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Genie Motion control time lapse device
  • This looks like a really nice project. Hope they get it to market at an affordable price.


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  • @Diffusion33 Thanks for this, I placed my order! It does seem a bit pricey but all the more reason to work it off. Motion time lapses are becoming highly sought after these days, especially in commercials. I think full retail price would be about $900?

  • @ed_lee83 - This looks brilliant. Creative wheels are turning. I'm a bit undereducated about kickstarter. How do you actually buy one and know how much it will cost?

  • @bheath Quite easy. First you need a credit card, then payment will be through Amazon. Once the project is fully funded (which it will, ending on 26th), the money goes through. Better do it before the project ends or else you won't get to avail of their discount. Sure, they say it's "discounted" but they seem genuine.

  • @ed_lee83 - Thanks eh:) I shot them an email, and they replied with the kickstart info. More than anything I wanted to commend them for their innovation.

  • Pretty cool. I just wonder if it isn't better to get the dynamic perceptions rig if you want linear movement.

  • @rockroadpix Of course it would! What would even be better if you combined both so you get panning and linear motion together. The DP rig is great for value but it's way too clunky to carry around for me (don't have a car). The Genie is so damn small, I already thought of a good few ways to utilize its linear motion function well - not like on a skateboard like they did :)

  • The only reason why the DP rig is clunky is because it already comes with track if you buy the package for around $900. With the Genie rig, you're still going to need some sort of track. The skateboard is a cute idea, but I wouldn't be able to pull that out with a client standing there. Coming from the mo-con world, I love it that these guys are pushing it with the pan, but that makes this product halfway there.

  • @rockroadpix Well, I'm saying it's clunky for ME - not complaining about it in general. I live in Hong Kong so my home is practically a shoe box. I wouldn't have the space to buy that track! Look, the DP rig is of course solely designed for linear motion. There is no comparison. You might as well bring in the Kessler or Dito Gear products. I doubt the Genie guys intend to compete with them. Nor do I think Genie peeps would buy it just for linear motion. So yes, the DP rig is the shizzle for linear motion. Heck, I already have a motorized slider for timelapsin'.

    One way I can play is to have panning and tracking simultaneously. I'm also thinking of a way to assemble a really long track using rods to take advantage of its linear motion technique. A track made up of a pair of extendable 15mm rods, propped up with rod adapters on tripods. I got enough to make 3 metres. But then I just gotta make some sort of mini dolly platform with wheels, and tie in the rope some how. Break it all down and you can fit all that in a duffel bag and go travelling!

  • Your track idea could work with the right implementation. My guess is that you won't be able to pan and move at the same time due to motor/gear restrictions. And I do think these guy are going after the DP marketplace. Their price point is actually more than the DP rig with 6ft of track. I would absolutely love this product if it were just pan and tilt.

  • My Genie is in the mail now....sooooo excited. I'll do a little video review when it arrives.

  • Here are some of my first shots with the's a lot of fun. The whether has been complete shit in my neck of the woods, but I look forward to doing some more interesting shots with it soon.

  • Helo Kupchenpo,

    Im really interested in this product? whats the batterie life like?

  • @wilder86 Sorry for the suuuuper delayed response. The battery seems to last a really long time. I did 2-3 multi hour timelapses last month on one charge. I've yet to run it dry.

  • First attempt at setting up the Genie to do a boom timelapse on a jib.