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Stolen GH2 + lenses in Boston area
  • Hi all -

    Feel free to delete this thread if it's too off-topic for here, but on Friday night my camera was stolen in Somerville, MA along with my lenses and backpack. If you see anything fitting this description, please let me know, I'm happy to provide a reward for anything leading to it (but I'm not too hopeful).

    edit: In the end it was recovered. Thanks everyone.

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  • so sorry for your loss :(

    This is literally one of my worst fears.

  • Oh man... seeing the voigtlander in the list of lenses really made me cringe... ouch. Hopefully the GH3 employs a GPS tracker that you can turn on remotely via ipad or something and locate your body instantly... sorry for your loss!

  • Also, hopefully this can be a reminder to purchase theft/damage insurance for your gear, especially if you can't afford to replace it out of pocket. Advice from the future!

  • Sorry to hear your lost, Csync =( Where can you purchase theft/damage insurance for your camera gear?

  • Unfortunately, usually this results on nothing.
    Very rarely people who stole things go to forums selling them.
    Usually they sell it for very cheap to some local guys like them.

  • Yea but one never knows, always keep an eye on ebay, and google it (like "cheap gh2 for sale with lots of lenses") every day... it's all you can do. That's why i never buy second hand stuff at very cheap price, you never know where it came from, and i don't want to encourage thiefs. I just buy my stuff in regular stores and contribute in keeping the world economy afloat (hello nobel price !) :D

  • @csync , sorry for your lost.

  • Sorry to hear your stuff has been stolen - that was obviously a nice collection of equipment. I'm interested to know if you have a similar law in the US to ours in the UK. Here, if you can prove the item is yours (like having your serial #) and then find the item for sale (whether it has been through several "owners" or not) you can legally claim it back and the person who had it (even if they paid for it and thought it was legitimate) gets no compensation.

    I hope you get it back.

  • That's too bad, and I'm sorry to hear it. For what it's worth, I'm in Cambridge for two days and will keep my eyes out.
    When I was backpacking summers and editing videos from my (precious) laptop a bit over ten years ago, I had the laptop stolen and was crushed (primarily for the work lost), but I had renters insurance and they replaced the unit easily. May be worth looking into if you have it-

  • @csync can you provide more info as to how it happened? sigh this is why I am bit paranoid about going out with all my shit lol

  • I'm guessing that the camera and lenses are sitting on the shelf of some pawn shop by now and the backpack tossed in a dumpster.

  • @RockHunter - your imagination is more polite than mine. I imagine them being dragged from the back of a car, with the glass splintering off. Even worse, he's probably shooting with my UV filter on all of the time. Ahhhhhhhh.

  • i highly recommend renter's or home owner's insurance. you'll most likely need to add a rider onto your policy to cover for this kind of thing though - to cover things that you travel with and take out of your home. i pay around $450/year for mine but it covers everything i own in addition to my camera gear.

  • Of course, check craigslist. Someone is stupid enough to steal, they're probably stupid enough to post it in Craigslist or ebay. I see nothing in Mass posted on craigslist, but they may wait a bit before posting. Sorry to hear about your loss. Damn!

  • This is horrible. If we had a better idea of the area (ie...subway, restaurant, park bench, etc) it got stolen as well as exact neighborhood in Somerville, we might be better able to help. I'm from Boston, there's a reason we call Somerville, Slummerville. I just checked Craigslist, but didn't see anything. If we could get an idea of where you were, what you were doing, the type of people around might help actually get a profile of who stole it and by what means they may try to sell it...not everyone that steals stuff is a junkie who is looking to unloaded it all in a pawn shop for $100 total..some people will go online, research just what it is all worth, wait awhile until they think you forgot about it, and then try to sell it all piecemail. There are a lot of students around there too. Where would a student sell stuff? Check the Slummervile Police too...if someone went on a crime spree and got caught, they may have the merchandise at the station. They may get caught 2 weeks from now and find the stuff in their house, keep checking. Good luck.

  • Ouch... that hurt. Hope you find your gears. They belong to you!!! Darn...

  • Report theft to the police. They will look into it, as it is easily a $3000 or over lost in equipment. Remember to push them. I would also recommend checking the pawn shops in about two weeks. Thats how they caught the guy who stole and sold four over $50k instruments.

  • Damn, that sucks man, sorry for your lost. If it was stolen from your car that has full insurance coverage, get a police report and your insurance will be able to give you back some money. Same thing if it was from home. Hope you find it. I hate thieves!