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For sale: Film making accessories for GH2 (updated)
  • Hello, I'm from Hong Kong, will post them items to USA, Western Europe, Asia and Australia with regular airmail or EMS post. You can check rates here:

    Accept PayPal in US Dollars. Prices include fees.

    1) OCT-19 to Micro Four Thirds adapter (with tripod mount) + port cap - Made in Poland using duraluminum. Allows you to use popular vintage Soviet Lomo lenses, including the much-sought after anamorphic lenses. $450 new. Sell for $300 SOLD

    2) PL to Micro Four Thirds adapter (with tripod mount) + port cap - Made in Poland using duraluminum. PL is the standard in cinema glass. You can use a variety of lenses including Zeiss, Angenieux, Cooke etc. $320 new. Sell $200

    3) Bundled items: Sell all for $65 (SOLD) - SESCOM LN2MIC-ZMGH-MON cable for GH2 (incl box). Allows you to connect and utilize external audio recorders with the GH2 plus monitoring. $35 new - Original Panasonic AC adapter (UK plug) and DC Coupler (incl boxes). Allows you to power your GH2 with AC or external battery. SOLD

    4) ST Grip (incl box) - allows you to hold your GH2 like a Super 8 camera and has a shutter release cable allowing you to remotely push video record (when in Movie Mode) $120 new. Sell $75 SOLD

    4) Bundled items: All adapters also include rear m4/3 caps. Sell all for $40 - Generic Chinese Contax/Yashica to m4/3 with tripod mount. $30 new - Generic Chinese FD to m4/3 adapter with tripod mount. $30 new

    5) Strong Nikon to Micro Four Thirds adapter with tripod mount. Made in Poland using duraluminum, but not manufactured anymore. Lenses lock very tightly. Sell $90

    6) Arriflex Standard to m4/3 adapter made in Taiwan. SOLD

    Please PM me for questions instead of posting here, or whatever you feel like. Just don't want to hog up the forum. cheers

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  • Interested in some stuff, but not the whole package (as on ebay) Do you sell seperate items?

  • Same thing: I'm interested in only some of the stuff!

  • @sicovdplas @qwerty123 OK peeps I've updated the listing. Cheers! Again prefer PM'ing as to not hog up the forum.