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Carl Zeiss Jena Flektogon MC 35mm F2.4 wide angle M42 mount lens!
  • Hi guys!

    I am selling this great lens in excellent condition!

    I am from Hungary, Europe.

    I can receive money via Paypal.

    If anybody is interested, please PM me!


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  • Only 22 hours left, waiting for your offers, guys! ;)

  • Only 3 hours left, waiting for your offers, guys! ;)

  • What a great lens. I sold mine as well, together with the exact leather case

  • Yes, excellent lens in excellent condition with a very early serial number! ;)

  • Only 2 days left, waiting for your bids! I hope it will sold out this time! ;)

  • I thought we couldn't do auctions on here?

  • Really? Why? Ebay is a trusted place, protect both the seller and buyer.

    Anyway I wanna sell this lens so badly, need the money, so waiting for reasonable offers guys! ;)

  • @JCVD

    Because we are not advertisment place for your ebay auctions.

  • Price went down to 270 USD + 30 USD shipping! ;)

  • SOLD!

    Please delete!

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