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Documentary shot with GH2 won International Documentary Challenge
  • Great news today and I'm really excited to spread the word. Our team (20 Coop) has just been picked as one of the 12 finalists for this prestigious festival. I don't want to jinx us by sharing it before the final decision is made by the judges, but I really see it as a recognition of the amazing filmmaking capabilities this camera is providing since it was hacked by Mr. VK. Kudos to the team and forum. I learned here a lot.

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  • Nice. Looks like a very interesting guy. Good Luck Brother.

  • Congrats. My friends shot 'The Offering". HK represent!

  • was it the gh2 as well?

  • @GOODEMPIRE , congratulations :-)

  • @GOODEMPIRE , congratulations ;-)

  • Congratulations!

  • @GOODEMPIRE Can't wait to see you win on May 1!

  • Congrats. Looks like an interesting subject. :)

  • Hey guys! This is a remarkable day for me and my friends. We have just learned we did it. Our team '20 Coop' overwhelmingly won this year's International Documentary Challenge. We took home the following prizes:

    • Best Film
    • PBS' POV award
    • Best cinematography
    • Best editing
    • Best use of Genre

    I still can't believe it happened to us. And again, everything was shot with a single GH2. Once the video is unpassworded I'll share it here.


    Very glad for you.

  • @Vitaliy_Kiselev thanks man. Your work also made it possible.

  • ooops. not the whole thing is there. but they should make it public soon.


    Hey Konstantin!

    Congrats! Really happy for you man!

  • Congratulations! I can't wait to see it...

  • @duartix

    Yes, if you look above you'll find some mentioning of this :-)

  • Great looking documentary, Konstantin!

  • Good Job!

  • yeah. thank you all. now it's on the web-site and playable. and you can actually help us add one more award if you "like" it on FB or twitter. Although one more might really be inhumane

  • @GOODEMPIRE Absolutley loved it. While watching I was able to easily connect with the man in the story. The me...doesn't seem handicaped. I don't know what kind of questions you asked him to prep....but he was very open and seemed very comfortable in his delivery. I liked the camera work and edits in between. I also liked the color. Great job and congrats on your win.

  • Congrats @GOODEMPIRE. Very nice work.

  • Awesome work! Can you tell us about the settings you had?

    • Hack
    • Picture Profile and settings
    • Lens and Audio!
  • @griplimited Sure. The hack I guess it was 66mb Cbrandin's. I don't care much about the crazy bitrates. Picture profile - dynamic. Settings unchanged. My lenses: — Nokton .95 — SLRMagic 12 1.6 — Panny 14-140 — Nikkor 50 1.4

    It was really hard to shoot at the bar with its neon frequencies and ceiling fans. Plus, I had to be wide open and was struggling with the ultra shallow DOP. This is actually why I want full frame now with its low-light capabilities.

    Audio: Beachtek and Tascam d100. Last one did a good job as my friends spent a day on the streets literally collecting noises.

    I'm glad you enjoyed it. Although we didn't have time to color correct or cleanup the video/audio. Actually it was produced in less than 4 days. 3 days to be honest.