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Replacing the GH2 EVF housing
  • Anyone know what kind of screwdriver I would need to take out the 2 small screws on the bottom the EVF plastic housing? They're super shallow and tiny, none of mine have worked. I tried using a set of mini screwdrivers and a few special ones for electronics that I have in my computer kit... but no dice.

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  • i used a small flathead even though its philips screw. u can get the 6 piece set from a hardware store, called precision screwdriver set.

  • Interesting, I tried to do the same thing not too long ago. Both precision sets I have aren't small enough for that screw... it's quite small.

    @blackroom could you link to a set that would be usable for this? All the precision sets that come up online are essentially what I have already, I don't see a difference.

  • You mean the eyepiece ("LVF")?

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  • @goanna I'm really only trying to put on a new eye cup... so removing the LVF wouldn't really be ideal : )

    @AKED cool, I think I might go with these... they do look awfully similar to the ones I have though. Could you maybe tell me by looking at the GH2 if the screws on the EVF are indeed the same size as your GH1, maybe just to double check?

  • Yes it works. I have just tried it. You have to use the cross slot screwdriver then it works. Before you buy a new set, try once more with the smallest or 2nd smallest cross slot screwdriver. Good luck.

  • @AKED sweet thanks man.

  • @L1N3ARX this was a cheap set at Rona like Home Depot. crap really, but the smallest screwdriver worked.

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