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Vimeo Video Playback is Choppy
  • Has anyone else experienced choppy playback of Vimeo videos? I've tried watching some of the videos someone posted in the "sound" thread. All of the videos are Vimeo embeds, and I can't play any of them cleanly. They seize up and get very choppy, almost to the point where they become a series of stills. It doesn't seem to matter if I allow the video to load before I attempt to play it. I've had a similiar experience with Vimeo videos outside this site as well. Is anyone else having this problem? Is there a fix? I can't seem to find a clear solution anywhere on-line.

    By the way, I have a cable broadband connection. I don't think the speed of my connection is the problem. Judging by the boatload of Google links I've found, this is a very common problem with playback of Vimeo links; it's the solution that seems much murkier.


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  • Adobe Flash/browsers up to date?

  • Is it something here, but I can't go full screen on embedded Vimeo or youtube? Over say on Hdslrworld. all videos can go full screen. Maybe it is a setting in this forum? I'm on the latest flash win 7?

  • I solved the issue by closing Firefox, running CCleaner and clearing temporary cache. Then I re-started PC.

    Problem solved.

  • Here's my experience getting smooth playback of Flash videos in Windows.

    Don't use Firefox. Some plugins or extensions cause the whole browser to stutter. Also, Firefox sucks now.

    Use Chrome. Chrome is good. There are open source builds (Chromium), if you don't want the Google version. Add Fauxbar to make it more like Firefox.

    Use the system plugin version of the Adobe Flash player, not the pepper-based version built into Chrome. You want the version for "other browsers", which means Firefox and Opera. You might also need to disable the pepper-based flash player in Chrome: pepflashplayer.dll and gcswf32.dll are the two that need to be disabled. NPSWF32_######_###.dll shoudl be present and enabled.

    You'll know you are using the right plugin when you go to this page and it says the version number corresponding to what's shown for Windows/Firefox on this page:

  • Vimeo has been slow for me always, no matter which computer or how fast Internet connection I have. Like now I have top of line professional laptop and 1000 Mb/s Internet connection. Still, e.g. this video doesn't load fast enough:

    . It plays about 2 seconds, and then buffering. Youtube with FullHD, even 4K material, plays fine.

    So for me it just seems that Vimeo does not have enough bandwidth globally. I'm located in Finland.