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"The Raid" shot with af101
  • Saw this at my local cinema (4k projection) Great film, looked dslr-ish. Held up well on the big screen.

    Looked it up and saw it was shot with Panasonic af101

    Goes to show its not just what you shoot with but how you use it ;-)

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  • He also used a nanoFlash recorder

  • And a GH2 as a B-cam I heard

  • This was an incredible film for the price ($1 million budget). Had it been shot in english it would have done very decent box office. Hollywood has actually signed a deal to remake it (and I'm sure they will f*** it up like they did "Femme Nikita"). No matter, at least the director got out there and did it. The action is awesome and holds up to any action in a $50 million film. They used a Fig Rig for most of the shots. A lot of 'behind the scenes' videos can be found on You Tube. They are well worth a look. As for "DSLrish" I don't know if I agree -- the film was graded for a specific look. Didn't feel "dslrish" to me.

  • @kae Agreed after watching I just don't understand the point in a remake. Indonesian action stars show no fear!

    Its like a idea of remaking Ongbak with Bruce willis! ;-)

    As for me thinking it looked DSLR-ish...not from the cold grading but only from the noticeable rolling shutter in some shots made me think it was done with some kind of dslr and made me search to see what it was shot with.

    Held up well on a 4k projector display thats for sure. And some great shots in the film. ;-)