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    Where Artificial Intelligence Went Wrong
    • Noam Chomsky, speaking in the symposium, wasn't so enthused. Chomsky critiqued the field of AI for adopting an approach reminiscent of behaviorism, except in more modern, computationally sophisticated form. Chomsky argued that the field's heavy use of statistical techniques to pick regularities in masses of data is unlikely to yield the explanatory insight that science ought to offer. For Chomsky, the "new AI"—focused on using statistical learning techniques to better mine and predict data— is unlikely to yield general principles about the nature of intelligent beings or about cognition.

      This critique sparked an elaborate reply to Chomsky from Google's director of research and noted AI researcher, Peter Norvig, who defended the use of statistical models and argued that AI's new methods and definition of progress is not far off from what happens in the other sciences.

      Chomsky acknowledged that the statistical approach might have practical value, just as in the example of a useful search engine, and is enabled by the advent of fast computers capable of processing massive data. But as far as a science goes, Chomsky would argue it is inadequate, or more harshly, kind of shallow. We wouldn't have taught the computer much about what the phrase "physicist Sir Isaac Newton" really means, even if we can build a search engine that returns sensible hits to users who type the phrase in.

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    Capitalis: Watch as greed will put an end to copyright
    • Disney is launching its own Netflix-style subscription VOD service next year — dubbed Disney+ — so Netflix will be losing Disney-owned content starting next year. Disney is acquiring 20th Century Fox, so expect more of Fox’s content to leave Netflix, as well. AT&T’s WarnerMedia had pegged Q4 2019 for its own broad-focused SVOD entry, so it’s also going to be pulling back its own stuff from Netflix.

      So, capitalists actually are pulling their content to their own sandboxes. Why? Because it is very profitable to charge people for thing that cost you nothing and that you own already.

      And it is good news - the more fragmented the market becomes, the more aware will be people about places that have content in better quality and without narrow selection of one brand only and content made only in few recent years.

      Practical education is necessary first step before capitalism and copyright eradication.

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    Chinese hackers everywhere
    • A senior U.S. intelligence official said on Tuesday that Chinese cyber activity in the United States had risen in recent months, targeting critical infrastructure in what may be attempts to lay the groundwork for future disruptive attacks.

      “You worry they are prepositioning against critical infrastructure and trying to be able to do the types of disruptive operations that would be the most concern,” National Security Agency official Rob Joyce said at a Wall Street Journal cybersecurity conference.

      This NSA guys certainly want to save you and do good things. I mean, seriously. Just scare you a little with NSA owned ISIS terrorists, Russian hackers and now biggest threat of all - China attack on US infrastructure.
      They do all so you won't look under the rug and realize that it is NSA that serves ruling class and makes 99% of all damage.

      Tonight the New York Times reported that preliminary results of an investigation into the Marriott/Starwood hacking incident suggests it was part of a Chinese intelligence operation.

      Of course. Who else it can be? I mean, now. Few months before it had been Russian hackers, for sure.

    3 comments 4 comments Vitaliy_KiselevDecember 11Last reply - 2:22AM by jleo Subscribe to this blog
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    Cameras manufacturers main problems in one chart
    • image

      Cost of advanced mobile LSI with multiple CPU cores, quite similar to camera chips.

      Note that all cameras LSI are still manufactured on 40nm or 28nm, no more. May be 22nm is used for some logic on mobile stacked sensors, but I am not sure.

      All sudden camera stop comes from big compacts sales drop and this chart. As companies now need find around $300-500 millions to just try to make next step. And move to standard camera OS is highly incompatible with Japanese mentality, and also requires around $10-20 billions.

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    More on parasite brands - Monotype Imaging
    • Monotype Imaging Holdings, Inc. is a Delaware corporation based in Woburn, Massachusetts. It specializes in digital typesetting and typeface design as well as text and imaging solutions for use with consumer electronics devices

      Monotype has carried out a series of acquisitions from 2000 onwards of companies such as Linotype GmbH, International Typeface Corporation, Bitstream Inc. and FontShop. This has gained it the rights to many further widely known designs, including Helvetica, ITC Franklin Gothic, Optima, Avant Garde, Palatino and FF DIN. It also owns the MyFonts online retailer used by many independent font design studios.

      Company is very good primer of parasite who get big money "selling" (using copyright ill fated construction) old work of their employees including ones who are long gone. Destruction and elimination of capitalism will also mean end of such parasites.

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    Capitalism: Most popular Aliexpress sellers scam in 2018
    • Algorithm is quite simple.

      • Step 1. Make some popular product listing.
      • Step 2. Set price lower than competition, add coupons options, etc. Better to do it during hot sales days.
      • Step 3. After getting orders do nothing, or from 100 orders can send 2-3, for all else generate fake numbers.
      • Step 4. Tell fake number and mark product as shipped.
      • Step 5. Try to reply some bullshit to customer, usually seller have set of idiotic template responses
      • Step 6. After long time people stop waiting and open disputes. And get their money back.
      • Step 7. So what was sellers scam goal if not stealing money?
      • Step 8. Aliexpress is allowing this scam to become widespread because they report nice numbers to investors and have your money for long time on their account.
      • Step 9. Seller does this to get fake orders number. As Aliexpress intentionally counts unshipped orders as legit shipped ones.
      • Step 10. After this seller set price to one with good profit and as most buyers start with sorting based on orders number - you get most new orders.
    6 comments 7 comments Vitaliy_KiselevDecember 7Last reply - December 11 by jleo Subscribe to this blog
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    BlackMagic Resolve: Fight with pirates and beginning of a fall
    • BMD became aware toward the end of November that counterfeit Resolve dongles were appearing on-line, particularly on eBay. In fact, a quick eBay search for DaVinci Resolve shows dozens vendors selling Resolve dongles under $200. The visuals used by the vendors are often unbranded dongles.

      When Blackmagic became aware of this, they were able to defeat the pirated dongles in an already-planned 15.2.1 supplemental update.

      Cool, so now this guys will move to the cracked version of Studio. Kind of education with punishment of people who had no idea if dongle is legit or not.

      Very good engineers that lead BM will finally put so much features and code into Resolve that it'll start to be known as real buggy monster. 2018 was first year where BM added intentional significant flaws, like lack of H,264/HEVC acceleration in the free version. I think 2019 will be finally where Studio version will move into monthly payments plan and free version will be significantly restricted since v16.

    36 comments 37 comments Vitaliy_KiselevDecember 7Last reply - December 11 by Vitaliy_Kiselev Subscribe to this blog
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