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Lomo Too Good To Be True?
  • Am I missing something guys? Found an lomo lens on ebay for $222 that is OKC 3-15-1. Will this work on a GH2? It's listed as a lens used on a Kinor-16. I and new to this and didn't know if this meant it was meant for 16mm and therefore wont work with GH2 sensor size. Thanks. Here's link

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  • It's for 16mm film cameras. It definitely won't cover the whole sensor of the GH2. It might cover it in ETC mode. Do a little googling around for lomo lenses, or go to or google Olex camera services for info about russian cinema equipment.

  • Hardly any good deals on Lomo lenses these days. Expect to pay $400+ for a OCT-19 lens in decent condition

  • Great prices, and the lenses look clean. He's specific about the oil spots on the 35mm, and I'd trust that the lens shoots fine. I had a 35mm that had LOTS of oil on the internal glass and it looked perfectly fine, unless you would let it flare...then you would get a rainbow in the image, but mine had extreme amounts of oil.

  • Thanks all for great advice.

  • I still find it ironic, because as ed_lee83 says, Lomos are going up... But they're still extremely cheap considering what they are!

  • @ gabel seriously, you can pick up a whole set for the price of one cinema lens.