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Sigma 30mm 1.4 (not art) or Nikon 35mm 1.8 (G) for GH2?
  • Hi folks. Anyone have experience with this two lenses (maybe with speedbooster too)? Which is better for video or ,,filmlook´´? Thanks

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  • The Sigma is better for your purposes although the Nikon is optically the better lens. The Sigma has more pleasant out-of-focus characteristics (aka Bokeh) and, on top of that, a much better focus ring (long throw, good grip) for video. The 2/3 stop extra aperture is nice but not so important.

    See also this:

  • I don't like the Sigma 30 1.4. To much chromatic aberrations. To much astigmatism and coma.

  • I like the Nikon f1.8G, I use it with a Novaflex adapter (with stopless aperture control. Aperture control is needed on any adapter). It's really lightweight (plastic) which is a bonus I think. The bokeh wide open looks a bit choppy, and as you close it down a stop it ceases to be an issue. But as the video says it's sharp.

    Its funny, I have photos I took with that lens in the same place as in the video, Tai O village.

  • So..i bought both. Sigma stays. It is one of the best lens on GH2 what i ever had. I tried RJ lens turbo on both. Sigma is little vignetting, but i thing there is a less distortion, than at nikon 35mm. (sry for english)

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    Nikon’s 35mm f1.8 G ED is a lens that won’t excite those us that always reach for higher hanging fruit, but it will surely satisfy the appetites of those that are looking for a fairly affordable 35mm prime lens. Best of all, this lens is designed for full frame cameras as opposed to the last one which was for APS-C DSLRs.

    679 x 452 - 92K