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    Calitalism: Patreon, Paypal and Idiots
    • Well, last week it is lot of various idiots going rounds because Patreon changed fees structure. No, they are right with complains. But it is same as if regularly violently raped girl suddenly started to complain to BSDM.

      So, here is situation with fees (I'll get international situation only):


      Any donation to individual or company (except non commercial) will be charged 4.4% + 4.0% atop exchange course + around $0.3.
      For small $1 donation actual guy will get $0,62, and paypal + banks will keep 38%.

      Old Patreon

      Fees consisted from around 6% processing fees (very fuzzy thing) plus 5% Patreon fees. For any amount it was same.
      For small $1 donation actual guy will get $0,89, and Patreon + banks will keep 11%.

      Reason of sudden Patreon popularity among small creators can be clearly seen now.
      As most of pledges are usually $1, many at $3-10 region (up to 95% frequently).

      Present Patreon

      Fees consist now from 2,9% service fee, 5% Patreon fees and new $0,35 fixed fee imposed on donators. For any amount it was same.
      For small $1,35 donation actual guy will get $0,92, and Patreon + banks will keep 47%.

      Now all the woes become clear (check above for small pledges percentage).
      Idiots keep going rounds and telling that managers are idiots.

      Just valid question remains. What exactly cost even 5% in this transaction (with self cost being tiny fixed number, not depending on sum)?
      Why tolerate such guys? Why going in rounds telling how great it was?

      The slave who drools when smugly describing the delights of slavish existence and who goes into ecstasies over his good and kind master is a grovelling boor.

      V. Lenin.

    3 comments 4 comments Vitaliy_KiselevDecember 10Last reply - 12:23PM by Nino_Ilacqua Subscribe to this blog
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    Camera Market: Sony introduced only few cameras this year
    • Let's look how it was before


    1 comment 2 comments Vitaliy_KiselevDecember 9Last reply - December 9 by pureaxis Subscribe to this blog
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    Mergers: Apple to buy Shazam
    • Apple Inc. is close to acquiring Shazam Entertainment Ltd., the startup whose music recognition app is already built into Apple’s Siri virtual assistant, according to a person familiar with the discussions.

      A deal for the London-based app maker could be announced as soon as Monday, said the person, who declined to be identified because the details are not yet public.

      The Shazam app uses the microphone on a smartphone to identify almost any song playing nearby.

      Apple slowly build up one of the largest spy empires. Songs identification is not all, value of recordings and owners details plus coordinates of user phones Shazam sends to owners must not be underappreciated.

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    Virtual keyboard collected lot of data. And all leaked now.
    • The Kromtech Security Center has discovered a massive amount of customer files leaked online and publically available. Researchers were able to access the data and details of 31,293,959 users. MongoDB database appears to belong to Ai.Type a Tel Aviv-based startup that designs and develops a personalized keyboard for mobile phones and tablets for both Android and iOS devices. Ai.Type was founded in 2010 and According to their site, their flagship product for Android was downloaded about 40 million times from the Google Play.

      Client files that included the personal details of 31,293,959 users who installed ai.type virtual keyboard. This is highly sensitive and identifiable information such as:

      Phone number, full name of the owner, device name and model, mobile network name, SMS number, screen resolution, user languages enabled, Android version, IMSI number (international mobile subscriber identity used for interconnection), IMEI number (a unique number given to every single mobile phone), emails associated with the phone, country of residence, links and the information associated with the social media profiles (birthdate, title, emails etc.) and photo (links to Google+, Facebook etc.), IP (if available), location details (long/lat).

      6,435,813 records that contained data collected from users’ contact books, including names (as entered originally) and phone numbers, in total more than 373 million records scraped from registered users’ phones, which include all their contacts saved/synced on linked Google account.

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    Amazon DeepLens
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