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    Olympus, camera companies and the tale of sharing
    • Setsuya Kataoka : We believe that one of the failures of camera manufacturers is that they compared the image quality of smartphones and cameras. But this was not the real comparison point for the smartphone. They have transformed not only the way of taking pictures but also sharing the photos and the so-called digital workflow – they have a better digital workflow. But since we have been continuously communicating “image quality, image quality” we are not able to grasp the actual market needs. This was the failure of camera manufacturers in general. As long as we continue to say that IQ is better, we probably won’t be able to stop current market decline. Therefore we will have to find a way not to compete but to co-exist with the smartphone industry.


      Most funny is that this exact idea is most popular among various self proclaimed experts for years (!).

      Camera companies added NFC, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth and all for nothing Yes, experts are able to make their glitchy proprietary apps to work more or less reliably, but most normal people either ignore or rarely use this functions.

      Actual issue is global and widespread.

      Smartphone is always with you, it is easy to take photo, and it is easy to share photo. In any system were barrier and resistance are low you have huge pile of crap (crap not because of camera quality!).
      And companies love it, as all this time you use their apps, social networks and watch advertisements and paid content.

      Camera is tool to make photos and videos that you are proud to store and share. It is not free. As any tool it requires skill and time to master. As any tool it requires to actually having it with you, protecting from damage and caring. It requires some expenses and skill in editing software, selecting and sorting approach and such. And yes, it can have hurdles on your way of sharing. And hurdles play positive role, even if it sounds strange at first. But ALL of this add up resistance for casual consumers.

      Ideal camera for instant market revival (c) VK :

      Very small camera with FF sensor and tiny pancake ultrazoom for $99 price with build in neural network Quantum OS (c) Microsoft.
      Camera upon natural language request (and, may be, on outdated models only - pressing one button) must be able to drive you towards place (sponsored by Uber (tm) ), guide your body to proper spot, set all necessary pose, zoom and focus, adjust all exposition via direct brain access and processing and take this amazing once in lifetime experience photo with infinite dynamic range.
      Quantum OS having constant connection to global cloud ($299 per year only!) must instantly share this 500Mpixel masterpiece with all your friends and post it in all of your 15 social networks accounts. Cool.

      Btw, I got sample of such photo, in low res only, sorry:


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    Capitalism: Sony Support Approach
    • As you may know all big corporation look for profits, and best way to optimize them is to outsource as much as you can.

      So, Sony as other big corporations outsource customer support.

      Idea is have as small amount of people in support as possible, make them work without the break and use low qualified job force trained to answer to most typical questions. Of course any complex question becomes unsolvable mess.

      Main goal of support - to become money saving machine and wall between customer and company.

      Same goes for service. Japanese corporations not only outsourced it, but significantly reduced number of their service partners lately.

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    Capitalism: Panasonic Warranty Approach
    • ML: Panasonic has a new way of naming cameras based on the continent where it is sold. Why such a decision?

      Mark Babet: It’s to easily distinguish which model is in which country. From a warranty perspective, it reduces the customer service issues if somebody’s got something from the US in the UK for example. It lets us provide better customer service to our customers.

      Pure chutzpah.

      From warranty perspective Panasonic refuse to service your camera if you buy it outside your region, this is that it means.
      Of course it is combined with usual cuts on service spending that all camera companies are doing lately.
      It is made to put highest possible price for device for every region and prevent any sales or marketing programs to work outside region.

      And actual reason for weird naming, from my own source, is to make people harder to find prices information for cameras sold outside your region.

      Via (no other useful info):

    1 comment 2 comments Vitaliy_KiselevSeptember 27Last reply - September 28 by Tailschao Subscribe to this blog
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    Sitting is deadly
    • The next time you wrap up your work day and realise you've been sitting in front of the computer for almost eight straight hours, maybe you won't feel so proud of yourself. A new study, conducted in 54 countries around the world, declares that 3.8% of all deaths are due to the fact that society spends more than three hours a day sitting down.

      The authors calculate that reducing the amount of time we sit by about two hours (i.e., 50%) would mean a 2.3% decrease in mortality (three times less), although it is not possible to confirm whether this is a causal relationship.

      Even a more modest reduction in sitting time, by 10% or half an hour per day, could have an immediate impact on all causes of mortality (0.6%) in the countries evaluated.

    8 comments 9 comments Vitaliy_KiselevSeptember 23Last reply - September 24 by robertGL Subscribe to this blog
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    Best bike gadget found
    1 comment 2 comments Vitaliy_KiselevSeptember 23Last reply - September 23 by Tailschao Subscribe to this blog
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