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  • I'd like to buy the Tiffen indie ND kit. However, I can't figure out whether the standard or IR version is best suited to the GH2. Could anyone advise?

    Thanks in advance.

  • I've been using a $30 72mm Opteka vnd for a while now after using a diy polarizing set and haven't seen any negative effects or artifacts also no color shift or polarizing, turns purple just as it goes black.

  • @einstein7

    No need to crosspost to different topics.

  • Hi guys, I'm using the helipad 72mm Vari ND and its a fine filter but in board day light it's not strong enough. So I was looking into this Good choice?

  • I just received my FOTGA filters and I'm glad I didn't fork out for B&W. The FOTGA filters are just fine optically but ND2, ND4 and ND8 are not strong enough and I find myself using the VariND exclusively. The other thing about using a variND is having access to something that can offer fine real-time adjustment to exposure. I didn't expect that I would use it like an iris/aperture ring on the lens. (in a lot of ways its more practical than aperture control).

  • @vicx

    Can you make fotos of the filters you use and also some test shots to see how they affect shrpness and if they induce color shift?

  • @azza_act I recently bought a TIffen water white IR 2.1ND and used it in a broad daylight shoot at around 3 in the afternoon with the "talent" standing with his back to the sun and a reflector bouncing light onto his face.

    The filter was strong enough that I had to use ISO 640 or 800 to expose reasonably at F1.8 and 1/50sec. I would imagine that an ND3.0 would be a bit much for most situations.

    a 3.0 filter is ten f-stops, so if you wanted to shoot with your lens at f2.0 it would give you the same amount of brightness as shooting at f64.

    I've attached a screen grab as it looked straight out of the camera with the 2.1 ND filter.

    1920 x 1080 - 2M
  • @jpturbo a 3.0 ND is way over the top for all but snow, solar eclipse, dazzling sunlight.

    Nomenclature is important when ordering NDs because of inconsistencies. Even the Wikipedia table below omits the "2x" etc scale.

  • @goanna

    Yes, most of the time when filters are listed as ND1.8, ND2.1 etc... what they are actually listing is the optical density rating.

    The great thing about standards is that there are so many of them.

  • So what do ya'll use as an average sunny, outdoor ND filter? .9, 1.2? Just trying to get a sense of what to use coming from a pure video camera background. Example HVX200. I don't want to have an arsenal of ND's but two or three would be good. Just bought a .6 Tiffen WW.

  • .6 is the most used.

  • I bought the FOTGA faderND for use outdoors on the Lumix 20mm f1.7 to slow down the shutter from 1/1000 to 1/(25/50/100) at F1.7 in bright sunlight so I can have a shallow DOF and nice motion blur.

    The faderND I got has 46mm inner thread but the outer thread is 49mm or something like that. Photos of faderND attached.

    1920 x 1080 - 748K
    1920 x 1080 - 835K
    1920 x 1080 - 827K
  • I bought the POLAROID 67mm HD Multi-Coated (ND) Variable Range filter and I am very happy with the results. No colour differences (at least with my eyes). I didn't have enough money to buy the LCW, so this is a mid price solution for anyone interested.

  • @Vicx I have a Lightcraft Fader ND but not too keen on the polarizing effect and slight color shift I was seeing so I'm going for 4x4's. I should have been more clear in terms of type of ND. @goanna Yep, the .6 seems to be a good start but with all the damn sun here in LA, I just bought a 1.2 to check it out.

  • I use these cheap faders: They don't filter polarized light (at least they didn't when I bought them last year). I add a cheap ND8 (aka 0.9) when it gets too bright and the fader can't cope alone. All I need for normal stuff.

    That fader might leave a slight cast (I wrote it did back then), but in practice the auto white balance takes care of it, so I just don't notice.

  • The faderND I got has 46mm inner thread but the outer thread is 49mm or something like that.

    Yeah, I think that's what mine are too - the ones I've seen all are larger at the front (I guess to avoid vignetting). Worth checking out if you want to add something to the front. I got a 49mm ND8 as it's faster to add it on top.

  • Has anyone had experience with the LCW (light craft workshop) new fader nd digi-pro? or the Tokina Kenko NDX or the ELVA Fader ND?


  • How various filters perform (mostly top ones)

  • Does anyone know where to get those Formatt Pro Stop IR ND filters? Found them only on the Abelcine site. Not even on the company's website!

  • @thougts2uk I have the LCW Fader ND and it's worthless on the telephoto end. Just figured it out. Ruined some of my shots when I got home and saw the footage. It's not the pro though.

  • apparently the new Genus Eclipse fader ND is of comparable quality to the Heliopan but a lot cheaper - no loss of sharpness or colour tint according to Frank Glencairn who is well respected

  • @ade4all Looks interesting but I saw the same type of tests come from the lCW one too. I wonder how it performs on the long end.

  • he used it on a 120mm with no loss of sharpness ,I know my LCW struggles on anything above 50mm