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25mm f/0.95 Voigtländer Nokton
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  • I got mine at - For 20€ shipping costs you get no tracking number and he also ignored my paypal notes. Other than that, delivery was quick and the lens arrived well packaged and undamaged. So overall I can recommend this guy. Unfortunately he doesn't seem to have Noktons in stock at the moment.

  • First tests

  • what is the best picture profile to use for sedna a aq1 and voigtlander 25mm. i have heard standard is best giving the best option for grading. Ive also noticed that using this lens gives a slight yellow tinge to the images. maybe the lcd is set wrong? anyone else have similar problems?

  • For those who have this lens and use it with a follow focus, what combination of follow focus and lens gears are you using?

    I ordered the Voigtlander 25 mm earlier this week and now I can't wait for it to arrive so that I try it out. All the videos I've seen (incuding those in this thread) have a terrific look to them - I can't quite describe it but this seems like a very special lens.

  • I also just got mine for a great price ($800 CAD barely used) doing a local deal. I've only messed around with it for a few hours I'm pretty amazed and the images it produces straight out of the camera. I'm looking to pick up my first variable nd filter, what specifically should I be looking for? I've read great things about genus variable ND, so i'm leaning towards that.

  • @affy Most people seem to say the HelioPan is the best. I am not the biggest fan of the cheap Polaroid one (at least not for telephoto or wide shots). For instance, the 77mm Polaroid variable ND claims to go up to 400x ND light reduction, but it maxes out a stop or two below that, as became abundantly clear when I got a Hoya 77mm 400x ND (which I love but is too strong for most video applications).

    Personally I have had better experiences with static NDs than variable NDs.

  • Hello. I bought this lens last week for my newish GH2. I had a 20mm 1.7 and a zoom but just hate the crappy plastic feel and non calibrated focus barrel on these.

    First impressions: The lens feels good, very smooth focus action, hard f stops. The lens build quality reminds me of the Pentax Takumar lenses which are also great at a fraction of the cost.

    My big problem with this lens is that the focus is slightly loose. That is when I turn it there is a slight give before the focus shifts. This is a similar feeling to using a manual lens with a poor quality adapter and it shifts slightly when turning the lens.

    For E899 I don't think this is acceptable. There are 2 other copies of this lens in the shop and they both do it. I have heard someone else on here with the same problem. I have tried the 17.5mm Nokton and it doesn't have this flaw, also none of the zeiss lenses (even the cheap ones) have this problem.

    It is exciting using this lens but I think we have to be very careful in what we accept. I will be returning this lens and I suggest if anybody else has this same problem they should return it and not 'make do' as the guy in the shop tried to convince me. They will eventually be returned to the factory and hopefully it may encourage Voigtlander to produce better lenses and have a tighter quality control.

    Why accept these little flaws just because this is a relatively new system when even the cheap russian manual focus 35mm stills lenses were getting it right from the start?

    Ok thats my rant over: don't accept bad quality and you wont be given bad quality.

  • Wow. I've been looking for one of these (Nokton 25mm) for a few days. I just realized today I could buy it from Amazon france ( for $726.86 USD delivered via 4 day 'lightning' shipping to the USA. That's better than the used prices on ebay! Maybe they are not selling well in France, because that is cheaper than anywhere else I've seen. ...I just hope there are no customs woes... but still, at this price it will still come in far cheaper than anywhere I could buy it in the US.

  • Watch out for import tax and VAT added in the US...

    Btw, the euro is at an all-time low so you might as well profit from it ;)

    Amazing deal, i'm itching to pull the trigger...

  • do you think they might be low because Voigtlander is manufacturing a stopless 25mm? has anyone heard any rumblings about whether or not one might be in the works?

    by the way, i purchased a 25mm using that link above to the French Amazon site. it just arrived today to me in the US and shipping was a mere $20. crazy good deal, i paid just over half of what it would have cost me to purchase stateside.

  • Is my 25mm nokton lens faulty?

    My image is very blurred When I shoot at infinity, like when I move the focus ring all the way until it stops. The infinity icon hasn't lined up with the white dot but goes slightly past it. If I pull it back about 1mm, where the infinity icon sits in the middle at the white dot it seems ok and everything is in focus.

    I have tried to focus on something that is extremely far away (even the moon) and still the whole picture is blurred until i pull it back that 1mm or so.

    This is proving to be a real pain when shooting video and doing a focus pull to infinity.

    Is this normal on the lens or is mine faulty? I've heard of past infinity, is this just how its mean't to be? Seems odd.

  • I've been struggeling with infinity focus performance aswell, and when reading @Jrb comment, I think my nokton acts the same way. Any others have an opinion about this?

  • Normally, many lenses focus past infinity. Infinity point is also temperature dependent, and dependent on mount and lens tolerances.

  • That's right. Even the heavy cine zooms and ziess speeds are off from day to day. The lens markings are never really on the button. It's easy enough to recvalibrate with strips of drafting tape on the barrel. wide to normal angle , wide aperature lenses by nature would be the most prone to this. I did test my 17.5 and it's better than any lens I've used when it comes to hitting infinity right. Who the hell knows where that place is anyway..:)

  • Its a real pain when doing a focus pull... why don't they make them so that when the focus ring stops you know that you've hit the infinity point. What would anyone use past infinity for? Or is it just the way the lenses have to be due to different temperatures and tolerances?

  • @Jrb A follow focus with hard stops is your friend!

  • Many thanks @pundit . I think a shoulder mount and follow focus is on the list now. Now time to research. I had the GH1 before my GH2 and hoping the lack of accessories has improved now. Any ideas on a good should mount with follow focus that would suit the GH2 and 25mm Voigtländer Nokton ?

  • I'm very happy with the current version of the TrusMT FF, but check out the catchit deals – today is FF day!

  • Hi guys I thought I would share a little test I did with the Voigtlander Nokton 25mm f/0.95 Lens.

    I am just a beginner really but have a background in still photography and general AV work. I would appreciate any feedback. I made a post about it in the Showcase section with more of an explanation.

    Many thanks.

  • Sold mine because it's tough to use on a day to day basis. Very pretty lens, pretty bokeh, but it's a bitch when you are trying to catch an image before it is gone.

  • I just got mine and can't seem to get into it. Would appreciate any hints.

  • Can anyone recommend focus gears for the Nokton 25mm? Any of the wideopencamera gears work well on it or the Indie Snapgears?

  • @kazuo fortunately for you, the price didn't drop at all. Check earlier in this thread, we had discussion about Nokton's price exactly one year ago ;)

  • I think its an amazing lens, probably one of the nicest I have ever used. I have lots of really nice OM Primes and its definitely up their with those. If you find it hard to get stuff in focus in time then you should shoot with a smaller aperture, the depth of field is ridiculous when its at 0.95 or 1.4... Hard to quickly get something in focus and get a quick crisp shot. But I don't really like autofocus and digital lenses. I love manual focus you get so much control.

  • @disease8

    Have you tried other primes? I am now onto Zeiss and Leica R predominantly, and since crossing over, I dun struggle so hard or worry that I can't get my focus right. All these primes yield shallow depth on a GH2 as well, but the breathing is not as severe as the Nokton. No point having a lens at f0,95 when you can't shoot at that aperture three quarters of the time. To be practical, i now have a full set of Zeiss and Leica primes at f2.8. I find f2.8 to be the optimal exposure to set to great lighting on set. I keep a few f1.4 to help me in low light, but i use them sparingly