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Official Low GOP topic, series 3
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  • @starstuff used the infamous Pani 20mm f.17 @Vitaliy_Kiselev thank you for making the hack possible you opened Pandora's Box..
  • woohoo thread 3
  • Well I tried the reAQuainted last night and combined it with C_Brandin's 720p settings only for 32MB. I think the cost of occasional crashing, short clip lengths and camera playback problems is not worth it to me personally. Granted-I didn't try to color grade the footage --- Went back to the 44MB for the time being because its a huge improvement over stock and I find these to be more stable for me. will try these again after the next Ptool I think.
    1291 x 680 - 183K
    1277 x 672 - 185K
  • Yeah, too much denoiser on that sweater! I stupidely tried to calibrate my monitor recently and so TrackZillas original .pngs looked really dark, but I'm now on a friend's laptop and the balance of light doesn't look as bad. I used magic bullet looks, a combination of fill light, telecine and 3 strip process. Also I cut back a bit on saturation. Despite the noise, GH2 + reAUainted is looking pretty, pretty, pretty good!
  • Here's the FTP site for a street performer I filmed randomly the other day. I'm still working on getting the original .mts file up there. I'll let you know as soon as it's available. These are ProRes HQ.
    user: gh2testers
    pass: GH2files
  • I noticed the reAQuainted "blue noise" issue and have reverted back to "QuantMeBaby" still the best imo... great work @driftwood
  • Here is the video guy's my last link was broken...
    ISO 640
    Shutter 50th
    Profile Dynamic (Love it for night shots)
    Lens 20mm f1.7
    Custom White Balance
  • @TrackZillas I might just have to have you score my next film :P
  • @Trackzillas Beautiful. Is this reAquainted?
  • @PerryWilson lol.. Love this little camera Perry gonna turn it into a real movie making machine, putting together some special settings will keep you posted. @jspatz Yep reAquainted all the way Baby yeah!!!! @driftwood did his thing with that patch..
  • IDK man I still prefer QuantMeBaby... I hate the blue grain issue especially in the sky :/ and what you workin on @TrackZillas? did you figure out picture settings? now all you need is the cage im makin
  • @PerryWilson QuantMeBaby is still a champ, but your right the blue issue in something we have to deal with with this patch, every patch got it's ups & down we gonna figure a work-around like a little bit of noise reduction can be added to the footage, just a tad bit. As far as the settings goes I'm using lighting, Custom.W.B & the profiles to get the look that I want out the camera. You right gonna check your cage out. Got a quick question what color grading soft do you use, was just doing some research on Davinci Resolve looking nice..
  • OK, not to dig up a old topic here, but I got a (possibly) stupid question. To deal with this spanning issue, is it possible with the hack to just tell the camera to stop bloody well cutting off file size at 4 gigs? Where does the 4 gig limit come from? Could this be fixed with a future version of ptools? @Vitaliy_Kiselev, thoughts?

    On a completely unrelated note, a DoP I work with a lot has just done a thorough, controlled skin-tone test putting the gh2 up against a canon (think a 60D but can't remember). We're going to be doing a professional colour correct on Monday night and I'll share the link when he's got it up -- should be interesting. Although not talked about a lot, the skin tone rendition of this camera is pretty amazing, especially with driftwood's latest couple of patches.
  • The 4GB limit is coming from a pretty old PC formatting scheme, called FAT32. Unfortunately it's used by most cameras until today, and there is no chance to put away with this limit, since you'd need to change the whole operating system of the camera. So, in standard operation the camera has to begin a new file at every 4 GB limit. But it needs buffering for that. This buffer's size (and speed) is the problem we are running up against.

    I'm afraid we might never find high bitrate settings that always survive spanning.
  • @315Films thanks for the info gonna try out the free version of davinci I think it only gives you 2 nods. MB Colorista very user friendly that's what I use now with Looks.
  • Good stuff TrackZillas, As for Davinci resolve, the lite version will give you only 2 nodes of color correction on your comps.
  • Although I love driftwood's 1GOP, since my friends are careful in frame size, I am making my original patch.
    This compares 1GOP with 3GOP on the almost same conditions.
    I think that the feature has come out well.

    Since the name "GOP3ZILLA" was got from user, I will name to this Q15 patch.


    My latest 3GOP Q15 "GOP3ZILLA"
    1296 x 631 - 179K
    1297 x 635 - 198K
  • @bkmcwd, I like these kinds of comparisons. Looks great so far, will try it out when I get home.
  • @bkmcwd, the steady-movement looks amazing, cheers mate. What steadycam do you use? But there are some quiet strong strange artefacts around the trees, more preciser on the outline of the tree-trunk, when you move around the single tree - whats that? I think this effect is more evident in the first than in the second film.
  • @gameb, download the original mts files, not such artifacts
    @bkmcwd, about how many minutes apart did you shoot with Driftwood reAQuainted and your Q15 "GOP3ZILLA"?
    They both look pretty good, reAQuainted looks good in low light.
  • @HillTop1
    Thanks! :-)

    Thanks mate!
    I am using my DIY steadicam displayed in my vimeo profile thumbnail. ;-)

    "some quiet strong strange artefacts around the trees" "more evident in the first than in the second film"
    With the first film, OIS of the lens was set to ON with the second film in OFF.
    I think that it will be the cause if there is a difference in both.
    If I also play this raw data as it is with PC, I also noticed that an occasionally strange motion might be carried out.
    However, since it stopped having been worrisome after editing, I thought that it was because high load is only applied to PC because the bit rate is high.
    How is an actual cause?
  • @HillTop1
    I recorded several takes for each among about 20 minutes on another day, and I chose the good takes from them.
    The feature of each patch has appeared?
  • @HillTop1 where can I see the original files?
  • @bkmcwd, just that I noticed a change in lighting and was wondering what was the interval from shooting with reAQuainted to yours.
    @gameb, click on the "vimeo" marker on the bottom right of the video and it will take you to vimeo where you can download the original mts files.
  • gameb...
    Do not make judgement on recompressed vimeo preview video files...
    Of course they look bad.

    You need the original files for comparison,
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