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FS: Tokina 28-70 F2.8 ATX
  • FOR SALE: Tokina 28-70 F2.8 ATX (72mm front) ANGENIEUX LENS DESIGN (Nikon Mount) - $180 shipped in Continental US

    Optically very good condition, minor scuffs and paint wear on barrel. Good piece of glass. In Nikon Mount, These regularly sell for more on Ebay, but I'm listing it in Honest Decent condition (not going to win any beauty contests, but may take some beautiful pictures).

    Please email me if interested. mrpolaroid AT GMAIL DOT COM

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  • Yep, it is good lens and good price.

  • Um, the "ANGENIEUX LENS DESIGN" Tokina 28-70 F2.8 is the ATX PRO version with 77mm filter thread. This "(72mm front) " ATX version is the original Tokina formula, before Tokina brought the rights to the ANGENIEUX formula for their 28-70 F2.6-2.8. I can't say one is better then the other, BUT be aware that this 72mm version sells for alot less then the ANGENIEUX version on ebay.

  • I think that blog post is incorrect, but not a big deal. it's still a good price on a constant aperture zoom lens.

  • Well, if one look at the original ANGENIEUX version, it is 77mm front, vs the generally acknowledged Tokina clone, also 77mm front, They actually look kind of similar.

    Whereas the 72mm front version, looks very different and much lighter and smaller.

    Again, I am not bashing 72mm front version, I have one, I brought one since it's over US$100 less on ebay than the 77mm front Tokina ANGENIEUX clone. I have yet to find any evidence online that my own 72mm front version is suppose to be an ANGENIEUX clone; I won't mind, it'll be worth more on ebay.

  • If anyone's interested...

  • Baller lenses there Ed.

    I have the Pro II and been satisfied. I do see the original Angie with more contrast which I think would match better to Cosina Zeiss for folks who wanted to mate with primes.