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GH2 issues
  • Hi all, last week when I was shooting with my GH2 and I stumbled on some annoying problems. First of all, my fn buttons are messed up, they switch functions all the time and sometimes don't work at all. Also the iso starts changing randomly, jumping from one to another. I have the same problem with my menu, resulting that I can't reach anything. I even run the original firmware V1.1, so I don't think that's the problem. Does anyone have an idea? it's starting to freak me out. Thanks

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  • Does anyone have an idea?

    I have one.
    Go to service center.
    It is really strange to try to get solution on forum.

  • Could you just re flash or update the firmware

  • Have you tried resetting via the menu? I think it's in one of the menus near the format item if I remember right. Or is it a poor battery connection? But if that doesn't help, sounds like a repair job.

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