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Nikon new mirrorless cameras V1 and J1
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  • I would not mind the 2.7 crop. Super 16 sensor size is better than Pentax Q. :-) Seriously, if this sensor had high quality processing for video, and the top of the line model had like robust video codec, Super 16 sensor with 10 MP still would give killer video. Thinking about no moiré, no aliassing, reasonable high iso, no rolling shutter. The processor only has to process 10 MP to 1080P video. Silky smooth video possible. And Nikon would have higher margin on this camera than their DSLR. But that's dreaming.
  • Btw, lenses seems to be very quiet.
    As it is rare case with mikes not pointing to the sky. :-)
  • @John_Farragut,

    John, but just think of all the lenses you would have to replace to get a similar F.O.V as you were used to with the Micro 4/3rd lenses or the cropped F.O.V you were willing to live with from your Full Frame 35mm lenses.

    The 10 megapixels sounds like it would produce very good low noise and great visibility in dark/night scenes and have a very good dynamic range. However, With All of your competitors going with larger sensors and more megapixels( Not always a good thing) why would Nikon go backwards, sensor wise.
  • @bleach551

    I think sometimes you have to rethink the game. This surely won't fit in when you want to use your current lenses. But Super 16 if couple with high processing would give great video. Many TV shows were filmed in Super 16, so the look of the video if coupled with high processing could still be proper. If Nikon were smart, yes, they could make Super 16 work if they embrace the video side of these new camera's, at least in the top of the line.

    There is only so much money to make in this business. Many camera makers are already gone. Nikon can shift their position if they make a stance in the market. This could be high margin camera. How much further can Panasonic go with Gh3 etc. without blurring the lines with their high margin AF100? How far can Sony go without competing in image quality with their FS100? These brands always have to dumb down their consumer camera's on the video side. But Nikon? They have no pro video division. They can embrace high quality flawless video, but with high margin with this Super 16, and not compete with their APSC size DSLR.
  • It must be noted that the 10 megapixel is on a chip which is at least 2 times smaller than 4/3 and about 3 times that of apsc. So the you have less pixel and smaller ones. The logic is inverse common sense for image quality.
  • The camera can shoot full resolution at 60 fps (for I think one second) from Dpreview hand-on. I hope it is what we can expect from Nikon in its future dslr with the expeed 3 chip.
  • @danyyyel,

    I just don't understand Nikon, D.O.F probably goes to hell in a hand basket with a 2.7X cropped sensored camera.
  • Some of you guys just don't get it!

    named it in the first few posts...
    "The adapter is the key"
    ...think of all the great quality 16mm format
    lenses we've bought and cannot use.

    They're worth a FORTUNE, now.

    We all win with this.......
  • ... Especially if VK takes an interest (& I think he does)
    Nikon could triple sales if word got out that he had a V1
    Someone send him a preview sample.

    He'd be the DD Duncan (Korean war photographer) of his generation.
    ....Duncan is the one who put Nikon on the map the first time.
  • I wonder if V1's evf has an eyecup holder. If it does, I hope Panasonic copies the style.

    Hmmm... the 10x zoom is not a fixed length barrel.
  • there u go. victoria secret pink color!!! nikon j1... girl magnet!!!! we just need a white label "JUICY".

  • Vitaliy, have you ever had a go at Nikon firmware? A sensor that is twice as large as RED's Scarlet and can do a full scan 60 times a second is interesting
  • >there u go. victoria secret pink color!!!

    Proper camera must always have pink colour. :-)

    >can do a full scan 60 times a second is interesting

    And can do this for 0.5-1 sec? :-)
    Just wait, chips and sensors are not up to the task yet (I mean full resolution conversion and downsizing).
    But Nikon made very wise choice, because his advantage will be very clear with next generations.
    Size and frequency potential are very related things, so small sensor is big advantage here.
  • I agree!
    Been reading the comments posted elsewhere.
    The system looks useful ...and fun, even.
    However, right now it's ...sort of like mopeds and fat girls.
    Both can be great fun, until your friends find out!
  • I do believe there is reason Super 16 (okay slightly larger, closer to 1 inch) was choosen and not arbitrary sensor size. The future will tell. Nikon may expand their business to video specific camera's in this 16mm format. But is a Super 16 sized CMOS chip for video up to the task to deliver high quality HD video? Time will tell. Still, choosing Super 16 as the "third" format in their range of interchangeable besides APSC and full frame is wise, because it is already existing lens format. That is, if these camera's can adapt to C-Mount 16mm lenses and flange distance is short enough.
  • Just give me faster lenses, 28Mbps or higher video @ 24/25/30P etc. (pro codec would be great), and this is a pocket film cam good to go. Heck, I love my GF1 and it's only 720P. But GF1 lacks in processing the video. If RED can do it with 2/3" Scarlet, sure Nikon can. Love to see if Nikon has it what it takes.
  • Who is the Nikon 1 aimed at? Me, or my girlfriend? Both? Is it aimed at people who impulse buy $200 compacts when they shop for rom com BluRays or is it a serious purchase? I have a feeling Nikon think girls will change their mind about getting a pink compact and get the $600 Pink J1 instead but it ain't gonna happen. The interchangeable lens format is awkward and big zooms are still very bulky and not pocketable. Compacts sell well because they are overdosed with megapixels and long zooms yet you can fit them in a pocket. The iPhone is popular because it is small, everyone has one anyway and it uploads direct to Facebook. The Nikon J1 won't be popular because it is far more than the average consumer needs and not good enough for the enthusiast in terms of specs. It aims at some kind of weird middle ground that doesn't exist yet. And high speed video modes didn't do much for the Casio F1's sales either!
  • People seem to forget that Nikon can launch a DX or FX Evil system anytime they want. They already have the lenses in place, unlike Sony who has pispoor performance with regards to lens choices.

    Nikon now has: compact (small), compact (high), CX, DX, FX.

    Nothing wrong with choice.
  • Exactly @EOSHD, my parents took a Canon A1200 to Europe on their vacation and it took great 720p 24fps video at around 21 mbs, and the still pics looked fantastic and it costs $100.

    And no 24p...WHY, in this this day and age are they not putting 24p on EVERY camera they sell? I will not even look at a cam that doesn't do 24p. This is why Canon gets all the sales now. Even that's frustrating though....can you imagine just the hardware of the 5dmkII, in a body capable of recording raw via removable SSD. How much would that cost? The same or less than the AF100 or Sony FS100. Canon would officially own all video at that point, yet they haven't done it.

    Panasonic is just as bad. They released a crippled GH1 and a slightly better GH2, but even that doesn't live up to it's capabilities. Like I said, I'm tired of waiting for guys like Vitality to make flawed products worth buying.

    Look at that crazy prototype video kit with LED light, mic, and LCD Finder. Crazy looking, but interesting.

    Don't tell me Nikon isn't thinking about video with this new Super16 sensor format. They just need to up the game. The camera has the specs, now on the software side, that's where all the difference is to delivering great video, not just sensor size. And if Nikon is really committed to delivering lenses that are fast and silent.

    The game is just beginning if you use your imagination. I hope Nikon is not just dreaming but ready to deliver. As I said earlier, Nikon is not bound by restrictions of other pro video divisions, only by differentiation of their own photo line up. And the Super16 sensor stays well away from their own APSC offerings. This doesn't mean Super16 can't deliver great video if they wanted it. But that's up to Nikon. Sadly :-(
    800 x 600 - 212K
  • Promo video, looks awful
  • Specs on Nikon USA site ( are weird:

    Movie Mode (16:9 aspect ratio)
    3,840 x 2,160 (1080/60i)
    1,920 x 1,080 (1080/30p)
    1,280 x 720 (720/60p)
    Motion Snapshot (16:9 aspect ratio)
    3,840 x 2,160
  • The problem with targeting to the hipster market is, what problems does these Nikon J1 and V1 solve? Most hipsters are satisfied with their iPhones and compact camera's, or not? Lugging around a lump of a camera? Do hipsters do that? But my father did. He documented our life. He shot 8mm or super8, then video8, etc. That's what needs addressing, and should be the focus of these cams. To families who want to document their lives in photo and video in high quality, not just hipsters having fun. They have iPhones for that. The target of mirrorless also becomes more and more the video side than the photo. They will replace camcorders. That's also the problem the Nikon J1 V1 seems to solve. Getting great video in small package, better than camcorder can. Are people still interested in documenting their lives instead of playing around with filming goofy clips to put on the internet? I think so. Ads should target that.
  • It does 3,840x2.160 for 0.5 seconds :)

    I am surprised how much Nikon emphasise the high speed shooting options in the awful lifestyle promo. But I am still not sure if they were trying to sell me the American Dream or a photographic tool.

    I suspect customers will be equally confused as well.
  • @John_Farragut I totally agree, the hipsters and girlfriends of this would do not need another ugly plastic low end mirrorless, I think girls will stick to compacts with long zooms (they like that, size matters!) and hipsters would rather go for the X100 or a LOMO medium format or something weird from eBay.