5yrs the Pentax 645Z will have dropped below that price point as well. The 51.4megapixel 645Z is 8256 x 6192 pixels, 4K DCI is 4096 x 2160 pixels. Double that & you get 8192 x 4320 pixels which works out perfectly for an 8K camera from the 645Z sensor!

  • One thing that every camera must have is dual card slots, and ability to record to both cards in same time.

  • Ill be surprised if it has 1080p 422. 4k at 60p too. It'll probably have the same 20mpx sensor in the gx8. It will have nice things like good IS and 2 card slot and lots of whiz bang. Big jump in image quality? don't see it coming. Photo camera, huge room for improvement here. GH line always had much weaker photo.

    RAW video? please. Bastardized hdmi output crap again. Maybe in the af101 replacement if they ever do one. Bet it will stay with MFT mount as well. Too many pan lens to change mount. It will cost 1500.

  • It must have 4k 60p or they would lose too many potential customers looking to upgrade.

    Dual IS exactly like GX80 I think is a given

    Not likely to have dual sd card slot, I think this would require too much re working of what is fast becoming a very user friendly body.

    What would I like on top of that? 4k video time-lapse modes, more customisable user settings, punch in zoom while filming for critical focus checks, clean 3200 ISO, multi aspect sensor, no 4k crop, more DR, high bitrate 120fps. Bigger eye cup, physical audio buttons on body.

    Not too much to ask is it?

  • If the GH5 will have a 20 Mpixel sensor it could have an ex-tele crop mode for 4k. Normal 4k video would be full sensor and I would like to see also smooth sensor zooming and panning with some buttons. The zooming in video playback would be nice too. Now it is only possible with 4k video first frame.

    The key is more processing power. It would enable DFD for 4k and many kind of new tricks (like showing exposure values).

  • @caveport

    I would gladly sell my panny and move out from m43 but where to?! I was contemplating sony for a bit till I didn't shot with it! Rolling shutter on A7sII is so severe that unless you shoot talking head with a tripod, one can use sony A7sII only to shoot jelly fishes in aquarium because the image corresponds with the subject in the image! Not to mention other issues (battery, heating etc...) AND THAT 3 times more money then GH4?!?!?!??

    Its hard for my lips to pronounce this, but for now, GH4 look like the least from the lesser evils!

    Just because Panon mutants suck doesn't mean that others are any better:(