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    Capitalism: Fight with monopolies
    • As you may know, all western politicians like to fight with capitalism laws - with forming of monopolies. Fighting is never successful, but they never really tell you why they still fight em, except that "monopolies are bad and they damage invisible free concurrent market hand" (capitalists are also bad, but I still do not see them marching with ropes to hang themselves).

      And what is the state? It is an organisation of the ruling class — in Germany, for instance, of the Junkers and capitalists. .. It is in fact war-time state-monopoly capitalism, or, to put it more simply and clearly, war-time penal servitude for the workers and war-time protection for capitalist profits.

      Now try to substitute for the Junker-capitalist state, for the landowner-capitalist state, a revolutionary-democratic state, i.e., a state which in a revolutionary way abolishes all privileges and does not fear to introduce the fullest democracy in a revolutionary way. You will find that, given a really revolutionary-democratic state, state- monopoly capitalism inevitably and unavoidably implies a step, and more than one step, towards socialism!

      For if a huge capitalist undertaking becomes a monopoly, it means that it serves the whole nation. If it has become a state monopoly, it means that the state (i.e., the armed organisation of the population, the workers and peasants above all, provided there is revolutionary democracy) directs the whole undertaking. In whose interest?

      Either in the interest of the landowners and capitalists, in which case we have not a revolutionary-democratic, but a reactionary-bureaucratic state, an imperialist republic.

      Or in the interest of revolutionary democracy—and then it is a step towards socialism.

      For socialism is merely the next step forward from state-capitalist monopoly. Or, in other words, socialism is merely state-capitalist monopoly which is made to serve the interests of the whole people and has to that extent ceased to be capitalist monopoly.

      There is no middle course here. The objective process of development is such that it is impossible to advance from monopolies (and the war has magnified their number, role and importance tenfold) without advancing towards socialism.

      Lenin, 1917

      If you read this, you understand actions of capitalists. Main idea was to avoid state monopolies and make them global ones (you can not change economics laws anyway). This is one of the reasons of fierce privatization even with huge damages to everything. Not that it changes fate of capitalists, no. But it buys them some time. But this time is running out now.

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    Good Quote: About freedom in capitalism
    • We must say to you bourgeois individualists that your talk about absolute freedom is sheer hypocrisy. There can be no real and effective “freedom” in a society based on the power of money, in a society in which the masses of working people live in poverty and the handful of rich live like parasites. Are you free in relation to your bourgeois publisher, Mr. Writer, in relation to your bourgeois public, which demands that you provide it with pornography in frames and paintings, and prostitution as a “supplement” to “sacred” scenic art? This absolute freedom is a bourgeois or an anarchist phrase (since, as a world outlook, anarchism is bourgeois philosophy turned inside out). One cannot live in society and be free from society. The freedom of the bourgeois writer, artist or actress is simply masked (or hypocritically masked) dependence on the money-bag, on corruption, on prostitution.

      Lenin, 1905

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    Good Quote: About Bourgeoisie
    • Earlier, the bourgeoisie presented themselves as liberal, they were for bourgeois democratic freedom and in that way gained popularity with the people. Now ... there is no such thing as "freedom of personality" any more, - personal rights are now only acknowledged by them, the owners of capital, - all the other citizens are regarded as raw materials, that are only for exploitation

      Earlier, the bourgeoisie, as the heads of nations, were for the rights and independence of nations and put that "above all." Now there is no trace left of this "national principle." Now the bourgeoisie sell the rights and independence of their nations for dollars. The banner of national independence and national sovereignty has been thrown overboard.

      Stalin, 1952

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    Capitalism: Monopolies in tech sector
    • image

      And very similar


      Ten little nigger boys went out to dine;
      One choked his little self, and then there were nine.

      Nine little nigger boys sat up very late;
      One overslept himself, and then there were eight.

      Eight little nigger boys travelling in Devon;
      One said he´d stay there, and then there were seven.

      Seven little nigger boys chopping up sticks;
      One chopped himself in half, and then there were six.

      Six little nigger boys playing with a hive;
      A bumble-bee stung one, and then there were five.

      Five little nigger boys going in for law;
      One got in chancery, and then there were four.

      Four little nigger boys going out to sea;
      A red herring swallowed one, and then there were three.

      Three little nigger boys walking in the Zoo;
      A big bear hugged one, and then there were two.

      Two little nigger boys sitting in the sun;
      One got frizzled up, and then there was one.

      One little nigger boy left all alone;
      He went out and hanged himself and then there were None.

    1 comment 2 comments Vitaliy_KiselevMay 23Last reply - May 24 by Glenn7 Subscribe to this blog
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    US: 1.7 billions pile of cash and no taxes
    • US non-financial companies rated by Moody's held $1.68 trillion in cash at the end of 2015, up 1.8% from $1.65 trillion the year prior, Moody's Investors Services says in a new report. The top 50 holders of cash account for $1.14 trillion of the total cash pile, and entry to the top 50 list now requires $6.12 billion in cash.

      "The top four cash-heavy US industries remain technology, healthcare/pharmaceuticals, consumer products, and energy," says Richard Lane, a Moody's Senior Vice President. These four industries currently hold a record $1.3 trillion, or 77% of total corporate cash and have accounted for more than 72% of the total every year since 2007.

      The top five cash holders are Apple, Microsoft, Google, Cisco Systems and Oracle, Moody's says in "US Non-Financial Companies: Cash Pile Grows 1.8% to $1.68 Trillion; Tech Extends Lead Over Other Sectors."

      Apple held $215.7 billion in total cash for the period. The company has held the top spot as cash king since 2009.

      Apple and Microsoft held around 94% in offshores as well as other companies.

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    Ethernet switch for audiophiles
    • image

      You really need this thing due to some unique properties.

      1. It can work only with proper directional network cables.
      2. Ethernet packages are preserved with unmatched accuracy.
      3. Toroid transformer and slow 100Mbit speed together with metal screens ensure lowest noise levels possible in audio signals.
      4. Extremely cheap $375 price ($120 shipping to US only!)

    5 comments 6 comments Vitaliy_KiselevMay 22Last reply - May 22 by jleo Subscribe to this blog
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